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Please Advise on diesel engines Jennifer 1-8-04  
Hi folks,
I need some advice here.I am currently looking at two buses.Unfortunately I know nothing about engines and such.
If anyone could let me know if these buses sound like good deals,and if they are good engines,I would SO appreciate it.

Bus# 55
89 International 77 passenger Thomas Built bus
7.3L V8 non turbo diesel
5spd tranny
hydrolic brakes
65 gallon gas tank
Fiberglass flip front hood
all wheel disc brakes
miles: 146,443.9
engine block heater, sound proof celing interoior!nice!
Price $1000 or best offer


BUS #52
Year: 1985
Chassis: International
Body: Thomas Conventional
Passenger Capacity: 77 equiped, max 78
Engine: International 6.9LV8 Non Turbo Charged diesel engine
Tranny: Make unkown, belive its dana spicer, 5spd
Condition. Very good some minor scratches, tiny amount of rust.
Seats pretty good some patches and new seat covers.
Tires: 10.00 x 20 Tube tires(split rim) Almost new tires
Milleage: Last june it was at 146,000 right around there when I last
drove it and it only went out on a route once since then.
Fiberglass flip front hood. Hydrolic brakes, Should be all wheel
Disc brakes (83 and new International buses had them).
Dayton(spoke wheels)
65 gallon tank.
1 rear heater. driver front heater, defrost
right front heater/stepwell heater. 2 fans 1 on each side in front.
2 speakers up front above driver( no radio curently installed in
bus) so i am not sure how good they sound but they look nice.
Price $1000 or best offer
Re: Please Advise on diesel engines Jennifer 1-9-04  
Thanks for your replies.I will be using it as a home and travelling the country in it selling my artwork.It will be running on veggie oil.
Re: Please Advise on diesel engines buster 1-9-04  
if you read what's already on the list about engines you will see that these are not first choices. you need to post what you plan to do with the bus. how much weight, kind of driving.....
i have a 6.6 brazilian ford diesel and i was happy with it. dt 466 is another good one but always more expensive to buy. most bus diesels ie. 7.3 are a little small for practical use.
if your not going to drive it much, gas is an alternative. save a grand up front and pay more for fuel...the 7.3 without turbo will be painfully slow...
Re: Please Advise on diesel engines Anubis 1-9-04  

Don't have any info on the engines (sorry) but when I got my bus it had split rims on it.

When I took it to a tire place they freaked out. Apparently no one wants to work on them because they are dangerous to repair.

I thought maybe these people went a little overboard, but since then I have talked to many people in the tire business. If you have a problem with a split rim tire, it's going to take longer to find someone to help you fix it, and they are going to charge you more to do it.

I went ahead and had all the tires and rims replaced with tubless radials (TOYO Tires) and haven't had a problem since.

Hope that helped a little,

Re: Please Advise on diesel engines Mark O. 1-10-04  
The 6.9/7.3/Powerstroke engines are great pick-up engines but they are just too small for a full size bus.

If you dedicde to purchase either one, if you ever expect to travel in the mountains of on the interstate, plan on living in the slow or very slow lane.

Look for a DT466 powered bus. The prices for used buses with the DT466 won't be very different but the power will be enourmously different.

Good luck and happy trails.

Mark O.
Re: Please Advise on diesel engines kd5kfl 1-10-04  
I've been researching this bus thing for a very long time.

Most bus for the least price: RTS.
30' X 8' inside, 6'8" headroom, underfloor compartments ( with a little work ), most affordable bus with a modern drivetrain.

Engine of choice: Detroit Diesel 6V92TA.

Price of an '82-'84 RTS, with mechanical injection 6V92TA: $3000.
Good looking, IMHO.

My RTS links:
Re: Please Advise on diesel engines buster 1-17-04  
cetane is the "octane" rating of diesel. typ. it is around 40. premium diesel runs 42-45. one place i've seen sells 50. diesels run more powerfully and quieter the higher the cetane. additives are avail. to boost if necessary. veggie oil as i said is a low cetane. check 422 sales web site for good bus auctions-drawback- they are in pittsburg..
good luck
Re: Please Advise on diesel engines kd5kfl 1-11-04  
Cetane rating in a diesel is equivalent to octane rating in a car. More is better, more than you need is wasteful but not harmful.
Re: Please Advise on diesel engines Andy 1-10-04  
If you decide to go with a RTS or other "City Bus" instead of a school bus there will probably be some great deals at Ken Porter Auctions. They are having a huge bus Auction Jan 21. I think they are OCTA ( Orange County Buses). Also Nationwide Auction has many Gillig buses from the 80's they have been selling for about 2 or 3 months. Also in Bakersfield there's a 40' Crown w/ auto at Tri-State Auctions that has been ther a while. They may be looking for too much or because they've had it so long might sell it cheap.
Re: Please Advise on diesel engines jared 2-5-04  
The 89 sounds like a good choice. if it has a 7.3 liter, i'm assuming an International engine, it should be pretty good for you. my friend has am international 7.3 in a pickup. just ask the owner if he knows how many hours are on the engine, as diesel engine time is measured in hours rather than miles, even though being a diesel it should run forever. good luck.
Re: Please Advise on diesel engines buster 1-10-04  
my understanding of the veggie oil thing is that it has a very low c-tane rating. it is very low-test. cheap to get but will need secondary tanks and a switching system to go from reg. diesel over to veggie and back. i travel around to festival's all the time and as my bus has gotten slower and slower i make many fewer friends on the way in and out of hilly areas.
if you are not a competent mechanic, and i know many artist who aren't, please get one and run all this by them.
good luck,
Re: Please Advise on diesel engines Jennifer 1-10-04  
?? What is a c-tane rating??

As for the veggie oil,we are looking into purchasing a kit that has everything you need,holding tanks,filters,to augment engine for veggie oil.We just need to pay someone to put it in. Jenn
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