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Dometic travel trailer fridge Skip 7-28-02  
I'm looking fos any info on getting a new dometic fridge for my trailer. I bought it last year used and the fridge went out this year. I'm told over a $1000 for a new one and need to find wholesalers or something. Please help...
Re: dometic model RM7732 Gordon Tiessen 6-4-03  
I need a locking mechanism for my Dometic in a 27 ft Golden Falcon. The parts I need are:
1 only 293 27 45-01/7 Locking Bow
1 only 293 27 46-01/5 Retainer

This is from the Dometic manual in the trailer. Please email availability and cost. We are in Canada so not sure if you can ship here.

Thanx, Gord
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge vic 7-23-03  
Dont buy a dometic....3 days ago we paid 1100.00 for a new model 2510....lasted 3days....cant cool below 55 dg
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Maddawg 1-29-03  
I had the same thing happen to me and luckly I have finds that know things abouts saving money and was told that you could replace the cooling unit and you have a mechaniclly new fridge if everything else is in good shape check replacing the cooling unit. It cost me around $300 for the unit and another $200 -$300 for the labor.
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Sam Watson 8-7-02  
Did it spring a leak---loss of gases---or won't it light on gas or cool on electricity?
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Rod Nelson 8-19-12  
Dometic 2610 fridge just quit cooling, propane is lit, doesn't work on electric either?
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge mr smith 6-20-05  
i am mr smith i am a business man in the unitedkingdon i saw your advertisment and i am interested in buying it i will like to purchase this products of yours which i do not know the price or the amount you are seelling it, and i will like you to tell me the price to the product bcos i am interested buying it i will like to knwow if you have the picture of the product you can send it to me with the price of the product also i want your interest over this product of your if you will like to sell it to me also i will like to know my methodof payment bcos i will like to pay you with a centified cheque and also i want you u to know that i will take care of the shippment by our personal shipping agent company that will take care of the shippment.soi will be looking forward to ur responds asap. thanks regar ds
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Mikey 9-1-02  
Im a dometic dealer, if you like, I can check on some prices. Email me with your model number, and I will check for you.
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge vic 7-23-03  
Dont buy a dometic....3 days ago we paid 1100.00 for a new model 2510....lasted 3days....cant cool below 55 dg
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Jan Wedekind 1-13-11  
Looking for Dometic Model RM7732 locking bow and retainer for keeping door closed. Any help would be appreciated in locating these parts.
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge chrissy 8-6-11  
Just bought a 1984 Okanagan 5th wheel and we can't get our Dometic fridge working. We have tried tilting the trailer and it seems to get a little cool but when it is level it doesn't work. Will it help to pull the fridge out and turn it upside down? We were told it would.
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Teressa 10-9-11  
I am looking for a replacement door handle for an RM7732. This is the handle that has a piece that slides down to unlock the door. I am told the factory no longer makes them. Where can I find one?
Re: dometic RM 7732 Bill Lahowy 10-5-07  
I need a right door Larger one Part NO 293 25 90-11/6
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Joanne Notley 5-14-10  
I am requesting info on o Dometic RV Fridge, number #RM2607. Can you please quote me a price and if you are able to ship to the border for pickup from Canada. If able to ship to the border, how many days notice are needed.

Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Jimmy Whitaker 11-5-08  
I have a RM1303 refrig. that doesn't work. The replacement for it is a RM2820. Could you please give me a price for this frig.

Thanks Jimmy
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Tom 6-27-09  
I need a ignitor for it. The fridge won't light and I don't hear any clicking noises anymore and the fridge won't go to electric. Can I manually light the fridge? Can the fridge be removed and replaced with a apartment fridge? My model number is S1621.001 Thanks
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Danny 1-28-10  
How to troubleshoot a Dometic fridge?
Runs, stops, runs.....It will run fine for a couple of months then die for a day or two...won't run on gas or A/C when it's in its "DEAD" mode. Then, out of starts running fine.
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Eric Askew 6-3-07  
I purchased a repo.trailer at an auction 2002 Prowler Lynx. The person that had the unit did not leave any information on the unit. I started the fridge on auto. and the contents in the fridge all froze. Is there away I can turn the main portion of the unit down so everything will not freez? The small togel switch on the top right side I placed it in the off position, and I noticed a sticker with a screwdriver and 2 arrows on the left top. Please help me to solve this problem, Thank you, Eric
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge jerry bailey 9-15-09  
I have a dometic rm661
it works on gas but will not work on electric i was told it needed this part 3850644-45/5
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Barb Calhoun 7-21-09  
Need to replace a model S819 silhouette by Dometic. gas and electric. can you help?
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Barb Rhoades 4-13-04  
We have a Dometic refrigerator in our travel trailer, Model # RM2611. The gas has never worked on it and the electric only works part of the time. I think we need part # 293 18 42-01/3, the printed circuit card. Could you please give me the price on this item. Thank you.
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Nancy Wilkins 2-17-10  
Model # 7732 Looking for a replacement
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Larry Tarr 3-19-12  
We need to find a replacement fridge for our camper. Our Dometic RM661 gas/electric unit got a line broken and does not work. Where can we locate one? We live in Saskatchewan. Thanks.


Re: dometic travel trailer fridge john 5-9-11  
Took fridge model rm661 out of 1986 scotty. now having problem reinstalling gas and electrical panel on rear bottom of fridge. could u let me know where i can get a diagram and a full pic of the whole back of the fridge. i put a new cooling unit in it. also looking for gasliter mark6 25ma
Re: dometic model RM7732 Gail Martin 5-18-06  
Anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced replace ice maker for the Dometic Elite RM7732? Thanks.
Re: dometic model RM7732 JAMES M FOSTER, SR.,PHD 5-29-06  
On my refrigerator door, the bottom pin and the assy that is on the door has broken and my door will only stay open if I hold it up. I can,t find a part number or a drawing to indentify these parts. call me at 225 578-4679 or e-mail me some info. thanks JMF
Re: dometic model RM7732 Jay Jackson 6-1-08  
I bought mine at Poulsboro RV in Vancouver, WA. Take a look at their website. Bow cost me 10 bucks. Just don't know how to replace it.
Re: dometic model RM7732 jeanine carbone 8-22-09  
Our frig only work on electric not gas on gas the freezer is like the refrigerator and the refirgerator is warm. what could it be

thank you
Re: dometic model RM7732 SRR 4-26-08  
Can anyone tell me the part number for
the interior Thermostat.
Looks like the end of a sodering gun
point but on a longer wire.
This connects behind the light unit
and is held on the coils by a plastic housing.
Re: dometic model RM7732 larry 7-23-08  
In 2006 you were looking for a repair to your refigeratior door of your model Dometic RM7732. Did you ever find a fix as I have the same problem and the best I can find is a replacemnt door fo $ 316.00. Can you help find another way to fix the bottom bracket to that door?
Re: dometic RM 7732 Bobby J. Johnson 11-14-07  
Did you find a door? Did you check with the manufacturer? 1-800-544-4881

Or maybe All Seasons at 1-800-344-0673?

I've had to buy three (3) of them, so I know what you are talking about. No way to lock the doors that is fool proof, or should I say wife-proof? The doors don't get latched and the first time the motorhome sways a little, the door flys open and the hinges break. No way to replace the hinges.
Re: dometic RM 7732 Bob Morrison 11-26-07  
I'm looking for a repair manual for a RM7732, I have a parts manual/list. It just quit cooling on 120v, it somewhat cools on gas
Re: dometic RM 7732 AVIANGEL 5-26-08  
Re: dometic RM 7732 Marcus 8-10-14  
I need a right hand door pt# 293 25 90-11/6 for a dometic rm7732 fridge. Please let me know availability and price.. Thank you
Re: dometic RM 7732 David J ferrier 3-1-10  
RM7732 Sometimes starts other times not, Burner operates and heat comes from vent However unit does not get cold at all
Re: dometic RM 7732 Jim Kirby 12-25-07  
Green liquid dripp;ing and building up under igniter or vent. Bad.
Re: dometic RM 7732 Deb Willford 8-19-08  
Hello - I am looking for the right door or the the bottom right hand hinge for this unit. Does anyone have any suggestions for this? Thanks!
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge jericho lane 10-17-13  
Trying to get old rm661 dometic to run on elec
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge Ann-Marie Yeates 10-7-09  
Jerry, did you evr solve your problem? We're having the same problem.
Re: dometic travel trailer fridge jim 11-27-11  
Have dometic rm2611
Runs fine on ac for a few days. Then does not cool for hours or a day. Then about to throw perishables away and its cold? Some times ac is lited. Sometimes check even when cooling. I dont belive the gas mode works at all. What steps to make it work consistently. Thank you.
Re: dometic RM 7732 Hugh Upton 8-18-10  
I have the same problem and am very frustrated trying to get the cause identified.
Have you had any luck either with identifying the casue or getting a fix?
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