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HELP! laura 4-8-08  
Bought this 1980 GMC school bus that needs a clutch plate. Problem is I cant figure out the type of tranny I have.The vin #T16PBAV563463 when I look up that vin it reports not enough charactors.HELP
Re: HELP! wrench 4-11-08  
YAH, an allison with a clutch??????????? ever try to split wood with the back of an axe?
There should be a metal tag some where on the side, end, even top of the tranny, usely that tag is held by 2 small rivets. The brand name & model is written on it, it may have been paint over, so care has to be taken not to scrape too hard & dammage the numbers so it can not be read.
The other way is with the cast number, those are the number imprint in relief the metal, the may be 2- 3 serie of cast number but 1 should give some result.In 1980 the VIN had 13 digit, the 17 digit came out in 1981. Your bus being a medium duty chassis the VIN is not available from the same source as the car & pick up. A call at a truck dealer may help you.
Take some pictures & post them on a hosting site, & email the link I will look at it.
But you don't need all that stuff to get a clutch, if you take the clutch out, take all the parts to a truck parts store & they will give you the parts which fit there, replace the assembly(disk, pressure plate, trust bearing & pilot bearing).
good luck. wrench
Re: HELP! Craven Moorehed 4-9-08  

A cute girl like yourself needs an answer. The answer is an allison tranny.

Your Welcome

Re: HELP! Craven Moorehed 4-14-08  

Mind your business, I don't care how big a fag you are... I tell it how it is. You tell it how it should be. By the way change your name. Wrench sounds gay.

Your Welcome

Re: HELP! anthony 4-15-08  

Do us all a favor and don't post on this site anymore please.


Re: HELP! Craven Moorehed 4-24-08  

This is my real name! I have been teased my whole life for it! I'm SORRY, I shouldn't have made fun of other people. I didn't realize the pain I inflicted on others. I finally know why I don't have friends. Thank you for helping me understand why I'm this way.

Thank You

Craven Moorehed.
Re: HELP! shadow 4-19-08  
Hey craven,
Here what come out when doing a search about craven:
Characterized by abject fear; cowardly.
A coward.
same with thesaurus=
Ignobly lacking in courage: chickenhearted, cowardly, dastardly, faint-hearted, lily-livered, pusillanimous, unmanly. Slang: chicken, gutless, yellow, yellow-bellied. See fear
An ignoble, uncourageous person: coward, dastard, funk, poltroon. Slang: chicken, yellow-belly.

This sound worse then any definition you can find for wrench!!! Your remarks suggest that you never been out of you cave, never heard an other language, don't know that there is peoples beside you animal status, short= your nick name seems appropriated TO YOU.

This site is up for peoples who want to help other(every one need help one in a while right?) not intend to blackmail other or put them down in other to valorize yourself(doing so is in line with your nick name).
Don't think peoples are stupid & won't be able to read you.
Re: HELP! Craven Moorehed 4-18-08  

Your name sounds pretty gay... It reminds of that hick Wrench... You need to stop hooking up with Wrench. You biscuit eating son of a witch...

Your Welcome,

Re: HELP! Russell 11-12-08  
Laura: Sweety no need to worry rip that clutch out of that thing and throw it on your parts man's counter at your local parts store and will I.D. it for you.
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