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Legal issues with School bus color Ann 10-22-03  
A friend said he knew a guy--- That was stopped 2 times on the same trip for operating a old school bus with it's origional paint. That it is against the law to use a yellow/orange bus for private use. Does anyone know if that is true??
Re: Legal issues with School bus color Andy 10-22-03  
In some states it is illegal to have "National School Bus Yellow" paint on a private bus. If you look at old posts here there's a whole string of post that follow a guy from ticket to court dates. This is about as informative as anything that you'll find anywhere.
Re: Legal issues with School bus color Anubis 1-19-04  

I left the front nose section yellow, and painted the rest of the bus.

So far no problems.
Also, I have all the working lights
(front and rear) installed.

I would never use them unless I am broken down, though.
In Iowa, it's illegal... kd5kfl 10-24-03  
It's illegal because there is a body of laws regulating how to behave when driving near a schoolbus. If the bus is no longer in schoolbus service, these laws no longer apply. Therefore some states won't let you operate a former schoolbus in school bus yellow. To reduce confusion.

It is, IMHO, one ugly color. another reason to spray it any other color.
Re: Legal issues with School bus color Michael 10-24-03  
Hi Ann,

I got stopped myself and got a citation which I paid first. After I checked the situation a little bit, I requested a second appointment with the judge.
After showing what I found out, he told me, that the citation was wrong and he would give me the money back, but the county is broke. Yeah, right whatever.
But I learned one interesting thing:
Never pay immediately! ;-)

Seriously, it depends from state to state.
In my case, it took place in Arizona.
I got the bus from a private owner in the state of Michigan, where the vehicle was already registered as a motorhome. I made all changes required by the state of Arizona to get it registered as a motorhome in Arizona.
It was registered and I drove around with no sign that says school bus or anything about a school district. In addition the parts where it used to say School Bus like above the windshield, the rear door or on the sides all got "wiped out" with brown primer by the previous owner.
A longhorn skull mounted to the front of the bus, made it look rather rediculous than being a school bus.
Nevertheless the police officer Delander stopped me. It was Easter Sunday. Perhaps he didn't find enough eggs in the morning. ;-) Anyway, the guy is famous for being different from the rest of the police officers.
He gave me a citation and made me stand 30 minutes right next to his hood for his personal pleasure. Rude as rude can be.
I looked into the books and checked what the law says. In Arizona it says something like:
"A vehicle sold by the state of Arizona shall be repainted in a different color than yellow by the new owner."
Because I got the bus out of state and not from a public outlet like a school district but from a private person, the law could not be used on me.
I quoted the law to the judge the first time and he refused to listen.
I repainted the bus anyway, because that was simply necessary for the looks of the bus. Yellow + brown = ugly
After I repainted the bus and had to show it to the judge, I requested another hearing. And that was when he looked into the books and finally admitted that I am right. But the money was already gone.

If the bus was registered by a local DMV and the guys didn't complain about the color, than he has a good chance to get away with it. But he can get quickly in trouble with the next police officer. The question is, is it worth the hassle?
If he is smart, he simply repaints the bus. A couple of Rustoleum spray cans can do a wonderful job.
My "Beast" is no a 35 ft. star-spangled banner with my company's logo on it.
Now, it gets photographed over and over again by tourists from all over the world. And I am sure, they show the picture of the "crazy American" school bus. If only they would know, I am German ;-)

Have fun,
Re: Legal issues with School bus color Jared 10-28-03  
In Canada it is a minimum that the front and back of a school bus must be repainted to something other than yellow, the warning lights either have to be removed or painted over too! Not sure if red is allowed here too because of it's similarity to firetrucks.

Re: Legal issues with School bus color Lisa 10-22-07  
I am wondering if it is legal to have something on the front of a school bus or on the inside of the bus, as long as it does not interfer with the drivers' ability to safely transport students? If it is not can you explain why?
Re: Legal issues with School bus color Michael 10-24-03  
Hi Ann,

it's me again.

When I had my fun with the school bus yellow, I asked in this newsgroup as well for help. Here is the link to the thread.

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