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88 coleman pop-up door key david thomas 6-12-06  
PLease help me find a door key for my 88 coleman sequia pop-up. New style coleman keys won't work. (was told my key style is "I" ?). Thanks
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key Ed 8-27-06  
I also have a Coleman pop up, and have lost the key as well. My dealer said to contact Coleman directly, but that did not help. Any help would be appreciated.
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key David Larade 9-5-06  
Ken Galley is right. Any old key will fit, but the problem is to find a blank to copy it.
Re: 85 coleman pop-up door key linda 11-1-14  
Lost my key and cann't get into the trailer, can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement.
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key James Watson 7-17-06  
Any luck finding the key. Coleman does not carry the old key blanks??? I need one for a 84 camper. Just picking your brain on this
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key David Thomas 6-23-06  
Maybe I need a camper junk yard to rob a door lock and key. Any close to Indianapolis?
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key art lee 11-21-08  
I'am looking for the lock for the door/step I can't find one
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key ken galley 8-6-06  
Ive been told that all older coleman trailers have the same key, just find someone and copy it
im in the same boat as you, trying to find someone with an old coleman
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key Dianne 8-15-06  
I can help you with a key.. email me
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key Roger Brewington 3-19-11  
!/2 in drill bit center of lock drill untill latch pops out then use a screw driver to open.I looked in 4 states lots of camper sales no one to help...... do it your self.
When you buy a new one ask for two sets of keys
Re: 77 coleman pop-up door key jackie 4-7-11  
I am looking for a door key for a 77 coleman pop camper also the crank key to put it up. can anyone help use. thank you. jfk
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key Marlene 1-8-09  
When we bought the camper it did not come with a key, just thought we would not lock it then we took it to the shop to get it ready for camping and they locked it lol. I just popped the lock off and can use a screw driver to open it. Who is going to break into a camper?? Anyway, NOW our lift system broke and can not find anyone to fix it because coleman makes there stuff too complicated, I can not find anyone to even try to repair it. I am going to dump it and by another brand, one that does not fall apart!! Happy camping!!
2000 coleman pop-up door key Gayle 3-11-11  
It appears our key opens other coleman tent trailers in our storage lot. We accidentally opened the one next to us and then tried one more. Our key opened all of them. How can we make ours more secure? Any suggestions for rekeying or adding additional locks so everyone with a Coleman key can't get in.
Re: 95 coleman pop-up door key mary 11-7-09  
I cannot find my camper key help
Re: 95 coleman pop-up key Michael-Anne 5-8-09  
I need a key that goes to our 1995 coleman Royal po-up camper. Can anyone help us so we can enjoy camping with our kids? Thanks
96 coleman fleetwood key Chris 9-27-09  
Broke the key to my 96 coleman pop up. the closest place is 50 miles and they won't mail it. Any other advise.
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key Theresa 9-28-06  
94 popup key broke...and THEN we lost it:< Just bought this recently:<

tia for any help!
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key Julia 5-7-08  
I need a key for an 85 Coleman pup. Can someone help?
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key Marcos 8-1-08  
Can you help with colman trailer keys?
Re: 93 coleman pop-up door key mike 5-1-10  
The person who sold me never locked the door for this popup... Now its locked and cant open it...Please help I need a key
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key Catherine McMahon 1-8-09  
I have a 88 colman platation If all the camperes use the same key I could make a copy
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key Laura Miller 8-11-10  
I am in need of a key to fit the step/door for an 85 camper...we bought our camper, and we weren't given the key, or it was lost in the suffle...either way, I need one..does anyone know where I could get one, or have a copy that I could purchase from you? thank you for your help
Re: 93 coleman pop-up door key Madeleine 7-31-10  
I have an 89 coleman camper and have a door key. You probably already found a solution but if not I'd be willing to have one made and send it, however, I'm not quite sure where to go to get it made. Any suggestions?
Re: 88 coleman pop-up door key Pat 6-21-11  
Same problem. We called a local locksmith. They advised that we pull the trailer to their location. They will pick the lock, remove it and replace with new lock and keys.
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