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Road trip/ camping jake 11-27-03  
Ok im 16 years old and me and my friends want to buy an old school bus to convert into a rv and go comping also we want to take a 3 week road trip across the country we need it to sleep 6 at least and have a kitchen bathroom and a place to hang out is this possiable or practial?
we were thinkin a 66 or 71 passanger bus to convert and still want it to look like a rv also cost is a major concern what we need is some detailed guidence if someone will give it thanks jake
Re: road trip/ camping jason 11-28-03  
I think it's an excellent idea ! I have a 1991 ford/ward partybus conversion.

The three biggest factors i think will hinder your school bus idea are these:

1: Breaking down in the middle of the country and not being able to afford to fix the bus. Everything might be just fine, or the old bus could suffer a mortal wound. If you don't have too much invested, you can always give the title to the tow truck operator and tell him to take the bus to the junk yard.....then go greyhound !

2: The cost of fuel. My bus with a diesel gets 8.5 mpg. A gasoline engine will get only 6 mpg. compare this to a minivan that gets 25 miles a gallon. With the difference in the price of fuel you could afford to sleep in a cheap motel every nite instead. Although, you'd miss out on the greatest part of the adventure !

3: The slow cruising speed of the bus. Schoolies are slow. Unless you have a lot of $$$, prob more than you spent for the bus, it's only going to cruise between 50 and 60 mph. Not such a big deal if you're not pressed for time, but watching cars speed past your rig day after day might make you wish you had something a little faster.

As far as finding the "stuff" for the inside of the bus. If you have the charisma, you can find all kinds of stuff for free. (or nearly free)

Things i got for free:
Stove, Oven, Sinks, Frige, Chairs, furnace, Stereo/speakers, tv,

People love the idea of a converted Schoolbus.!!
I bought my bus for $775. It's mechanically sound, and i invested about $3,500 in "stuff" including generator, inverters/batteries, jacuzzi, carpet, insulation ect.
Re: road trip/ camping Andy 11-28-03  
Although I love busses and am in the process of buying one now a RV might be better for you. Even if you find a good deal on the bus, the time and money you'll spend converting it may not be practical for you. I've seen many late 70's or early 80's RVs with 70-100,000 miles in good condition for under $2,000. It will be ready to go and if it breaks you won't have such problems getting parts and mechanic, nor will you have such an investment if you can't afford to fix it.
Good luck,
Re: road trip/ camping jake 11-28-03  
Thanks for the feed back im located in south east kansas so going some where else like the east or west coast would be awesome overall speed isnt a big concern cuz we have the summers off so we could take as much time as needed also the time converting it is just more time to hang out, some of my other concerns are, space although a bus is big will it be big enough for 6 people to live in?, and cost again that will make or break our plans what is the best way to be fuel efficent? and are there ways to cut out some of the expince?
Re: road trip/ camping Jon 8-13-04  
There is a comprimise you could make to cut expenses. If I were you I would buy a half bus like mine to use as a "test" to see if this is what you really want to do. You can get them pretty cheap and mine is a GMC van front and driveline so parts are available at any auto parts store. Our plan with ours is to stay at campgrounds so we don't need onboard water or power since we can shower there, cook on grills or over the fire, and plug in wherever we go or use dc power for the tv/dvd and interior lights (a second battery system required). This cuts the cost down considerably since no generator or tanks need to be installed!! Campgrounds are a lot cheaper than hotels and a lot more fun! Fuel mileage isn't much less than a full size van so this expense is brought down too.

Living in any bus with 5 other people will be tight and I hope you guys are great friends cause you might not be after this trip :) My bus will have four bunks and a table and seats when I'm done, but I could have worked the table differently to make it into one that converts to a bed so you could probably work this out somehow, depending on the size of a bus you get. You could also get a small trailer to pull with your gear in it. There are several different small buses out there with van fronts so you should be able to find one the right size for your needs.

Just a suggestion...
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