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Turbo 400 swap Bill Gardne 10-31-05  
I'm going to swap a big 4-speed in a 1981 C60 Chevy bus for a Turbo 400. Anybody been here? My main issue is mounting. The engine has a mount at the very front, and the tranny has one at the bell housing. The problem is you can’t use the front of a 400 to mount anything to. My options are these as far as I can see: 1. Put a motor plate between the engine and tranny and then build a crossmember for the rear of the tranny. 2. Install regular motor mounts at the middle of the engine, then the crossmember at the back of the tranny. ANY advice would be great. Other problems are driveshaft connection and parking brake, but I don’t think those will be too hard to figure out. If you dealt with these or other problems, I’d love to hear about them. I know I will need to put a big cooler on it and a tranny temperature gauge to make sure it’s not going to get too hot. I have been told everything from “don’t even think about attempting it” to “I have a similar setup and it works great.” I just haven’t found someone with the exact same setup. ANY advice would be much appreciated.
Re: turbo 400 swap Phil Feinstein 11-1-05  
The TH400 was built for small block and big-block Chevy V8s. The only issue I can see is if you've managed to get a hold of a rare TH400 with a B-O-P bolt pattern (Buick-Olds-Pontiac)

There is a trans mounting point on the back of the housing right where the tailshaft meets the back of the main case. I recommend using the old motor mount, building a motor plate and adding a crossmember to use that mounting point on the trans. This takes the weight of the engine off the bellhousing (which is sort of what the mount on the old trans did) and will keep you from flexing the case of the tranny.

Your idea for making custom motor mounts sounds like it would work as well, but I can see it requiring more fabrication. If you have made a motor plate before, I don't doubt that your skills are up to the task. Making custom engine mounts would certainly make the job look and work cleaner.

I like the idea of the cooler and temp gauge. I'm not a big fan of the old coil in the radiator trick that's commonly used to cool a factory trans.

Just my.02; Hope that helps!
Re: turbo 400 swap ron 11-1-05  
Why don't you find you a 5speed out of a gmc or chevy bus they are much better than the 4speed u have turbo 400's are strong but we are talking about alot of weight here that's why chevy diden't put them in anything past a ton truck the c60 bus is on the 2ton style truck most weigh between 12,000 and 18,000 pound's with no load i don't think i would try putting a 400 tran's in something this heavy go with a 5speed from a nother bus
Re: turbo 400 swap krooser 1-22-06  
I have seen T-400's with rear mounted drum e-brakes...not sure of the application they came in but I'd search the truck salvage yards in your area.
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