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Water Pressure Idea. Beorn042 3-3-03  
I am palnning on istalling my fresh water storage on the roof by means of large diameter PVC drain pipe. intalled under the roof rack, in the triangular space made by the slopeing of the roof line and the straingh angles of the rack.
now I'm thingking I will get some pressure from simple gravity,however a freind who tried this said while the water did come out the pressure was very low. My Idea to incresae the pressure is this: seeing that I have Air Breaks and a Air commperssor and resivior, could'nt I just hook up the air to the water Tubes on the Roof and pressurise the whole system?
if so what kind of PVC pipe or other pipe would be appropreate to use under constant pessure like this?
just an idea to minnimize electrical use, as I will need every Amp I have to run my kilns (i'm putting a glass shop in the back so i can tour the fairs and still produce!)
any help would be greatly appreceated
thanks again -Beorn-
Re: Water Pressure Idea. john 9-9-04  
Liquid storage vessels are against DOT,mounted on the roof
Re: Water Pressure Idea. kd5kfl 3-6-03  
That water is going to move in the opposite direction of the bus. Slosh forward when you brake, go right when you turn left. Putting hundreds of pounds of moveable weight that does the opposite of what you want up high is a bad plan of Darwin Award proportions.
Re: Water Pressure Idea. jason 12-26-03  
I like the air pressure idea. Worst case scenerio is that you loose all air pressure, and you bus stopps in a hurry. That's bad, but shouldn't be deadly. And when it comes to water, weight, and baffles (or the lack of) I have a hot tub in my bus that holds 400 gallons of water. I remove half the water and place it in holding tanks when i drive. That leaves 200 gallons of water free to slosh around in the hot tub, and there are almost no noticable effects on stopping or handling on the bus. Mine is a 1991 B700
Re: Water Pressure Idea. boern042 3-6-03  
Oh it's not going to be that Dire.
we have tried the storage Idea on a freinds bus (it was acually his Idea.)
and his has the roof raised about 2ft
the styem only holds about 80 gallons. and at 3# per gallon that comes to 240# so you can see the weight is'nt all that much. especially for a School bus.
as for the water shifting it cannot flow from left to right as the PVC tube runs along the length of the roof on either side so the amount of side to side movement is resticted to about 6"
the water will flow from back to front
during breaking an starting off, this is an isssue when the system gets below half.(as the water willnot compress iself to get to one end)however we are dealing w/ only about 120# shifting. and it did'nt give us any concern during our BurnigMan trip last year.
what I was hoping to get some input on as I stated is on my pressue idea I was wanting to know what PVC or other pipeing system to use if I'm going to have it under constant pressure.
if you have input on that great!however "Darwin Award" cracks are counter productive. I hardly think any resulting problems form this idea would rank up there with the guy who tried to get a 3/4" hole put into his muffler by useing a 45 caliber pistol, killing himself in the process.
Thanks anyhow-B-
Re: Water Pressure Idea. David G 3-9-03  
I used 1/2 PVC to distribute compressed air around my shop. I have been told that this is not a good idea and that the PVC pipe and jjoints could fail. However, it has been about 9 years now, and pressures up to 90 PSI without a problem. Not a recommendation, just my experience.
I don't imagine you are going to pressurize your water system to 90 PSI.
City water I think is about 30 PSI.
So I would think that you are going to install a pressure regulator to 20 - 30 PSI and the PVC should handle that OK.
I think I would try to isolate this system from you brake system some way so as to avoid the possibility of a water system failure causing a brake failure. Maybe install a smaller air tank with a manual fill valve from the bus air. A 20 gal tank at 90 PSI would, I think, power your water system at 20 PSI for a long time.
I thought water was heavier than 3 # / gal.
If you pressurize there really would be no need to install up high. If your bus has frame rails you could install in between them under the floor.
Just a thot.
Good Luck
Re: H20, vs Pressure- DO NOT GO INTO BRAKE SYSTEM Don 6-8-03  
Your brake system, is the one system that can save YOUR life, or that of others. Do not screw with it! Install a seperate tank to run pressureized water, is my thought... Don
Re: Water Pressure Idea. Beorn042 3-11-03  
Thanks For you input David, and you are correct water is 7# a gallon, my bad.
good idea:installing a seccond air resivior.makes total sense.
happy travels
Beorn the bus Bear.
Re: Water Pressure Idea. R Doetsch 4-15-03  
Re: Water Pressure Idea. gypsybone 5-19-03  
The larger the PVC the less pressure it can stand. Schedule 80 PVC has the max pressure stamped on the pipe. You could install baffles in the pipe to stop forward & aft water movement. I would consider a small 12v pump between storage & point of use. Would only run when you open a tap and call for water. The air from the bus compressor is not clean and will contain oil residue, so you would need a sump drain, and filter @ a greater price than pump. Also you wouldn't have to start bus for air pressure.
Re: Water Pressure Idea. Don 6-3-03  
Gypsi, good idea!! yep! 12 volt pump cheaper than the headaches.. Don
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