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8.2L detroit diesel HomeSchool 3-25-04  
Does anybody have any information on a 1988 detroit diesel. i was just wondering if there was anything i should know about these engines. I just bought a 1988 gmc school bus with an 8.2 and a 5 speed. I plane on driving it across the country, so if anyone knows of a common problem or something I should keep in mind for my trip, let me know. thanks
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel danny 6-9-04  
I'm looking at a Cobra class A motorhome with what i believe to have an 8.2L Detroit Diesel. so what is the bad rep these have? what type of fuel milage are we talking? how about power? this one has a turbo, it's gotta have power, right?
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel Fire Insp. Hermes C. Cadion BFP 9-22-11  
Isabel Fire Station, Isabel, Leyte, Philippines, have V8-8.2 Detroit Allison model 1982 and its already placed out of commission for a defective engine. What can you help me for I want this engine to be repaired. As alleged, it is already loss compression. Thank you very much
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel John the busboy 3-27-04  
I have an 8.2. They have a bad reputation. But if it is put together right and you take care of it, you should not have any problems. Ours runs well and has not given us a lick of trouble. I do keep close track of the routine maintanence.

When we got it, it would not heat up above 142 degrees. Replacing the the thermostats took care of that. It still does want to run cold....170 or so.

We would normally crusie it at 2900 rpms. Since changing the drive axle we can now cruise at 2200 rpms. This makes a big difference in the noise level. The boost and temp seem to be about the same. The trans temp is up a bit and it actually works better at this temp.

You can get service and parts manuals for these engines on ebay or at your local Detroit Diesel store.

So, what sort of 5 speed do you have? I would like to put one in our bus.

John the busboy
replace the x's with v's if you want to email me
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel Rod 1-26-08  
I have a 1988 C70 Chevrolet truck with an 8.2 turbo diesel. Can any one tell me when Detroit changed to 15 mm head bolts an these engines? This truck had a Detroit remananufactured engine installed in 1990. Thanks Rod.
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel david 5-20-04  
Does anyone out there have the following : heght,width,lengyh, and especially weight for the 8.2 l ?
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel Matt 9-19-10  
What does the 8.2L Detroit weight? thanks
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel Bill R. 7-2-09  
I am concerned at what boost I
should be showing on a incline
running about 2400 RPM in a 35'
motorhome - Gillig Chassis -
2nd Speed of 4 speed Allison
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel arbabu 5-20-09  
GM Detroit Diesel 8.2l v8 how to full injector injectors adjustin? ebooks helpful like service manuals, Thanks
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel Steve 3-20-08  
I bought a 1987 Chevy school bus I think it is a c60 with a 8.2 turbo diesel. any one have any ideal what mileage i ought to be getting with this. any info about this type of bus would be of great help,
planning to convert in to full time rv.
am planning to raise roof 14 inches in the conversion. any ideas on the conversion or past experiences would be helpful.thanks in advance.
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel HomeSchool 3-30-04  
I'm not sure of the transmission type. I haven't picked it up yet. I'll keep you posted on it.
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel Lee Robertson 4-15-04  
We just purchased a bus (1984) with a 8.2l detroit diesel. I runs smooth but at speeds over 55 we are leaking fuel out of the weep tube. ( this is not good--it is leaking onto the exhaust) it idels smooth but the top safe speed is 50 and 40 going up hill. Do you have any suggestions on what to look for? I have tried to get a repair manual and can not locate one

thanks great
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel Larry 11-6-14  
Danny, I just bought a 1988 Cobra Class a,
I'm looking for info. I saw your post from 2004 about a Cobra you were looking to buy, and was hoping that you might have some info about this rig, I.E. wiring diagrams service manuals, any info would be helpful.
Re: 8.2L detroit diesel Shannon 3-19-16  
Hi All

I have a snapped rocker arm on the front exhaust valve. I have a full rocker assembly coming - how hard will it be for me to put on? What's involved? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Re: 8.2L detroit diesel Bill R. 4-10-13  
What is proper boost for a 8.2 Detroit
Diesel on hill at 2400 RPM 2nd gear
35' Motorhome
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