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First Financial Credit Services Jeff Newman 10-15-09  
I had made a deal with First Financial Credit Services on June 30th 2009.
Since that time they offered it out no payments have been made, they cant locate my 2006 Revolution LE and I have to report it stolen tomorrow.
I have had to make payments, late fees and Im going to have to notify the bank of the situation and hope that I wont have criminal charges brought against me. I strongly recommend that you stay away from this company and if you have had dealings with them then I wish you the best of luck. Their add is as follows:

"My name is Bill, I work for First Financial Credit Services, here’s a bit about us. We acquire coaches through contract, the same loan and lender is used but we have a contract relieving you from the obligations and liabilities of the loan. Historically we have someone in the coach within a couple weeks (although this is becoming more difficult in the last year), payments to the lender will be guaranteed through us once this happens. The party taking possession of the coach would be making payments to your financial institution till it could be refinanced or paid off – they would also be required to carry the appropriate insurance with you listed as an additional insured. We have been in business for over 18 years now and have an excellent record
There is no cost to you. We do charge a fee for our services but these are collected from the party taking over the payments. We do ask that the payments are current and that you maintain insurance and payments on the coach until we can find a party to take over the payments. One year ago I would have told you we would have someone in the coach within a couple weeks but with the way the economy is it has been taking us a month, month and a half and on very rare occasions two months but the last thing we want is the coach coming back, after all, we are going to guarantee payments after we get it out, the contract between you and first Financial Credit Services relieves you from the obligations and liabilities of the loan.
I would be happy to answer any questions you might have and send out sample copies of the contracts so you can have your lawyer or family look them over.
Here are some of the most common Questions:
THE LOAN: The loan would remain in your name and with your lender, the only thing that would change is the new party would be making your payment, usually by direct deposit unless you request otherwise. They will also be responsible to maintain insurance on the coach, 100 / 300 / 100. We keep tabs on this since we do guarantee the payments to the lender
ACCIDENT THEFT: We require the person taking possession of your coach to carry insurance on it and expect it to be subscribed to on a yearly basis, not monthly or quarterly. If the vehicle is stolen or is involved in an accident it will be insured
THRASHING: We deal in high end motor homes, most of out buyers are 60 plus, retired and have good backgrounds. Background checks are done on the prospective buyer and unless they meet our standards we find someone else. The contract allows you to schedule inspections on the coach any time and for any reason during the term of the contract
WHY DON”T THEY FINANCE: Many of these units are upside down, that’s when more money is owed on the Motor home than what it books for. Secondly, banks usually only loan 80% of low book so the potential buyer would need to come up with that 20%, sales tax plus the difference between low book and high book. What you have been paying on the loan has been mostly interest, your loss will be their gain. If they re-financed then either you would have to take a bath on the difference of what is owed and what low blue book is or the buyer would have to pay a premium to help you get out of it.
ISSUES: Please let us know if there are any issues that we should be aware of like cracked windshields, missing mattresses, dead or missing batteries, overheating / transmission issues, broken slides, ripped awnings, shoddy tires, expired tags, plate or registration issued etc etc."
Re: First Financial Credit Services George Ryan 9-3-10  
Looking to assume payments on an older (1990 - 2000) Class A, preferably diesel powered. Do you have anything in your inventory that would meet that criteria?
Re: First Financial Credit Services Jay wilkins 7-13-10  
Tara Hi We are looking for a Rv just like what you have email me back if you still have it would like to talk with you about it Thanks Jay.
Re: First Financial Credit Services Gloria Beed 3-22-10  
Do you want to know more about First Financial Credit Services or Kennedy Motorhome Services which is owned by Tom Kennedy and managed by Granite Hobbs. They are out of Tucson Arizona and have a Take over payment motorhome program, for full details go to
Re: First Financial Credit Services David Ayres 6-3-11  
We Have been approached by Tom Kennedy regarding the assignment of our motorhome to FFCS wherein they would turn it over to a "driver" who would use it and make our payments to our lender. Should the "driver" default, Tom Kennedy says he would make the payments. My attorney sees no ironclad guarantee of this. In case of default we could be stuck with a "used-up" RV with an upside/down balance owing on it.
Any comments or encouraging information?
Thank you!
Re: First Financial Credit Services Brian Hammermeister 5-4-10  
Looking to take over payments on a coach. Class a Great credit, live in florida. Please send me your available inventory
Re: First Financial Credit Services Gloria Beed 10-10-10  
Re: First Financial Credit Services owned by Tom kennedy - for the Truth (please visit ).
Take Over Motor Home Payments????
I saw a post regarding First Financial Credit Services and must put in my 2 cents worth. First Financial Credit Services and Kennedy Motorhome Services (KMS) are run by the same person (Tom Kennedy). We dealt with Kennedy Motorhome Services, their address and phone numbers are now being used by First Financial Credit Services, the Arizona BBB lists Tom Kennedy as the owner of First Financial Credit Services – they are one and the same, guaranteed!
Kennedy Motorhome Services promised to guarantee payments on our Motorhome, we entrusted them with our coach. We were sued several years later, apparently we had abandoned our Motorhome at a Shopping Mall and told the bank to come and repo it, this destroyed our credit, strained our marriage and drove my husband to the brink of suicide.
The Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona revoked Kennedy Motorhome Service’s membership, they were expelled on June 15 2007. Early 2008 charges were filed against Kennedy Motorhome Services and Kennedy's Financial Services by the Attorney General of Arizona for fraud, here are links to some of the articles - or or or scam/ or or you can just Google Arizona motorhome sublease
The attorney general had Kennedy Motorhome Services shut down a year and a half ago, a cease and desist order was given, Tom Kennedy complied, he shut down Kennedy Motorhome Services but First Financial Credit Services emerged shortly afterwards. The “Yahoo Question” asking about First Financial Credit Services had a response from “Tony” stating that he had joined their “program” 5 years ago – this is not possible – my money is on “Tony” and “Tom Kennedy” being the same person.
I have mostly recovered but get angry whenever this subject comes up or when I think of what happened to us, I just hope I save you from the nightmare we went through. I have spent the last several month gathering as much information on this as I could, if you want to know more – read on.
Tom Kennedy also goes by Tomas Kennedy, Claude Kennedy, Claude T Kennedy, Claude Thomas Kennedy and according to Arizona Judicial Court Records he was born November 1943. Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard filed charges against Claude Thomas Kennedy, Donald W. Kennedy, Granite Hobbs and Kenneth W. Griffith early 2008. The companies indicted were Kennedy Motorhome Services, Kennedy’s Financial Services and Banker’s First of Tucson but other companies under this umbrella include First Financial Credit Services, RVS Financial, Banker’s First and Green Valley RV Services (RVS Financial is out of Nevada).
Tom has two physical addresses, the first is 1608 S Sahuara Tucson Az 85711, the second is 3951 N Avenida de Montezuma, Tucson Az 85749 (it may be 3955 or 3947 - the exact location is 32” 16’ 41. 42* N and 110” 46’ 31. 24* W). Phone numbers include (520) 296-3623, (520) 777-8528, (520) 471-0635, (702) 307-2559, (520) 400-4587, (520) 409-8555 and (520) 343-7601, his e-mail address is Other addresses include 120 S Houghton Rd Ste 138 PMB 150, Tucson, AZ 85748-6731 (UPS Store – PMB stands for Private Mail Box), 4262 Blue Diamond Rd Suite 102 - 101 Las Vegas, NV 89139-7790 (Mail Box Etc) and 8987 E Tanque Verde Road 309 Tucson Az 85749 (The Mail Depot) – all these are mail drops, they are not real addresses, just like his promises are not real.
Tom Kennedy was born November 1943, roughly 6’ 2”, 220 lbs and has little or no hair up top, what hair he does have he ties back into a ponytail. He is “stout” and his “Hulk Hogan” white mustache is full, the ends hang down about one inch. Tom is quite personable, he has good people skills but suffers from a mental illness probably related to a Bipolar Disorder.

Granite Hobbs (Granite Hennery Hobbs), DOB 03/1972 (according Arizona Judicial Court Records) who works for Tom Kennedy contracted a coach from Jeff Newman last June, Mr. Newman ended up in a far worse predicament than myself. If you want to know more you can click on the following link Mr. Newman has had to retain an attorney to begin a lawsuit against them, he may be looking at criminal charges and they don’t seem to be overly concerned about it.
I have tried to keep everything here factual, I would adamantly advise anyone considering doing business with any of the above people or businesses to reconsider.

God Bless
Gloria Beed
Re: First Financial Credit Services Will Hoffman 2-7-11  
Did anyone make a deal with TOM KENNEDY,If so did Tom kennedy tell you it was just a lease ? or did he tell you that you are buying the motorhome ? I was told that i was taking over the payments and that when they were all made i would own the motorhome,This is what i was told NOT that it's just a lease why in the world would i pay 15k down payment and make the high payments on the RV just to Lease it no way. This Tom Kennedy motorhomes is a SCAM.LOOKOUT.Thanks Will,
Re: First Financial Credit Services Stacia 1-18-11  
I bought a Rv from Tom over a yr ago and it has worked out excellent. He was easy to work with and he brought the RV to me in Vegas and then flew back. Infact we just contacted him about getting another RV and Car from him. He has treated us great and the RV has been the easiest bus. transaction. I have not had any problems once so ever. I'm only on this sight because I was searching to see if I could see his current inventory and this popped up.
Re: First Financial Credit Services Jeanette 12-17-10  
These People Are Frauds!!!! Kennedy Motorhome Services, and any other company name they chose to use are all fraud based companies!!!! Please keep your loved ones from making the mistake my family did in believing that these people will help anyone but themselves.
Re: First Financial Credit Services Jay willson 10-13-10  
Gloria Beed I would like to know if i can get a number to call you i would like to talk with you about Kennedy's Financial Services I to did a deal with this man and would like to talk with you. if you would email me a number i'll call you right-away Thanks Jay my email is
Re: First Financial Credit Services Paul Thomas 10-19-10  
Thankyou Gloria, I almost fell victim to Thomas Claude Kennedy AKA Tom Kennedy and his Motorhome Take over Payments scam - First Financial Credit Services out of Tucson Az was the company running the scam. The photo of Tom Kennedy on your link Tom, great job on the rundown of his exploits – recommended reading for all prospective people considering his “program”. Paul Thomas
Re: First Financial Credit Services Tara 5-17-10  
I need advise my father passed away at beginning of this year and my mom (Senior Citizen) is left with a RV and a huge RV payment. The RV is a 2003 and has been for sale since 2009 but due to Michigan's economy no one has even looked at the RV. My mom is on a fixed income and has repeatedly tired to find someone at Bank of the West (financial institution) who will listen to her story and work with her to date this has not happened. All payments are current we are still making payment but we cannot continue on like this. If you are as good as your blog say that you are, can you assist? I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


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