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Honda EM500 Generator Rollin J. Shaw 8-8-02  
Help..... Have a honda Generator (suitcase type) EM500 It would start right up then stall out..... Thought I could fix it tore it apart and had to spend 75.00 last year to get it running again.....well after storing it for the winter (as per instructions) the generator is doing the same thing again...... New oil new gas.... Anyone out there know what the problem might be.... I don't think I have 50 hrs on this little gem when it works it works great rjs
Re: Honda EM400 Generator joyce hall 9-24-04  
Need carburetor for em400 generator
anyone know who has one.
Re: Honda EM500 Generator David 10-11-04  
2 things for this response EM500 Generator. If it has been sitting with gas in it your carb. it might be varnished up. If it starts and then dies quickly your high speed jet is plugged with varnish or a particle of something. Take the carb. apart and clean it with carb cleaner. take out the ports and clean them. If you can't get them to clear with carb cleaner use a oxy/acet. torch tip cleaner. Don't use to big of a tip though just one that fits the jet.

2nd. Need a Voltage regulator for a Honda EM400 Generator.

Thank you,

Re: Honda EM500 Generator ryan 1-28-04  
Im selling my honda em500 generator on ebay just search for honda em500
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Brandy German 10-7-03  
I am looking for a Honda EM500 Generator. If you or anyone else who know of someone wanting to sell one please e-mail me @
Re: Honda EM500 Generator john 1-20-03  
Did you get yours fixed or find out what was wrong with it?
mine does the same thing
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Steve babka 2-24-11  
What kind of oil do I use for a em 500
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Jim 11-3-04  
I to have an EM500 and my voltage regulator has failed. Does anyone know where I could find a replacement regulator. Like someone else, no longer available from Honda.

To keep from having the problem with gas, when you are finished for the season, run the engine till it runs out of gas. I have been doing this for years and have never had a problem with the engine, it always starts and runs great. It is a good unit and worth saving.

Re: Honda EM500 Generator Luanne 9-20-09  
I have an em500 in excellent condition and I would like to sell it. I am asking for $225.00 if anzone has any interest let me know, I bought it new back in the mid eighties and used it for a tv and a couple light bulbs in mz tent for a couple summers and basically have stored it since then. The thing looks brand new, no damage, missing nothing!! I do not have the manual but I just saw one on ebay for $30.00. I can send pics if anyone has serious interest.
Re: Honda EM600Generator tom zabojnik 1-26-11  
Generator does not put out enough voltage form the outlet,it will barely run a drill.motor is running fine
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Jim 11-7-04  
I sure could use a voltage regulator for my EM500 generator. Does anyone have any idea where to find one?
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Rollin J. Shaw 2-19-09  
Just noticed that my question dated 8/8/02 is still running in 2009...Note: I gave up and gave my little EM 500 Generator away... and bought a New American made product..... 65000 watts works well and starts with first pull RJS
Re: Honda EM500 Generator karan 11-19-07  
Pls sand intarnal data (dayagram) of honda em 500 dc genrater
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Clem 2-10-05  
I have a em400 and need piston rings and a conecting rod and a cam shaft. any ideas?
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Doug Long 7-14-03  
I just purchased a Honda EM500 generator from an older gentilmen who gave it very little use. I will use it to light a few bulbs in my remote log cabin, here in Newfoundland, Canada. My problem is that I do not have a manual to go with the generator. I know little about the unit. The gentleman left for a three month vacation the very next day so I cannot ask him for more info. For starters I don't even know if the unit is two cycle or four; do I have to mix gas and at what ratio?
Do you know of any site where I might download any material about this unit? Do you have any hints, info, etc. which you would like to share.

Doug Long
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Walter 8-4-03  
I have been looking for a manual for a honda EM300e Generator,
I came across a page for generators sold in the US,which gives pdf's for most including EM500, however no luck for EM300,
Re: Honda EM500 Generator brian 12-8-07  
Honda only makes 4 strokes. Put gas in and turn it on. It should run fine. I have an EM400 that is probably 30 years old and just started it up after 4 years to run some Christmas lights on the boat and it started right up after changing the oil and gas and cleaning the spark plug.
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Luc 1-31-04  
The EM500 is a four stroke engine so you only need to but unmixed gas in the tank and oil in the engine case. About a manual you can actual download one from the net at

Good luck
Re: Honda EM300e Generator colin 9-30-03  
Do you have any information on honda em300e generator, have not got hand book.

cheers, colin
Re: Honda EM500 Generator sebastian 8-22-03  
Hola quisiera pedir informacion tecnica sobre el generador EM 500 yo soy de jujuy republica argentina... sobretodo sobre el carburador... bueno desde ya muchisimas gracias.
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Randy 12-4-06  
Current parts availability and pricing for Honda generators, including the EM500/EM600 may be found at:
Note: just click the "next" button to go to the next screen listing model numbers in a drop down menu.

The owners manual for the EM500/EM600 can be downloaded in pdf format from:
Note: A button is on the first page which facilitates downloading and saving this pdf file.

On Walters EM300e, the only reference I could find on this genny was on a Scandinavian (Swedish?) site which listed it as a 207 volt machine (not marketed in the USA).

The voltage regulator for the EM500 appears to be a strange one because it apparently enables switching between 50 and 60 cycle ac (Japan/US). The method of exciting the field is also different and is controlled by this device. The EM600 circuitry is much simpler and does not have the voltage controller.
Re: Honda EM500 Generator ted 8-5-03  
I just acquired an EM400 and it really is hard to get any information on it. I'll let you know if I find a manual to it or the EM300
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Doug 10-5-08  
I bought a used Honda EM500 generator and it has no spark, won't start. I'm trying to find out how to solve this.
Re: Honda EM500 Generator ERNESTO 11-12-09  
Nesesito especificasiones y manual de lamisma yo adquiri en el año de 1980 mas o menos.

Gracias por su jentileza

Re: Honda EM500 Generator alfredo ceballos 10-22-09  
Quisiera poder tener el manual de mantenimiento del generador Honda EM500 ya que tengo problemitas con el y no hay quien pueda revisarlo en mi poblaciòn.
Re: Honda EM500 Generator todd mozzer 2-2-09  
I need the two fuse caps for my little em 500 please help thanks
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Grant 8-16-03  
I, too am the owner of a Honda EM500 generator. I had to clean the carburetor on mine after sitting all winter.

My need now, is that the voltage regulator has gone bad, and Honda does not make one, nor can I find one. I had a Honda dealer do a national search, with no luck. If anyone knows someone with a used or unusable 500 generator, I would be interested.

Re: Honda EM500 Generator Carl 3-22-04  
Hi everyone,
I have an EM500 that I have never been able to get working properly. It starts and runs fine, but only produces about 30 volts AC. As an Australian model, this should nominally be 240 volts ac. I've checked both the rotor and stator windings, the exciter diode bridge and all the wiring and circuit breakers: everything checks out fine. Any ideas anyone? My thought at the moment is that it may have an incorrect pilot-light fitted. Some generators use the current through this bulb as part of their voltage regulation scheme, and the wrong one might cause these symptoms. If anyone knows the correct voltage/current/wattage ratings of the bulb I would like to hear from them; I don't know what else to try.

Re: Honda EM300e Generator campion 4-27-06  
Je cherche a changer un jouint de carburateur de mon em300e. Pouvez vous m'aider pour savoir comment commander cette piece en caoutchou.Merci d'AVANCE.
Re: Honda EM300e Generator jai 8-19-04  
Does anyone know how much this generator is worth??
Hey Luc! Robert Coleman 1-12-05  
This is better then a year since yer post on the owners manual. I just want to take a moment to thank you for your post, iot has proved to be very helpful to me at no cost! You da LUC!!
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Floyd 5-8-04  
I have a em500 and it starts up and runs for about 10 to 20 seconds and then shuts off. It will start right back up and then does the same thing over and over. I cleaned the carb, fresh oil and gas. Any ideas out there?
Honda EM400 Generator Bill 9-28-04  
Need points & condenser
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Dennis 8-25-08  
Hi. I have a EM500 that starts right up and than shuts off.I cleaned the tank filter the lines and the carburetor and it still wont run longer than about 15 seconds. Has anyone else had this problem.Thanks Dennis.
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Carl 6-22-04  
Hi Floyd,
Sounds like a fuel starvation problem to me. Check if the vent cap is clear on the fuel tank (causes vapour lock), and also that fuel is actually getting through to the jets in the carburettor- ie fuel filters, tap, hoses and jets are clear). You could try (carefully) spraying some Aerostart(ie ether) in the air cleaner when it starts; if the engine then runs for longer then it's probably a fuel supply/mixture problem. Also check that your air cleaner is clean, and remove the muffler and check the exhaust passages on the muffler and engine: there should be a fine wire mesh screen in the muffler, this can get clogged with soot, strangling the engine. Try blowing through the muffler. You could also try running the engine without muffler or air cleaner to test for the above problems.

Check back and let us know what you find.

Re: Honda EM500 Generator Rusty 11-23-07  
I have an em500 runs no output mechanicall all fine as in stator and com. is there a regulator that may stop generator from outputting. Also if so is there a test you can do to confirm that the reg is gone.Thank you
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Dave 7-5-04  
Any one have a "service manual" out there for an EM500 ?

Re: Honda EM300e Generator alvin challen 2-22-09  
I too seek the full workshoip manual for the em300e generator ; apparently worth 100.00 pounds = euros roight now if working ; however mine needs a coil at 97 pounds inc vat so at a cost of 20 pounds not working is barely worth it.
Re: Honda EM400 Generator GABRIELA 8-13-08  
Re: Honda EM400 Generator Bunky 3-29-08  
I have a honda EM400 That runs but the recoils is intermittent...
NO ETHER!!!! In a small engine!! David 10-11-04  
1 more thing NEVER use ether on a small gas engine unless you want to be replacine an engine. If you use ether you run a HIGH risk of putting the rod through the engine block. It is way to hot for a small engine. If you want to see if it will start and run longer just find a tip off of like a power steering fluid fill (little cone thing you cut when you got to fill. Lucas Power Steering repair fluid has them) and use an old oil bottle 1qt and squit gas in the throat of the carb. If it won't run on that then ETHER WILL NOT WORK EITHER. There is something more wrong. But please don't use ether. I have see what happens. Someone brought me an engine and I asked if they used ether to start it and they said yes.

Re: Honda EM500 Generator Jim Toman 11-28-04  
I need a voltage regulator for an em500 also, have you found anyplace to get one?
Re: Honda EM500 Generator David Harris 3-27-05  
I have a EM500 I used to keep on my boat for emergency battery charging. The generator is about 20 years old and haven't started it for about 15 years. It still had the 15 year old gas in it when I decided to take it out of storage the other day and start it up.

To my supprise it started after about 20 pulls and sounds good accept the RPM fluctuates up and down drastically.
Could my problem be the gas or something I should take to a shop for.

Thanks for any input.
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Rick Salinas 11-6-05  
Re: your question on your Honda em-400... If you dont get it fixed and want to part it out let me know..... I am looking for a rear cover to my em-400 honda generator... as well as other parts...

Let me know... Thanks
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Dave P 3-27-05  
I have a em500 that i dont really use if someone is interested. I bought it used so i have no idea how old it is, but it runs great and looks good. I moved up to a bigger gen for my 5th wheel. $250.00. if anyone could use it email me. Runs great starts every time.
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Aaron Finley 6-9-06  
How long can I run my em5oo on a tank of gas and how long should I run it without a rest before I cause damage?
Re: Honda EM500 Generator alan 8-17-12  
I happened into a em-500 today. it was given to me by a customer to make room in his storage shed. his dad bought it in 79 and never used or took it out of it's box. it's outright a brand new generator, never had fuel or oil put in it. i'm wondering if it's worth enough to someone to pay for one that i would use when the power goes out. kind of hate to use this unit for that, seeing how it's in perfect condition. maybe one of you can help me with that answer, thanks for your time. alan
Re: Honda EM300e Generator bernard klock 2-3-08  
Je cherche le manuel du groupe honda em300e si vous l'avez je suis preneur, merci a tous d'avance
Re: Honda EM300e Generator bernard klock 2-3-08  
I seek the handbook of the Honda em300e
Re: Honda EM500 Generator David T 6-19-06  
I have an EM500, runs for about 15 minutes and then stops generating power. The gas motor keeps going. Shut it off and let it cool down, not that it gets that hot in 15 minutes, start it again and it will generate again for about 15 minutes.

Would this be the regulator?? If so has anyone found a source for them.

Re: Honda EM500 Generator John C 10-25-06  
Carb linkage messed up.
I have an EM400 that I am having trouble with so I took it apart to clean the carb. Trouble is I( Can't remember exactly how the linkage(governor, carb, etc)was connected. The pic in my Owners Manual is too fuzzy to tell me anything. Does anyone have a clear picture or know of a source?
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Mike P 11-9-06  
Does anyone have a carb for a Honda EM400 Generator? I lost the jet for mine tonight when i was cleaning out the Carb. I would hate for that to be the reason i couldnt use it.

thanks for you help

Re: Honda EM400 Generator David 6-20-07  
John c. I have an em400 took it apart last night.. ran great.. for awhile... I put to much elec load on it and now it will not start.. for some reason no spark.. However, my carb was dirty.. and I did get it back together properly.. I can tell you or send pics of the carb.

Re: Honda EM500 Generator brian 12-8-07  
I have a EM400. Let me know if you still need a picture. E-mail me...
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Dave S 6-22-07  
I have an EM500 that Runs great. I think the carb needs rebuilt. Its alittle hard to start sometimes. Also the gas shut off leaks a little when I first turn it on. My question number 1 What's it worth?
2. Where can I get carb and shut off parts?
Re: Honda EM400 Generator brian 12-8-07  
Check to make sure you didn't blow the fuse. Also I noticed on my older EM400 the foam on the carb intake was bad and would have gotten sucked into the carb if I had started it.I simply replace it with similar material I found at Walmart and the thing runs great again. These motors are almost bullet proof and should work fine if just cleaned up including the carb. Mine is like 30 years old and still runs fine. In fact the rubber hoses are still in great shape?
Re: Honda EM400 Generator Miguel (Argentina) 6-20-07  
Please I need the electrical diagram cdi deep em500, or some other cdi that can be adapted. thanks
Re: Honda EM500 Generator kARAN 7-1-09  
I want a Spark plug of Honda EM 500 Generator
Re: Honda EM400 Generator joe 5-21-08  
I have a EM500 as well, except mine will run perfectly at 3,600 RPM but randomly changes from 120 volts to 179 volts with no change in RPM.
Re: Honda EM400 Generator RONALD 8-11-08  
Re: Honda EM300e Generator edward bather 1-30-10  
Could you please tell me the specification on the above, as I am thinking of buying one but the add doesn't have the spec
Re: Honda EM400 Generator Guy Hazen 10-5-12  
Have you tried m-and-d? I have an EM400 and need a carburetor float. If you know where I might get one, let me know. m-and-d if out of EM400 carb floats and can't get more.
Re: Honda EM400 Generator Duane 8-15-08  
I am looking for points and condensor, any help would be appreciated
Re: Honda EM400 Generator don williams 6-27-09  
I want to fix the recoil on my em400 but can'T GET THE flywheel off to get to it. I'm afraid to use a puller as I might damage the rubber around the center of the flywheel!!!can anyone help?? thanks
Re: Honda EM500 Generator tim 1-26-09  
I would like any imformation reguarding knew or used parts on the EM500 generator, please email.
Re: Honda EM500 Generator Greg 9-30-09  
I just happened to see your post from earlier this year. I have two EM500's. I would like to sell one. would you have an interest?
Re: Honda EM400 Generator Jam 9-27-10  
Take off the end panel toward the hand pulling.Take a carb cleaner w/ spray nozel & pock the spray nozel down in between the flywheel & the front fan, tunring the fan slowly, & hitting the catch-dogs in there. turn it by hand after removing the sparkplug.
Re: Honda EM500 Generator John 10-20-09  
Do you still have your em500 for sale?
Re: Honda EM500 Generator aaron 7-26-14  
My EM500 has destroyed 2 TV's and,a house fan...Overcharging? It did it through a power strip as well. Any advice?
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