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Ford Bus Info? Jake191 9-5-05  
I am looking into buying a 74 Ford B700 and I would like to know anything I could get my hands on before I start inquiring about it. For instance, the type of engine in 74 ford, gas mileage, reliabilty, basically anything i can get my hands on. Thanks
Re: Ford Bus Info? Phil Feinstein 9-7-05  
That's some great stuff, Pat.

I've worked on the 370 big blocks and I can tell you that even the 2V motors use piles of gas. I'd be curious to know if you have any insights on Bio-diesel.

Re: Ford Bus Info? Pat Young 9-7-05  
Howdy Jake

I have a couple of Ford buses I am parting out. One has a Carpenter body, and the other one I forgot. They aren't great buses, especially the Carpenter. It is one cheaply made machine.

Why don't you consider a Gillig or Crwon? They cost about the same, and are three times better than the Fords. I've driven all of them, and generally am not impressed with the Fords, although I do like their pickups a lot, and have owned an
F250, an F350, and an F600 Uhaul.
The Uhaul got 2 miles per gallon around town, and about 5-6 onthe freeway.

So if you have a gas powered Ford, it will eat you alive in fuel costs (but they do have rugged engnes) and will not have anywhere near the torque of a diesel, and get about half the fuel mileage.

I can offer lots of bus advice, I've owned about 50 buses, 90% diesel. The diesel is not any harder to maintain than the gas engine, and will make you a lot happier in the long run.

Patrick Young
Wheelchair Project
Fresno, CA
(559) 244-1042 (559) 251-3814
Re: Ford Bus Info? patrick young 3-3-06  
I hae alwasy had good results with the Ford Industrial engines. I have had a couple of 352 V8 Fords, and a 359 in a U Haul, and they ran great. But Fuel Thirsty, really bad if you put your foot into it.

Rebuilt 4 barrel carb helped a lot on the 1966 Ford one ton I had. I got 9 mpg pulling a trailer all the way to Honduras and other parts unknown, and it pulled like a champ thru the hills of Mexico

I'm a diesel guy now, but wouldn't hesitate to buy one of the old Ford gas engines.

Patrick Young
Re: Ford Bus Info? ron 9-11-05  
Hi the 74 ford buses had a 330 361 and 391 eng all good engs the 391 makes good power i have real good 330 with a 391 4v intake on it and it runs good i would take 400.00 for it and i also have a 361 4v eng needs rebuild take 150.00 for it i have had alot of buses and im a bus driver of 12 years my fav was a 79 ford b700 66 pass thomas body very hard to find it had the 370 4v with 5speed it would out pull them chevy 366 bb i remember and better mpg to i got as high as 9 with an elderbrock carb 600 1406 hope this helps
Re: Ford Bus Info? roadcam 11-1-05  
I had a Ford bus with the 391ci V8.. it got 3-5 mpg... I replaced the 2bbl carb with a 4bbl, and the mileage shot up to an easy 13mpg... most people dont realize the primary venturis on a 4bbl are much smaller than those of a 2bbl... zero noticeable difference in power, at least up to 65-70mph
Re: Ford Bus Info? ron 11-6-05  
All 391 eng's was 4bbl you must have had a 361 they come with 2bbl or 4bbl but all 391's was 4bbl
Re: Ford Bus Info? mitchshrader 1-17-06  
I had a b600, same motor, 27 footer, 330 short stroke (same block as 361, 390) and had the small 2 barrel on it.

got 8-9 mpg with rather firm driving, i didn't baby it at all and it had plenty of power for what it was. no complaints whatsoever.

length matters. shorter is better. long busses have more problems. brand doesn't matter (necessarily). tall inside, short in length, and one size bigger motor than standard is the ideal.
Re: Ford Bus Info? matthewkunkle 11-8-06  
Hello, you were saying you have had alot of buses i just bought one,and idont have a clue about it im hoping you can help either by telling me what i need to know or point me in the right direction.its an 1989 ford diesel,6cyl inline, my batteries seem to be low or dead,planning on replacing,compressor is squealing is there a place to oil it or is it on its way out.looking for manual for it how much do they usually go for?and where to find them.hope you dont mind this email. a new bus owner named matthew
Re: Ford Bus Info? sean 5-24-06  
I have a ford b700 4v full size bus that i have converter to a camper - hauler, gas mileage well about 8-10mpg freeway. so far this has been a great bus, but i am thinking of selling this one and starting a new project bus.
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