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Cost of living full time in an RV Alfredo 12-2-07  
I'm seriously considering selling my home and living in an RV, parking in a campground and traveling sometimes.
On a per day, or per month basis, how much can I expect to spend?
I realize there are variables. Just need ball park figures, perhaps a few examples, etc.
Or maybe you know of people who have already figured this out
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV albert 3-23-09  
Could you give me a ball park figure on the cost of full time rving stay in one place work for a while do some fishing then move on not to concern about the price of things i have to buy whether in a home or rv like food,clothes,etc. I talking about gas,camping fees,up keep and so
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV Darca Collier 8-22-12  
I would like to have information on living in an RV year round.
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV everett 4-18-08  
Hee is a link yhat may help you out in this venture
im doing the same thing that you are...ive made the decision to full time it in my rv
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV pat ottewell 1-5-08  
I will be living full-time in my RV. But I will not be traveling much. How much does it cost to heat and air condition a class A Rv per day?
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV Charles W. Harper 12-31-07  
Where can I get a ballpark idea what may cost per month or year to live in a 42+ size, new or fairly new, Motor Coach. I would like to be doing a fair amount to snow-bird style traveling from Mexico to Canada and between. $1,000; $2,000; $3,000; $4,000 or more per month? Any ideas or issues I should be looking at as I do not want to outlive my money nor do I want to have to work on the road. Thanks All.
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV Bob Holtz 6-10-09  
I was wonering if Class A Motor Coach Full Time living would be a viable al-turnitve to conventional housing or apartment living? If i was to draw a line down a large sheet of paper and was to make a detail chart of all the cost involve between the two types of living over a 5 to 10 year period I'm wondering what that would look like ? Also, How difficult would it be for most Americans to adjust to this Class A Motor Coach Living? What would be the real advantages, or disadvantages in considering this new life style?

Does anyone know if such a research on this subject has been completed? Is it possible for the R.V industry to manufactor and design a Class A Motor Home Coach solely for full time living and maybe drop the R.V. statis?

Also: When it comes to regulatory and governering bodies is the R.V Industry overly regulated with legislation varing from state to state?

Before anyone takes the plunge to full time Class A Coach Living is there a printed publish guide on this subject?

Interested but cautious.
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV cyril b. griffin jr. 2-7-08  
I'm a road warrior working on the road and hotel cost are astrnomical,depends on what part of the country your in on how much it cost and what kind of lifestyle you have.I made it on 200 per week in the indian motels with microwave,electric skillet,and coffee maker.Should be able to if coach is payed for and you visit walmart parking lot and state parks regularly.$200-600 per mo with electricity.If you line things up,may get indivduals to rent a spot from for 2-4wks at a time in different organizations.N.Florida is cheap.good luck.I'm trying to swap realestate for motorhome now.
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV albert 3-23-09  
Could you give me a ball park figure on the cost of full time rving stay in one place work for a while do some fishing then move on not to concern about the price of things i have to buy whether in a home or rv like food,clothes,etc. I talking about gas,camping fees,up keep and so
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV James 9-2-09  
We chose to rent a campsite by the month. It includes 50 amp electric, water, sewage, garbage, cable TV and WiFi for just $300 a month. Check our blog at
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV Mel 1-26-12  
My husband, son, 4 dogs, and myself live in a "c" class that is 32'. We love it and will never go back to our 3000 sq ft house. To answer your question James it is costing between 59-130 a month for heat and air. We too are using space heaters as compared to propane. It works out a ton cheaper for us. We save the propane for cooking and emergencies.
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV lu 11-15-11  
This sounds like a pretty good alternative way to live. However the author of the original post did not factor in the cost of gas and vehicle repairs etc. That would raise the cost of living significantly.
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Re: Cost of living full time in an RV Marshall 1-17-11  
Ok, For everyone trying to live pretty cheap in an RV, I think Ive found the answer. My Girlfriend, Kid, and I along with 2 pets stay in an RV full time. We decided to check into campground memberships and found a great deal with a national rv resort. They have whats called a z camping pass. This pass cuts the USA into 4 zones, the Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast. Each zone has about 20 campgrounds thoughout the states. Ive listed the campgrounds in the Southwest Zone below to give you an idea. Anyway, They have a deal that goes like this. You can join any zone for $500 a year, there is one catch though. You can stay 14 days total at any resort, but then you have to stay 7 days out. So basically you can stay at the resort for 2/3rds of the year. But if you stay 4 days or less at any resort you can go straight to the next one without spending any time out. Which means that you can actually stay for 365 days a year if you wanted. Heres the deal, after you've stayed 30 days total for the year, they charge you $3 a day usage charge. So basically if you stay 2/3rds of the time you would be paying about $60 a month. So this totals up to about $660 for the entire year + your $500 yearly fee. This means you pay $1160 a year for 240 days of camping. Not bad that adds up to about $4.85 a day. Im not talking about staying in a trailer park either, Im talking about full amentities,Wifi, Swimming pool, spa, mini golf, tennis courts, workout rooms, pool tables, basketball courts, fishing lakes, kids playground, rental boats, hiking trails, really nice showers, Golfing ranges. Electric, water, sewage, everything included and all amentities free. Everything you can think of, they've got. Since they know you can only stay 14 days and have to leave for 7 days they also have other campgrounds that will let you stay your 7 days out for really cheap like $75 a week. So lets add everything up, $1160 for National Membership Campground price + $1,275 for the cost of your week out, this equals up to $2,435 total for a year or $202 monthly. Wow right $202 a month to live like your rich. Ok so lets compare this with trying to live in a Walmart parking lot in your rv using a generator, with no water, and no place to dump your poo. A generator is gona cost you about $15 a day at the very least to run and thats if you dont run your air conditoner or fridge, just the bare minimum. Plus heat which you would be paying for propain since thats the cheapest way. Heat would cost you about $2.50 a day if you only use it at night when it gets really cold. Remember this does not include the price of water to take showers, however you plan to that, or dumping your poo which also isn't free or easy to do. Ok so lets ad up how much it would cost you to live in a walmart parking lot with no fun and no runing water, or place to let all your poo out. $15 for electric + $2.50 a day for heat = $17.50 a day x 30 days a month = $525.00 x 12 months a year = $6,300 a year, just to stay in a walmart parking lot with only electric and heat. Wow, Did you guys get that, $6,300 to stay at walmart or $2,435 to live in a luxury RV resort with everything you can possibly think of. $525 a Month for Walmart or $202 a month for a Luxury Resort. You guys Ive figured it out for you. I use to think oh man, I can stay at a walmart and use a generator and save all kinds of money, and I did stay at walmart and after a few months I said WTF, Im spending as much as I would on an apartment, than one day I started looking up campground memberships. There are a ton of them out there but only one that has a really really good deal like the one Ive got. My family and I live like were rich and I mean really we have everything we could ever want and pay the same to live for a whole year as some people pay for just one month. I barley work now cause I dont have too. I spend my days playing tennis, golfing, swimming, hiking, watching satellite tv, and using the internet. Work sucks, so why work your life away. By the way, I also have satellite TV for my Rv that cost a measley $30 a month for all the great channels you get at home. So yes, I think Ive figured out life. When we get bored of one location we just go to one of the other 19 available to us. If you want to know exactly what membership Im talking about than you can email me at Ill be happy to give you a direct link to there website. Id tell you in this post but hey, I also get $100 bucks for everyone I refer, so why not make a little money and help someone out at the same time. You guys, Im not kidding this is it, if you want to live like your rich, and have enough money left over to really enjoy life the way you've always wanted to, than email me saying hey whats that direct link. Just make sure to let them know who told you. Bye now, Ive got some fishing to do today, after I get off this free wifi Im using right now. Oh yah, and just incase your wondering it cost $250 upfront and the other $250 is billed to you, so Its about what your gonna pay to stay the next two weeks in that walmart parking lot.

List of States I can stay in with my Zpass. There all over the US but this is the zone I stay in. Total there are over 80 campgrounds all over the U.S.




North Carlolina

South Carolina



Re: Cost of living full time in an RV Jim & Myra 1-17-10  
I've found it cheaper to rent a mobile home lot (not in a trailer park) out in the country with all utilities in place. I pay $150 per month for the lot, that's like $4.95 per day on average. My electric bill runs about $70 per month in Summer with the A/C. And I've found it cheaper to use small electric heaters instead of running the propane furnace in winter. Even at $220 per month, the electric heat is cheaper than propane in my area. However, having the propane furnace as a backup is a big plus when the grid power goes off.
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV James Kallend 11-3-09  
My GF and I want to put a camper (class B) behind her parents house to stay a few months while she helps him out (he has health problems) I want to know ahead of time what we would expect to pay for electric running a space heater and some lights? Nothing like campground fees or water hookups since her parents are right next door. Just curious what on average you pay in electric to run a light and a tv or computer... how do they heat these things anyway? I am (obviously) very new to the world of campers.
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV scott 7-10-08  
Considering living full time in an rv in AZ. What are some of the fixed cost and what can we expect on average?
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV chara 10-5-09  
We are considering RV living in CA. What can we expect to pay for monthly parking?
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV Baron Hathaway 10-13-09  
Did anyone respond to your message with an answer in the form of a chart or any form. I got on this site with the very same questions you had. If they did respond,can you e-mail the response? Thank you, Baron
Re: Cost of living full time in an RV Cindy Scott 9-27-13  
My husband and I want info regarding living full time in an RV - The two of us plus 2 dogs. We want to travel & SEE IT ALL - of course on a seniors / veterans budget.
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