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Plastic gas tank doug Olson 4-26-04  
I have a little problem. My buddies and I have purchased and converted a 77 IH Superior into a NASCAR racing RV. I say RV becasue it really has RV quality on the inside. The problem: the fuel tank is rusted (no holes) on the indise. To get it cleaned and Renu cost 250-350. We have an 85 gal. plastic fuel cell (brand new) from a boat. We fit it into the original fuel holding area and have made a sheet metal box using the original holding box. We put treated 2x4s in so that the new fuel cell rides only on the wood. The other guys are really into just making this plastic tank work (price is free except their own labor)I have some reservations #1: they are not going to put the crash cage back on,#2 they will be making a new cage that is 1"square tubing #3 static electric concerns?? (this is a lingering question in the back of my mind #4 they adjusted the tank down 2" to accomodate the plastic tank. My questions also include the vulnarability of a plastic tank during side impact, is 16 gage steel enough to protect from flying dirbis?(stones)Will the flexibility of the plastic tank be enough with the new 1" square tubing? Is there a static electric concern?
Re: plastic gas tank Phil Feinstein 4-30-04  
My Ford Windstar has a plastic tank and the Ford Escorts have had plastic tanks since 1991.

Plastic is a non-conductor and as long as the filler neck is grounded, static is not an issue. That being said, I have a few concerns about your set-up.Ford and Suburu test their fuel tanks for impact and fire resistance. If your tank is certified for marine use, I'd suspect it's been tested for fire resistance, but I don't know how it has been rated for impact resistance. I'm sure there's documentation for recomended mounting.

16 gauge steel is body sheetmetal, so if you feel safe behind a fender it should protect the tank. I see nothing wrong with your proposed mounting. 1" square tubing of between.125 and.1 wall thickness is tough stuff. I'd be worried if you got much below.0625, but that's still pretty strong. the only thing I'm hesitant about is that it's a marine rated tank; I'd feel much more comfortable saying "Go for it" if you were talking about a aftermarket fuel cell made for race cars. You could try calling the manufacturer and seeing if they have any recommendations for alternate uses.

Hope that helps!
Re: plastic gas tank Doug Olson 5-7-04  
We agreed, after much discussion and discontent, to clean the orginal tank ourselves. We used a commercial gas tank cleaner. We feel comfortable that the tank is clean. I feel comfortable because the tank is in the orginal osition with original equipment.
Re: plastic gas tank Phil Feinstein 5-7-04  
Very Kewl...Thanks for letting us know!
Re: plastic gas tank Doug olson 5-12-04  
We too put some ball barings and other brass pieces in the tank to agitate. After letting the chemicals and water sit over night (per manufacture rec.) we rinsed repeadedly and then used a shop vac to remove the ball barings etc. The tank appeared clean and the bus runs well. Thanks for your help/ support.
Re: plastic gas tank Roger Walling 5-10-04  
I have cleaned gas tanks by filling them up with water and detergent, then putting in 3 or 4 cups of sand and small stones. Then, with the tank full, use a pressure washer to agitate the stones for a good safe sandblast using the hole for the gauge. It takes about 2 hours to get out all of the sand and water after repeatedly rinsing but there won't be a speck or rust in it. (Do it off the vehicle)
Re: plastic gas tank Carol 8-16-09  
I need to find a fuel tank for a 1976 Dodge Sportsman. There is a plastic one in it but I need whatever I can find. Thanks
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