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Dt 360 engine/more power karl anderson 9-8-05  
I have a '90 dt 360 w/intercooler that is rated @ 180 hp. I would like to see 25-45 hp more.What would be the most likely route(s) to pursue ? Is there a company/person that is familar w/ modifications to this motor/ thanks karl
Re: dt 360 engine/more power jason 11-24-05  
I'll try to find the link on how to turn up your rpms it in the next couple days. I'm not a diesel mechanic, but this is a really simple fix.

onother option:

You can also "turn up" the fuel going to the motor and get crazy amounts of hp from the engine. You need to have a pyrometer installed before you do this mod so you can monitor the exhaust gas temperatures. This is also a very simple mod, but will have a negative affect on fuel economy, and perhaps longevity of the engine.

Both mods are absolutely free.....except the pyrometer
Re: dt 360 engine/more power jason 11-24-05  
What rpm's are you turning? The easiest way to increase hp is to turn up the govenor. Most skoolies come from the factory with engines that are governed far below redline.

I have the dt360 in my skoolie. She was turning 2,300 rpm's with a max speed of 60 mph when i bought her. 10 minutes work on the injector pump and now she turns 2,700 rpm @ 65 mph.

Redline for this motor is 3,100 rpm.
Re: dt 360 engine/more power Phil Feinstein 9-8-05  
Easiest would be to get larger injectors and/or get a bigger turbo. I recommend injectors before a turbo upgrade to avoid lean burns.

Gale Banks has been doing a lot of stuff for Diesel performance, so I'd start there:

Hope that helps!
Re: dt 360 engine/more power DENNIS 10-1-09  
Want to know if Ican change my DT360 engine to a DT466 into my international truck year91
Re: dt 360 engine/more power Brian Stafford 10-11-05  
You have a great engine, there, but it is the smallest one of that particular family. An easy conversion would be to swap out the 360 for a DT466 (optional engine for bus chassis). There is a little performance stuff out that should bolt up to the 360, but a lot more for the 466. One of the guys on the design team for this series of engines started his own high-performance company, "Hypermax". Really high quality stuff, designed specifically for the particular engine. Google "hypermax"; sometimes parts will show up on ebay. The easiest fix would be to turn up the fuel (pressure). More fuel=more power. Any mechanic at the county bus garage should be able to take care of you. The factory injectors should be able to flow more fuel than the engine can burn with a stock-trim turbo; they aren't holding you back. You aren't driving a '99 civic, here.
Re: dt 360 engine/more power Ben 1-22-09  
I own a 94 International School Bus with a DTA 360 Where is the governor located on these. I am trying to get it to go a bit faster.

Re: dt 360 engine/more power Bill 8-15-09  
International DT466 turbo diesel engine,.... or.... 360 international turbo engine.

I need to know which is a better motor to use for touring and climbing alot of mountains and hills.
thx bill
Re: dt 360 engine/more power Mission_impossible 5-17-09  
I just bought a 1989 International school bus with the DT360. The tach says I'm running 3200 rpm. The engine oil pressure is at 50+ and the water temp is 180 degrees. My speedometer doesn't work but after reading what has been written here, does anyone think that the 3200 is over doing it? It purrs down the road. After 700 miles of almost straight on driving from southern Florida to Alabama, I've not use a drop of oil either. Any thoughts?
Re: dt 360 engine/more power Michael Jose Montoya Rios 3-30-09  
Necessary please,calibration of Inyectory bomb for a motor dt 360.

Re: dt 360 engine/more power Dennis 2-17-09  
You are on the right trac with turning up the rpm to approx. 2800 will not hurt it day in and day out.Also bumping the timing will help it to run cooler in the mountains or under heavy loads. should not have to change injectors to see a big improvement in performance, by turning up the fuel. Then if you get power crazy you can put bigger tips in injector and put 3lm turbo on and blow by those cummins diesels. An overdrive trans would be nice to for ground speed!
Re: dt 360 engine/more power Dale 2-20-09  
I have the instructions here:
Do the fuel screw, advance the timing, and maybe tighten the gov springs, and it'll be a whole new rig.
Re: dt 360 engine/more power Ed 9-25-09  
I think that your best bet would be to stik with the DT466 because they are just a hole lot better bilt motor they can hold up to a lot more stress
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