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Read all the Paint projects...a couple of questions please.. Chris and Shelley 3-12-06  
Okay...I've read all ( I think all posts) on the paint projects and have a couple of more questions. Let me tell you what has been done so's not much. Pressure wash, started with a 3-M Scotch-Bright Green, decals off.
Here is the problems that I'm running into.
1)It looks like there is a clear coating on part of the bus. Just the front. I can take my finger nail and chip it off. I can supply a picture if needed. How do I get this off??? 800 mil sand paper with a DA? (I guess that looks like ducks ass) Is there a chemical that I can use?
I really need to get past this part before I can go forward.
As for the rest....
Let me review and see if anyone has any other suggestions....
2) Rustoleum Gloss Oil Base? Is that the ticket?
3) Primer where there is no paint.
4)Question????Green or red on the 3-M Scotch-Bright? I've been using Green.
5)Foam brush is what you guys are saying works for painting.
6) After sanding of course wipe off.
My husband is doing the roof. I'm trying to do the rest and I'm hoping the paint won't fall off on our trip across the US. So any help would be appricated.

Chris and Shelley
Re: Read all the Paint projects...a couple of questions please.. wrench 3-12-06  
You chip it off because the prep is not good. You need to scrape that of & get to the bottom of it, scraper, sanding disk,to bare metal if you have to, anywhere there is doubt= off. Clean, Etching primer right after(green). When all done, then you can repair ding, put fiberglass, finish, & surface primer & paint. (2 choice= with clear integrated or 2 stage(paint & then clear)) depent how nice you want it to look. Single stage is easier.
Or the peace & love(Y) look,= tremclad, Rustoleum & cie, just buy a 45 gal drum & a case of roller.
Re: Read all the Paint projects...a couple of questions please.. Phil Feinstein 3-15-06  
DA stands for Dual Action (Orbital and Rotary); I was the one corrected on this ;-)

Paint doesn't stick to bare metal, primer sticks to bare metal and paint sticks to primer. My preferance would be using the green scotch brite since it would take off the loose stuff without disturbing the good stuff. A foam brush will give you a nice finish, but there's no reason why you wouldn't get just as good a finish from a short nap or foam roller.

Clear coat is easy to remove with 800 grit and a DA (wet or dry sanding). I'm for doing this since the final finish would look nicer. Bondo sticks better to rough metal and clean fiberglass.

Hope that helps!
Re: Read all the Paint projects...a couple of questions please.. Cliff 4-14-06  
I'd recommend you take a look at this stuff before painting the roof!
Re: Read all the Paint projects...a couple of questions please.. Bart 7-28-06  
1)sand blast (light duty), 2) green tremclad flat since you already will have sand blaster lightly go over the whole bus(the surface must be scored or the coats of paint won't adhere and doing it with a fine wire wheel or sander is a chore/brutally painstaking)3)no paint means rust right? rust must at least be wire brushed 4)3-M... sounds expensive 5)I am a new home painter, what works on a metal rectangle with no wheels, works for metal rectangles with wheels. Fine knapp interior rollers for both primer and finish coats, disposable foam brushes for cutting and it is essential to frequently go back over the freshly painted areas for drip around windows and moulding 6)always wash the bus before painting, wipe it down (big job) and let it dry...completely...24 hours hot, windy, dry,dry, dry. Nothing ruins a lot of work like impatience
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