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'76 International Loadstar, I need info Janelle 8-20-02  
Hi all, I recently acquired a 1976 International Loadstar school bus and am just getting it road worthy. I need any info you can offer. Manual, places to get parts, ideas, etc. It runs great and has very little rust. My only concern right now is the "governor" that keeps it traveling at speeds less than 54 miles an hour, which I'm not too concerned about, because 53 miles an hour is pretty fast for a big bus full of junk. Any info would be great. Thanks!
Re: '76 International Loadstar, I need info Lee 8-22-02  
The 54 mph top speed may be just a function of the engine and rear end ratio. My 81 Intl didn't have a governor when I got it, and it does about 65 on the flats. A 345 ci engine pushing 15 to 20 thousand pounds doesn't have a lot left to give. I run mine around 60 most of the time and just let it crawl up the hills. It is very visible and nobody has rear-ended me yet.
The nice thing is that parts are fairly easy to get. The heavy truck parts places (TrailerCraft, Kenworth, etc)have everything regarding brakes (air brakes, anyway), the engines are available rebuilt, and the chassis parts are still around. If you have the 345 engine, try to keep it running under 3200 rpm most of the time. It doesn't like high rpm's for too long.
The old cornbinders are still a dependable lot. Mine has moved a lot of miles and runs great.
Good luck with it.
Re: '76 International Loadstar, I need info Michael 1-23-04  
I recently bought a 1973 International Loadstar 1700. It's only 2wd, and I'd like to make it 4wd. Where can I find parts and info on what to use? It has a 392 in it, and seems to do 55 comfortably, with an occasional jumpt to 60. What I'm wondering is, with all things being ideal, what kind of gas mileage could I get by adjusting gear ratios, etc? Is 10mpg at 60 a possibility? Thanks, Michael
Re: '76 International Loadstar, I need info Tom Dangelo 8-23-02  
You can get all of your manuals from binder books and all other information from the binder bulletin. They are both on the web. Just use your plain language browser and type in the search just as I spelled it out. I too have an International and believe that it will run until I can no longer drive.
Re: '76 International Loadstar, I need info Jim 10-7-02  
I once had a Loadstar and I put a 429 V8 Ford engine and C6 transmission in it. It already had a 2 speed rear so I could get 10 mpg @ 60 mph and could tow a small car to boot. It was a medium size bus. I used an AC condenser as a transmission cooler. Overkill but it did the job and had no problems with it. Engine swaps aren't for everybody but I enjoyed the results. Recently, I've installed a Cadillac 500 engine and a Turbo 400 transmission in an 81 IHC and am working out the final details now. I'm posting updates on the Skoolies Bulletin Board on my progress. Wish you well.

Re: '76 International Loadstar, I need info jay 9-12-02  
I have an 1980 loadstar DT 466 and it has the same "governor".... does anyone out there know what it would take to upgrade to a different gear ratio? I'm no speed demon but cruising at 60 would sure be nice compared to topping out around 53mph.
Re: 78 International Loadstar, I need info louie 10-17-07  
Distributor: 78 International Loadstar, I need info...are all Distributor same 345,392,404?
Re: '76 International Loadstar, I need info Mark O. 9-21-02  
Most of the IHC gas engines used in buses had vacuum operated throttle plates. At high RPM's the vacuum would pull the throttle plates closed. In other words, you can not disable the governor without changing the carb.

You should never run an IHC 304/345/392 at more than 3400 RPM for any period of time unless you want to blow the engine up. They really do not like to wind up that tight. 3200 RPM cruise speed they will do just about indefinitely.

If the top speed in your bus isn't fast enough, if you have 10-hole Budd wheels the least expensive and easiest way to up your top speed is to switch to larger tires. If you have 9:00X20/10X22.5 tires switching to 11X24.5 will raise your top speed at least 5-10 MPH.

IHC still has available new rear gear sets to fit almost any IHC product. Almost every truck wrecking yard will also have different gear sets available.

Understand none of the IHC gas engines have enough HP to go very fast. If you change to a too fast of a gear set you will go really pokey up any hill. We had two buses that were identical except for the rear ends. One topped out at 47 MPH and the other 57 MPH. On ski runs the two buses got to the top of the hill at virtually the same time.

The DT466 is a completely different animal from the gas engines. It has a lot more go on the hills. Like the gas engines it does not live long if you over rev them. 2600 RPM is tops if you want your engine to live a long time. A gear set to give you a top end of about 65 MPH is about the best. Any faster and you will end up downshifting for every hill.

Good luck and happy trails.

Mark O.
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