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1974 FORD BUS Halley 7-14-05  
Hi Everyone!
I am looking for the "red book" value of a 1974 Ford bus which issues such as chipped tread on one tire, loose tail pipe,black exhaust coming out of the tail pipe indicating it may be burning oil, exhaust coming out of pipe towards the front of the bus when you started it, it back fired and the battery is really corroded.Also I need to know what percentage that this vehicle would depreciate over the years. Any information would be greatly appreciated! I'm pregnant and not looking forward to getting swindled if I can help it,lol.

Halley <3
Re: 1974 FORD BUS Halley 7-14-05  
Oops! I wrote which and not "with issues such as",lol... Fast typer sorry,lol... Also he said it needed an alignment,they rebuilt the engine which may still need work and that the tail pipe needs to be welded together. ALso I was wondering would a vehicle like this pass an emissions test? Also the seats have been removed except for the drivers and 4 others so it is definately not in it's "original" condition.
Re: 1974 FORD BUS Phil Feinstein 7-19-05  
First off: Black is Fuel, grey or "Blue" is oil and white is coolant. If you see black smoke, that's a "fat" carb or a cylinder that isn't firing right.

A 30 year old bus is about as depreciated as it gets and the conversion will only add value. With a need for new exhaust and all the work needed to make it road-worthy I wouldn't suggest spending more than $400 acquiring it. You might just want to offer the owner that you'll remove it for free ;-)

Parts will be hard to find for the body and chassis (this means brake parts as well), but getting things for the engine won't be an issue and being a 1974 model year you have a pretty free hand with what type of fuel and fuel system to run. You won't find anyone to work on this vehicle cheaply and if your mechanic's skills aren't up to snuff, you may just want to avoid this purchase altogether. Repair of this bus will require a great deal of fabrication and retrofitting and you should keep that thought in your mind at all times.

Don't attempt this if you don't have the skills, don't have the tools or don't have a *HUGE* spot to work in. Spend a little more money up front for a bus in better condition and you'll have more success.
Re: 1974 FORD BUS mitchshrader 1-17-06  
Electricals are a trouble spot. no matter WHAT works today, if it's original wiring, it's breaking at the first chance. 30+ year old electricals aren't reliable. you REPLACE those wires, and you can do it all at once or in pieces, which hurts worse. but, do Not Patch It Again. when you do replace, replace everything with new, continuous, properly fused and grounded, and HEAVY ENOUGH gauge, not under spec.

electricals are a huge pain, get it over with.

did anybody mention this thing was going to eat money about 5 times more than your budget?

it will. 2000$ conversions turn into 10,000$ conversions. then you're broke and havn't any gas money. and need two more tires.

so, you were warned. have fun!
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