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Biodiesel or SVO Joseph 5-31-04  
Is anyone here running an RV on the above mentioned fuels? I am planning to turn my 35ft International SB into an energy producing motorhome. I plan to build a small biodiesel processor into this baby (in the under carriage) there will also be a 2nd fuel tank for SVO (strait vegetable oil) the biodiesel processor will be heated by waste heat from the engine while in transit or from a heating element powered by the batteries whilst stationary)

Water heating for my hot showers will be provided by solar water heaters.

There is more but I will discuss it as the project progresses. As of this moment I am trying to get rid of the seats without resorting to the dump.
Re: Biodiesel or SVO Phil Feinstein 6-4-04  
To get rid of the seats, call your local school district and see who the bus company is; call them and see if they're interested. You could also try selling them on Ebay ;-)
Re: Biodiesel or SVO Georges 11-1-08  
WVO generators available, with a two tank system, from 5.5 kw to 125 KW.
email me for info:
Re: Biodiesel or SVO Chris Toughill 6-16-04  
I am looking for more info on how to create and use biodiesel effectively. I operate, and have put together a currently available article on thermal depolymerization, but as this 85% efficient process takes millions of dollars in equipment and several acres of land, it...uh....seem impractical for a bus. I have just sold a converted 4106 in order to buy a shell and do a conversion myself, and a big part of my goal is to be as energy kind as possible (as I haul my ass around with 32 tons GVW). I know I can get enough amps to power one a/c from a series of 120 watt Kyocera panels on the roof. I have looked at the drag coefficients of adding a wind driven alternator to the nose and that pays off well, since you are pushing the air out of the way anyway as you move down the road, you are getting about 60% of the energy for free. I'd like to think braking regeneration could be had, but everything I have thought of adding is pretty pricey...and none of this gets the bus down the road - it just helps with onboard electrical.
Where can I find out more about practical biodiesel, and is anyone (outside of Hollywood) actually using it?
Re: Biodiesel or SVO ih thomas 9 liter bus 23 in fla. 7-18-04  
I have a 81 ih thomas 60 passanger 9 liter school bus, i got it running on used veggie oil 55 gal. veggie to 10 gal. diesel here in fla. the bus runs great on used veggie oil,smells like a bbq smoker cooking, i do have a small problem starting on the cold veggie, the bus started instantly on diesel, now it takes a minute or two to start on cold veggie,then it takes another 5 minutes to idel on it's own or it will stall, i have a 85 mercedes 300d turbo that i have driven over 14,000 miles on 100 percent veggie since june-16-03 the mercedes runs great on veggie, if your gonna run a bus on veggie up north you will need a kit from or they do have a open forum on running veggie oil for fuel at click on forums then click on greaseboard.... john in fla.
Re: Biodiesel or SVO James Brown 10-1-08  

We feel that olive oil consumers value a moderately priced, real extra virgin olive oil as an alternative to the poor quality, over priced products that have saturated the market but that are adulterated with pomade, seed or hazelnut oils.

At our website we provide an extensive 'Health/Fraud' resource page that documents the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil as well as the pervasive fraud that exists in the market. We also have a documentary style video on the 'Media' page that shows the the entire process from harvest to bottling to alphabetization.

We have distribution in nigeria and seek to explore relationships with food importers & distributors in the US. Our labeling is attractive, pricing very moderate. As producers we are also a guaranteed source of supply.

I would like to express my appreciation to the owner and members of this forum for the opportunity to join and I look forward to participating in it with you.

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The quality and Quantity of Goods will be confirmed for each shipment on a certificate issued by the SGS at discharge port at buyers account which shall be binding on both parties in all respects.

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Property Test Method Limits
Flash point, °C per ASTM D 6751 per ASTM D6751
Water and Sediment, vol.% per ASTM D 6751 per ASTM D6751
Cloud point, °C per ASTM D 6751 per ASTM D6751
Acid number, mg KOH/gm per ASTM D 6751 per ASTM D6751
Free glycerin, % mass per ASTM D 6751 per ASTM D6751
Total glycerin, % mass per ASTM D 6751 per ASTM D6751

Visual appearance ASTM D 4176 Procedure 2 2 max (outlet sample)
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Re: Biodiesel or SVO Mike King 11-18-09  
No message.
Re: Biodiesel or SVO kerry keel 8-3-04  
Yes, there are a lot od people using Bio=diesel as a regular fuel. There are several sites on the Interent about this fuel. Producers run the gamut from institutions like INEEL in Idaho, to commercial producres, to those making the fuel for themselves at home. The park rangers at Yellowstone are using biodiesel in their vehicles.
Any "fat" veggie or animal can be used to make bio-diesel. The process, however, may tend to preclude making it an under the vehicle venture because part of the process, unless one uses a centrifuge, is to allow the mix to settle. Driving a bus, vehicle vibration and at rest settling do not mix very well.
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