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PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question Karl 10-1-03  
Can someone PLEASE give me the name and or number of an insurance provider that is willing to insure a converted school bus? I have been searching for about 2 months actively now and I have found NOTHING! Everyone says its too much of a risk! PLEASE HELP!

Thanks in advance...
Re: PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question ccarrel 2-25-04  
My converted school bus is insured with Allstate. It is titled as an RV and the insurance is liability only $225/year.
Re: PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question Andy 10-1-03  
I Haven't tried but everyone says to call Progressive. I hear they are one of the only companies to insure buses as RVs. I think they are pretty reasonable too. Let us know what happens,
Re: PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question Ann Hovdenes 10-5-03  
I just bought a bus but it was titled as a motorhome, Safeco insured it- and instead of calling it a 1963 Crown- they called it a 1963 Clown?? but I am only paying Liability and its only $125 every 6mths in SD.
Re: PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question Keith 10-2-03  
I have my Bus insured thru State Farm as a commercial vehicle. It is not fully converted yet.
Progressive said they would insure it, if it was fully converted.
Re: PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question Steve 10-6-03  
Insurance companies will not say they
will insure your converted bus, but if
you go to your insurance man and tell
him you have an RV/bus to insure, they pick a company, and that company gets you, whether they want you or not, we do have to have insurance, so someone has to write the policy, I've done it two times, two states, on two dif. buses. However, they only have to carry you for three years, then you get dumped and get to send your payment to another company the next year!
Re: PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question IHC Bus Man 10-19-03  
I have 4 buses of which 2 are schoolbuses used for a hockey camp, i go through american family, they are very reasonable as i pay only $600 a year per bus. im sure it would be alot cheaper for a converted RV.
Re: PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question Andy 10-12-03  
I got a quote from GMAC for a 76 crown 35' for only $213/6 mos. Since I'm in Los Angeles thats very cheap. But they would only insure it because it was a completed professional conversion. Unfortunatly I didn't buy it and the bus I'm looking at is a partial not professional conversion so I don't think I can get that price.
Re: PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question jim 10-29-03  
Try Accordia. Ask for Barry Mintzer.
Re: PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question Karl 10-2-03  
Hey, I talked to progressive before, they have different stories each time I talk to them. If you tell them it is a motorhome, they did quote me an outrageous price of $4,200.00 per year. If I tell them it was a converted bus, as I did on the second time talking to them, they told me they wanted nothing to do with that! I'll see what I can do and keep everyone posted!
Re: PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question evan 10-3-03  
Call GMAC. they will do it. if it is insured as an RV, tell them it is. if it is not, insure as a bus, liability only i believe. i used to payy $1200/year thru progressive, as a truck, then $800/yr through GMAC as a bus. now i pay like $400 as a motorhome (it is licensed and titled as such).

good luck
Re: PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question evan 10-3-03  
I meant titled as rv. there is a difference between a converted bus, and a MOTORHOME.
Re: PLEASE HELP!!! Insurance question Michael 10-24-03  
Hi Folks,

I am with GMAC.
The bus is registered as a motorhome.
GMAC doesn't want to see any pictures and on the question, if the vehicle is a professional conversion, I told the lady on the phone, that the previous owner is a mechanical engineer.
That was all she wanted to hear and I pay $116 for 6 month = $232 a year for the motorhome insurance.
In addition my local State Farm Insurance guy told me, he would insure the bus for less than that. Something like $160 a year. I would have to switch my bus insurance and my car insurance both to him and he would be able to give me that rate.
Well, the car insurance was more and I am happy with GMAC, so I haven't switched.
Perhaps this helps you out.

Have fun and enjoy your busses,
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