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P & C License Vinny Gaglio 3-24-04  
I want to get my P & C License. Do I need to be sponsored to get it? Is it a regulated exam?
Re: P & C License robert Meyer 5-12-08  
How long does it take to get this
license? Is there a fee for the
test? Where is it given?
Re: P & C License Betsy 12-22-06  
P & C License is a Property and Casualty License. It is needed to sale car or home insurance.
Re: P & C License Mark O. 4-20-04  
What is a P&C license?

If you are referring to a Commercial Driver's License, better known as a CDL, no you don't need a sponser. You will need to rent the type of vehicle in which you will be needing a license in order to take the skills (driving) test.

If you are only going to be driving your RV, you will not need a CDL. A bus with seats in it requires a CDl in order to drive it legally. The same bus with most of the seats taken out of it(less than 15 passengers including the driver), a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom area in it (a cooler, a basin, a Coleman stove, a porta-potti, and an air mattress does not require anything more than a normal driver's license.

If you have any questions, e-mail me direct.

Good luck.

Mark O.
Re: P & C License Anthony D Jackson 6-24-08  
I also would like to know what a P & C license is. I do know that in at least one of its capacities, it is in regard to insurance broker/administrator specializing in the marketing and
administration of insurance programs, (I pulled previouse sentence directly from employment advertisement and it is not a license for a motor vehicle).
Does anyone know anything about testing, cost, benefits of licence etc...Any info would be greatly appreciated and utilized.
Re: P & C License kathy 5-10-10  
Its called ap&c - property and casualty insurance. search ap&c insurance license and depending on what state you live in you have to take classes and a state exam.
Re: P & C License chad 10-6-04  
Is there a different type of p & c license that has to do with insurance.
Re: P & C License Nicole 2-13-10  
Steps to getting you P & C license

Step 1

Visit the Department of Insurance website for your state of residence. Although the insurance industry continues to work toward creating nationwide licensing standards, currently each state has its own insurance licensing requirements.

Step 2

Complete any required pre-licensing education through a state-approved education provider. Specific classes vary by state. They may include courses on insurance principles, ethics, risk management and state insurance regulations. Most states allow you to complete this education through either classroom instruction or a qualified self-study program.

Step 3

Register for your insurance examination. You can register before completing your required coursework; however, you cannot take the exam until all coursework is completed.

Step 4

Study for the insurance exam. Most exams are now administered by computer and consist of multiple-choice questions. Topics include, but are not limited to, insurance regulations, coverages, ethics and risk assessment. Take a practice test (see the link in the Resources section) and study materials from pre-licensing coursework.

Step 5

Take the insurance examination. You'll typically be required to provide two forms of identification, proof of coursework completion and confirmation numbers from the exam registration. When you register for your exam, the testing facility will provide you with the specific list of items that you'll need.

Step 6

Complete your license application once you have successfully passed the examination. Follow your state's instructions to the letter. Check and double-check that you have included all necessary forms and information.

Step 7

Submit to a criminal background check. States may vary in their requirements for this process; call or visit your state's Department of Insurance website to learn exactly how to proceed with this step. You may have to sign a release, give fingerprints and provide identification.
Re: P & C License Christine Rios 2-18-10  
What do I do to obtain my P&C license?
Re: P & C License eduardo h. guevara 2-1-10  
How do i proceed to get this license
Re: P & C License Lucrecia 1-25-10  
I would like to know how can I gel my P&C license
Re: P & C License Zenebech 8-25-09  
What is P & C license & how can I get the license to work in USA
Re: P & C License Shannon 7-1-09  
Where do you apply for a P&C license and what qualifications are required?
Re: P & C License daniel 6-13-04  
I want to drive a school bus. what would I do to get my license?
Re: P & C License amanda Carroll 4-7-10  
This site sucks. Wtf?! I'm trying to find out about a p&c license and this guys talking about rv's and the kind of license you need to drive it. Not only that but why are there a million questions and no freakin answers? Thanks for all the help...oh wait I didn't get any
Re: P & C License michael tigwell 6-11-13  
Hi. im looking to buy a doulbe decker bus, some people tell me i can drive this on a standed driving licenc, some people tell me i need a pcv. wot is this. thanks michael
Re: P & C License Beth Mohler 8-9-05  
I am answering an help wanted ad in the newspaper and "P & C License" is a requirement. I am wondering what kind of license this is. Thanks for any information.
Re: P & C License Lebrens Denasse 9-19-08  
I want to becoming a broker to have my c&p license to sell auto and home insurance.
Re: P & C License Lebrens Denasse 9-19-08  
I mean p&C license
Re: P & C License Nancy 1-14-10  
How does one acquire a P&C License. Please Respond.
Re: P & C License kathy 5-10-10  
P&C license is what you need to be able to work in an insurance office. yu have to have it to sell auto and home owners insurance.
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