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Brill Bus Brillo 8-9-06  

I own a 47' IC-41 Brill bus and I'm in need of some parts and info concerning this model.

Does anyone here have one or know someone who has?

I need some info on some factory parts and placement.

Any help?

Re: Brill Bus Nicole 12-8-06  
Currently we have a 1947 ACF Brill and can't find a manual on it.Looked at libraries but they don't have anything that old.We're in the process of fixing the hydralic hoses.Does anybody know of where we can look?
Re: Brill Bus RON 2-6-07  
Hello folks, I presenly have 4 IC-41s 3 are converted & 1 is a shell. I can be reached at 1-360-577-9016. yes I do have some parts.
Re: Brill Bus Gary 1-17-08  
I have two ACF Brill C-36 buses, circa 1946 or so. They have not been run in 30+ years. May be of interest to collectors/ restorers for parts or as whole project. Cleaning up our old farm, anyone interested please respond to email asap by spring they will go to salvage yard.
Re: Brill Bus Hugh 11-4-06  
Hello. I am parting out a 1946 or 7 Brill bus with a Hall Scott 190-2 engine.Conition is not known. It is located in Kamloops BC Canada
Re: Brill Bus Barry 2-22-07  
I just bought two ACF Brill busses, that I believe are early fifties models. I haven't found a way to clearly ID the year yet. The busses do NOT run. However, there may be many parts that are of interest to collectors or anyone who restores these things. I operate a scrap yard, so if I do not get a reply within a few weeks at the most, these busses will be cut up.

If anyone is interested in parts, I can take pictures and email them to you. Reply to
Re: Brill Bus Bill Triplett 9-10-06  
I have 3 1947 ACF Brill C-36, 136 Hall Scott motors, I need a shop manual One has new refurbished seats and new wood doors, all estras, fare box clock ect. Need few hand rail celing hangers. Really need shop manual Motor has 4 stuck valves am taking head off. any help? Thanks.
Re: Brill Bus Phil Feinstein 8-10-06  
ACF-Brill were the busses used by Baltimore transit up until 1967 or 68 (See

From the website I found, it looks like the Baltimore transit auth. bought busses to canibalize to keep THEIR Brill fleet running. You might have much better luck retrofitting rather than trying to restore.

You can buy old stock shares of ACF and ACF-Brill (, but I can't easily find an NOS manufacturer or salvage operation that advertises parts for a Brill.

Hope that helps!
Re: Brill Bus Aaron 8-20-18  
Selling a 4-speed manual transmission from 1951 Brill IC41. Currently attached and working on the Hall-Scott 190-5. Planning to keep the engine just wanting an automatic.

Looking for some parts - what ya got??
Re: Brill Bus Brillo 8-10-06  
Thank you Sir!

I know the history of mine since the day it left the factory in Pa.

I'm sure your right in figuring I'll need to upgrade things, but I was hoping to discuss what (and where) some of the things I have go- or do-
Mostly (at this time) I am in need of some outside trim items-

I'd also seen the one on the "Bay" and contacted him.
He wrote in his ad he knows of some members from the old Brill club, but I don't know of any....yet.

Thanks so much again, Phil-

Re: Brill Bus alan 7-31-08  
I have a June 1946 ACF BRILL converted in good condition and would like to sell. Was in service with Burlington Transportation Company in Vermont. We are located near Murietta, California
Re: Brill Bus Phil Feinstein 8-10-06  
Found an ad on Ebay for a 1947 Brill bus conversion. A guy named Ric is using the ad to reach out to other Brill fans and he can be reached at 425 418-0164 (the number is a cell phone in Everette, WA)

The Ebay ad is at
Re: Brill Bus Tommy Clark 1-19-13  
I have a 1946 Brill Bus/Motorhome Conversion. Running And Driving, Everywhere ! Contact me in Texas. My Email for more Info:
Re: Brill Bus jeff 2-2-12  
There is an old brill bus (located outside of vegas) at my mother in laws that I was thinking about scraping next time i was out there.taking offers
Re: Brill Bus Tommy Clark 1-19-13  
1946 Brill Bus/Motorhome Conversion Runing and Driving With new Balanced and Blueprinted Motor New Alum Rims and Tires. New Heavy duty clutch.With generator. Super Good Condition. Street worthy. Drive anywhere. What is it worth. Make me an Offer.
Re: Brill Bus Pat Long 3-2-09  
I have a 1948 AFC Brill 41 that was converted for the TV show Route 66, has cummings diesel, Onan gen. runs great! thinking about selling (805) 207-6440 Pat
Re: Brill Bus Jim of Kingman 8-12-11  
I have a 47 with original Hall Scott motor. Haven't run for 6-7 years was running when parked. Conversion was started by previous owner and I was going to use it as a portable classroom.
Not teaching now so need to depose of.
anyone interested?
Re: Brill Bus JIM 8-31-11  
I have an 1952 IC41A with a 220 Cummins
pancake diesel, It was converted to a motor home. It is still complete as far as the bus itself if any one has any interest email me at
Re: Brill Bus matthew 4-2-11  
I just bought the '47 with the hall scott 190 that benjamin had.I am looking for manuals for both the bus and the motor.
I will be doing a diesel conversion at some point and will be selling the moton and tranny.
Re: Brill Bus Terry Holm 1-12-10  
I have a COMPLETE set of factory Brill IC-41 engine and body manuals, a Crown engine and electrical manual for the same bus. Also fairly complete set of the old Brill Club newsletters from #1 to sometime in the early 90's.(I was the editor for a time). Included is msc. literature, service bulletins etc. I also have a set of valid California ownership papers,non-operation certificate, and brass coach identification plate to match (IC-41-135. For historical purposes only, I privately scrapped the coach out some time ago). Anybody need this stuff? Make me an offer, I'll get you a shipping cost from California. Thanks, Terry Holm (707)839 8979. PST.
Re: Brill Bus George 7-1-10  
I recently was given a acf-brill bus. The previous owner converted it to a motorhome. I have alot of the originals. Not sure what year it is. A bit confussed when reading stuff on the ACF-Brills. Need shop manual and would like to know what year it is. I have serial #. FYI Need help.... please someone respond. Thanks George
Re: Brill Bus Kenny Donaldson 8-23-09  
I know of a bus like yours that a friend of mine is trying to sell out of a scrapyard before it is crushed. Let me know your email address and I can send some pics. We just want somebody to save it. Kenny 843-884-8191
Re: Brill Bus Mauricette 7-8-09  
I have a 1948 CANADIAN BRILL CAR which my late partner and i built into a motorhome. It is fully equiped. (microwave / gas stove and oven / large house size fridge / very good carpets / wood finishes done in oak.
I am from South Africa.
I have pitcures to send if anyone is interested or if someone could give me advice how to try sell her.
Re: Brill Bus Liz 1-12-09  
Yes I was wondering if you know how much the 1962 Brill Bus weighs? I am trying to ship mine.
Re: Brill Bus Mr Daryl J. Smith 10-10-11  
Do you still have any parts left of your 1946 IC 37/41 Brill coach you scraped. any rear windows, front windows, engine or transmission parts etc.
If so please let me know what you all have if any thing left.
Mr Daryl J.Smith
Re: Brill Bus Mr Daryl J. Smith 2-13-13  
Do you still have any parts left, such as glass lights etc.
If so please send price, can have some one pick them up for me
Re: Brill Bus Benjamin 9-14-10  
The Manuals are rare, but the busses are not too complicated.

The Hydraulic hoses I had built by a Seattle shop, gas lines too. Mine is a 1947 IC 39/41 with a Hall Scott 190 aka 779 pancake 6. 4 speed not 9 speed.
Re: Brill Bus Mr Daryl J. Smith 2-13-13  
Do you still have any of your Brill bus parts left, I own an CCF - IC - 41 Brill and need the front grill shell, and some interior parts beside the driver etc.
Let me know if you still have any parts left to sell and price.
Re: Brill Bus louis winek 4-29-13  
Hello Barry. I picked up a 1947 Brill Bus IC-41. It's runs. here in Arizona. But I need some parts. Do you still have any scrap parts. Thank you Louis
Re: Brill Bus Bob 7-23-09  
I'm inquiring about your Brill Bus conversion. Please call me at 818-992-7219
Re: Brill Bus Juan Browne 9-6-09  

You still have your Brill for sale?

Juan and Jeni
Nevada City, CA.
(530) 277-5794
Re: Brill Bus robert allred 2-14-17  
Anyone have 1950 or so brill ic41 bus parts message me
Re: Brill Bus Steve 3-18-09  
I have a '49 IC41 which I shipped in 1991 to England it weighs exactly 10ton
Not sure what yours is, I thought they ceased production in the early 50's
Hope that helps.
Re: Brill Bus gavin 1-9-10  
Is this the bus that was parked in brakenfel near the station a good few years ago. It was a motor home already. I used to travel on those busses when they were used by the sar&h
Re: Brill Bus Jim of Kingman 8-12-11  
I have a 47 with Hall-Scott engine that has set for about 7 years. Conversion was started by previous owner, I was going to use it for a portable classroom.
Any interest?
Re: Brill Bus Mr Daryl J. Smith 7-24-11  
Dear Sir.
I have an 1947 Brill myself that IO am going to restore back to original condition, I would be interested in the motor & transmission if you plan to sell them one day. I am also in need of seats etc for my unit. Plus any other body parts that you do not want. I am in Vancouver, BC Canada and have the coach down here at my work yard. ie Horizon Coach Lines Ltd Vancouver, BC.

I knew the one in Kamloops, BC that Hugh had he scrap it and wreaked most of the parts in the process, it was an 1946 ex Pacific Stage Lines Number 211, mine is the number 6247. his was a very valuable coach as was one of the frist made, so had all the inside luggage racks etc, as it was made to show what they could be order with back in the day. I do have the factory blue prints of the complete wiring system for these coaches that I would be willing to have copied and sent to you if interested in them.
Thanking You I am Mr Daryl J. Smith
Re: Brill Bus Stan Holter 8-27-11  
Looking for Brill buses. Anyone with info please contact me. Thank you!
Re: Brill Bus David 3-30-14  
Jim, do you have the Brill still, maybe some pics?

Re: Brill Bus JIM 8-31-11  
I have an 1952 IC41A with a 220 Cummins
pancake diesel, It was converted to a motor home. It is still complete as far as the bus itself if any one has any interest email me at
Re: Brill Bus tommy clark Jose Aguilar 4-17-13  
Is your bus for sale? IM in san antonio
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