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Instant hot water DT 7-24-02  
Im going to install one of those instant hot water tanks. That way no water tank to strap down and hot water on demand. Pulls about 13amps
Anyone ever worked with these in any way ?
Re: Instant hot water Jerry Campbell 7-25-02  
I have had two on demand hot water heaters. They were both propane. They raise the water temp a certain # of degrees. They work by slowing down the water flow thru the heater. The more you turn it up the slower the water flows. In the summer when the water is warmer you don't have to turn it up so high so you have more pressure. I the winter you have to turn it to the hottest setting thus cutting the water pressure down to almost unusable for a shower. On my new bus I'm going to use a 10 or 15 gal. propane hot water heater heated mostly by a hot water solar panel on the roof.
I'm not sure if the electric ones work on the same principle. If so I'd check to see what the pressure drop is and see if you can live with it.
Good luck
Re: Instant hot water Stephen 7-25-02  
Check out this URL - it looks like a great starting place to do your research. (
Re: Instant hot water steve 7-27-02  
Good idea, this is the kind of stuff I love to find here.Thanks
Re: Instant hot water Stan 8-14-02  
Jerry, were the "instant" propane water heaters you had the dedicated rv type like one sees for sale at Camping World, or the household type one finds at Home Depot? Our water heater recently went out on our bus conversion, and we are considering these two options. Thanks!
Re: Instant hot water Jerry Campbell 8-14-02  
Hi Stan,
The brand name of the one we have now is Paloma. The full input rating is 43800 BTU's. I believe it is the household variety. I have never bought one so I don't know. Both of the ones we have had were given to us by friends because they froze. The first one was French made. It had problems with the pressure switch. It didn't shut off when the water shut off. On my way to shut it off I opened the faucet. It melted the insides of the faucet, filled the motorhome with steam and exploded the pipes. VERY DANGEROUS.
I believe with a large enough unit and high pressure they would work ok but in a motorhome with a 40 psi ondemand pump it just didn't make it.
Wish I could be of more help.
Good luck
Ps: I'm thinking of using the solar assisted hotwater heater to heat the bus
by pumping the water thru radiators with thermostatic controlled fans. I read about this once upon a time. The guy who wrote the article had a propane hotwater heater and after studying the situation for a while found out it was much more effecient to use the fire you have than to build another one. We'll see.
Re: Instant hot water JerryCampbell 8-16-02  
Stan, There's one thing I forgot to mention. Because of the way ondemand heaters work, by raising the temp of the water by so many degrees, if you can preheat the water even by a small amount before it goes thru the heater you can set the thermostat much lower thus getting more pressure. I was thinking of a small black tank on the roof or perhaps a hot water solar panel.
good luck,
Re: Instant hot water Jack 12-7-02  
DT - You probably have a water heater by now, but I'm looking at a Poloma 2.0, 4.0 or 6.0 gal 'almost tankless' 117 vac 1500W/12.5 amp unit [see electric water heaters poloma]. I then will have to figure how to plumb it to supply hot water to a 2002 VW/Winnebago, to supply both sink & rear sprayer. Since this RV had no provision for either hot water or shower, I may have to pump hot water up to a shower bag.
SureFlow makes 12v pump that can run dry, & lift 12 ft. Anybody with experience retrofitting a VW RV?
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