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1973 GMC Carpenter Bus - Free. Erik Larsen 4-4-03  
I have a 1973 GMC Carpenter 40 passenger school bus ("Bernice")that I was going to convert to an RV. My spare time has changed and I no longer have the time to work on her. She has an Allison AT540 transmission (sticks a little in 3rd gear) and I believe a GMC V-8 (At least 400 cu in?) gasoline engine that max revs at 5K. She ran approx 8 months ago when parked, and I believe the battery is now flat. She has Washington State tags and tabs current to this time.

Changes: I've removed all the seats, interior sidewalls and interior roof pannels. Sanders have been drained and partially removed. No changes have been made to the electrical system, braking, steering or fuel systems.

If I have no requests for her, she will be driven to the local junkyard on April 14th for being scrapped.

Conditions of "sale": As is where is. Title will be transfered before she is moved.
Re: 1973 GMC Carpenter Bus - Free. Seann Hawkins 4-21-04  
Where are you located?
Re: 1973 GMC Carpenter Bus - Free. Erik Larsen 4-4-03  
Oops. Additional information that I forgot to add.

- I'm located about 60 miles North of Seattle.

- My email address is

- For the next few days I will be working on getting the engine running.

- I have all maintenence records from the school district I bought Bernice from.

- I'm pretty sure the backend is a 6.6:1 single speed transaxle.

- Last time I had her on the road, Bernice managed approximately 5.2 miles to the gallon on pure 87 octane unleaded. I do not know what her performance with higher octance fuel is.

- Neighborhood brats have shattered two of the side windows.
Re: 1973 GMC Carpenter Bus - Free. Erik Larsen 4-10-03  
Our 1973 GMC Carpenter School bus has a new home in Portland, Oregon. Enjoy the bus, Beorn.

And in case anyone is curious, it took roughly 46 gallons of fuel for us to get to Portland (a distance of 236 miles, at 5.2 mpg). Before I removed the seats, etc, it took roughly 15 gallons just to go 30 miles (2.x miles to the gallon).
Re: 1973 GMC Carpenter Bus - Free. Steve 3-27-04  
Did you give it away yet?
any deal like this around Tennessee?
let me know.
Re: 1973 GMC Carpenter Bus - Free. Beorn 4-4-03  
Doe's it have good tires? I'm in Oregon and need new tires for my G.M.C. and know a few people who might be interested in her beyond that.
Re: 1973 GMC Carpenter Bus - Free. Beorn 4-5-03  
Wow I'm Pretty interested, you think she would make the trip to portland?
I tried your E-mail but it did'nt go trough Mine is give me a hollet or we can keep talking trough this. whatever but Iam Interested.
Free is a great price!
Corrected Engine/Tranny Size/Type Erik Larsen 4-4-03  
According to the builders placard, the engine size is 432 Cu. In, and it is a GMC 6000 series V6 engine.

The Transmission is Allison AT540, and the rear end is supposed to be 6.1:1.

-Erik Larsen
Re: 1973 GMC Carpenter Bus - Free. Rayven 4-9-03  
I'm intrested in the bus.
E-mail me for sure.

Re: 1973 GMC Carpenter Bus - Free. Erik Larsen 4-4-03  
* runs out to bus with a notepad *

Drivers and Passenger Rear are near new Goodyear 10.00R20's, driver front has 1/8" of tread (Unisteel Radial 11R22-5) and passenger front has 1/4" tread (Unisteel also).

The only tire that looks like it needs replacing within the next 20K miles is the drivers front.

-Erik Larsen
Re: 1973 GMC Carpenter Bus - Free. Erik Larsen 4-5-03  
Sent email to address you gave above. Hopefully it worked.
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