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Mobile Traveler Manual Keith Bettez 10-4-05  
I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where to find a manual for a 1983 Mobile Traveler. Copy or original doesn't matter.

Keith Bettez
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Don Lattimer 7-19-09  
There's a Yahoo Group:

They have most all of the manuals for download. I have also. 1983 18' Chevy MT.

Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Sherri 11-6-09  
My son just bought us a 1977 Mobile Travel Trailer. Does anyone know where we can find a manual?
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Michael Steele 8-3-10  
I just purchased a 1985 MT. The manual is in the rv, but not ledgible.
Any help?
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Tom Johnson 6-23-09  
I too have a 1983 Mobile Traveler and am looking for a manual for it.
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual bob 5-15-10  
Ijust bought 83 mobile traveler 20.5ft. [--it has vehicle battery plus aux, for rv---has anybody added a solar panel--if so what wattage and what results---thanks bob
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual james 5-17-09  
I am also in need of a mobile traveler manual. I have a 1977 but I would take whatever year I could get. I am new to RV's and I have no idea how to work any of the systems. I am more than willing to pay any reasonable price for copies or originals. I would take any year of manual as I am pretty good at figuring things out and any manual would be helpful.
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Jorge Samuel Vivian Esquer 5-10-15  
I'm looking for a traveler mobile ford 83
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Walter 7-6-06  
I am also looking for one, have you found one yet? I have a 1985.
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Lesa 10-24-06  
I too am looking for one, for the 1983
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Rod Thomas 1-18-09  
I need info on where I can buy a fuel tank sending unit for a 78 Mobile Traveler on a Dodge chassis, single rear wheels.

Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Bob Jamison 12-17-10  
I own a 1987 Mobile Traveler II on a chevy P30 chassis. Does anyone have owners manual? Copy would be OK.
Thanks, Bob
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual clifton taylor 5-6-11  
81 8mobiletravler dodge chass
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Terry Dean 4-20-14  
Have a 76 Dodge 360 Mobile Traveler need manual. Having water problems.
MT 18 1/2 ' 1979 Chevy Sewer GrayTnk Len 7-6-14  
Hi again
I have the 79 MT back on the road...I have a problem with the Sewer and black water there a place for used one or a way to fix cracks around the valve housing....are the tanks fiberglass or PVC
any information to fix or replace would help.....thanks Len
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Len 7-6-14  
Hi again
I have the 79 MT back on the road...I have a problem with the Sewer and black water there a place for used one or a way to fix cracks around the valve housing....are the tanks fiberglass or PVC
any information to fix or replace would help.....thanks Len
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual steven 7-26-14  
I have a 85 27'chevy mobile traveler. I need an owners manual and any helpful info. Its in pretty good shape but needs refurbished. Having fun. I also need passenger side windshield
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Len Mathieu 3-7-14  
I would like a manual for a 1979 MT Mobile Traveler...or copy
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Len Mathieu 3-7-14  
Need a manual for a 1979 MT MOBILE TRAVEler Chevy drive train
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Floyd Chandler 9-14-11  
I have a 1984 woodland park trailer 8x35 with a slide out does anyone have a Owners manual for this year. I need information on the electrical diagram of how this trailer is wired. Thank You Floyd
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Jeff Loghry 4-28-12  
Looking for manual(s) for a 1980 (Dodge) can any please help? please call 307-286-8750, or email me where we could get it.
Thank you..
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual mario martinez 1-31-13  
I'm looking for a water reservior for a1987 chevrolet mobil traveler II for the radiator 350 engine call me at 956 564-0739 or e-mail me.
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Trisha Vitellaro 7-31-13  
Need a manuel for a 1977 mobile travler new to rv s
Re: Mobile Traveler ll owners Manual Bob Jamison 1-19-11  
I would like copy or original owners manual for 1987 Mobile Traveler ll on Chevy P 30 Chassis. Please advise of cost and shipping if you can help me. Thanks, Bob
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual john murphy 1-11-09  
Are you still looking for the manual to your 83 mobile traveler? I have one in my driveway with all the paperwork.
john m.
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Terry Heenan 3-6-11  
I have a 83 Ford Mobile Traveler. Would like to buy copy of manuel. Please contact.Terry
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual chris 7-30-12  
I know its a really old post but i thought id check to see if you still have the manual for your 1983 ford MT? I just bought one and really could use the information, Thanks!!
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Bob Wirtz 2-8-09  

If that gentleman is not interested, I may be. What do you need to get out of the manual and where in the U.S. are you?

Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Ed 9-8-09  
I read a post that you have an owners manual(s) for a Mobile Traveler RV.Is there any way you could duplicate it for me? I would be willing to pay you whatever you feel is fair.Thank you in advance.
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Mike White 5-14-09  
What type manual do you have? Owners, Service, Maintainance, Repair.....
I would be interestred in send you money to go to the local copy shop....
Mike proud owner of 1984
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual debbi 6-3-09  
We have a 1989 mobile traveler and would like a manual. Did you find one?
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual bob 5-14-10  
Hi--did you find a manual for your mobile traveler? if so would you please tell me hoe i can also find one----thanks bob
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual John 6-20-10  
I just purchase a 1989 Mobil Traveler II. As usual, no manual-no instructions.

Any chance you can help me out?

Thank You and have Blessed Day!

Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Michael Jones 5-11-11  
Hi Debbi,
wondering if you had any luck obtaining a manual for your 1989 Mobile Traveler II, and if so, was hoping for a copy from you. I would be glad to reimburse you for it. Thanks in advance, Mike
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Daniel 4-17-14  
I need wiring diagram for 1984 mobile traveler motorhome
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Scott Bowers 6-8-10  
Need manual 76 Mobile traveler, Dodge 318, frame, Call Scott (636)677-2490
Re: Mobile Traveler 11 manual 1987 MARTI REYNOLDS 6-22-12  
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual vernon netwig 9-25-10  
Need manual for mobile traveler 1989 chevy 350 motor mobile traveler chevy van 30
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Henry 2-14-10  
I recently purchased a 77 185-f on a dodge chassis and of course it has no literature with it. I was wondering if anyone has a manual(s) or something that could help me in the repairing of the motor and interior. The more information the better. Thank you in advance for your help.
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual SUSAN TORCHIA 9-21-17  
I hope you can help me. The 1988 Mobile Traveler RV I recently bought didn't come with a manual.l....and I desperately need one. If you know where I can purchase it lease let me know. thank you.
Re: Mobile Traveler furnace Bruce Bradley 10-10-17  
I have recently purchased a1983 19’ Mobile traveler RV. I can find how to light the furnace. Where is the pilot located. I can only find the fridge pilot.
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual Brenda Stanley 8-31-10  
We recently purchased a 1984 Mobile Traveler-Ford V-8, 20.5 Ft. long. We are desperately in need of a manuel. please let me know where we can get one, thanks.
Re: Mobile Traveler ll owners Manual AmNda 9-12-15  
1987 travel trailer II
Re: Mobile Traveler ll owners Manual Al Hess 7-14-15  
Battery location aux 1984 Chevy mobile started for generator p
Re: Mobile Traveler Manual David Monnastes 9-7-14  
Need owners manual and maintenance info for a 1984 230 dd on a 350 E-Line chassis.
Re: MT 18 1/2 ' 1979 Chevy Sewer GrayTnk Jerelyn 7-9-15  
Yes, I had the same problem with my sewer tanks. I have the same MT of the same year, 1979. They are of a poly material. I repaired mine by using my dremel tool to smooth out the rough areas. Then I used a fiberglass patch to repair the cracks around the drain pipes. I also retrofitted the black water tank with a cleaning kit. Easy to install and you can find the kit at any RV store. What it does is on the opposite end (starboard side) of the tank you install a check valve with a spray nozzle and a hose that is routed to the port side of the tank (service side). Yes you have to drill a hole in the tank to insert the spray nozzle with the check valve. You are able to connect a water hose to it and the pressure will open the check valve and spray water inside the tank to rinse it out after you dump the black water. The check valve keeps the black water from going backwards into the hose. The hose is routed to the same side where you dump the water makes for easy connection and really cleans out that black water tank. You can also replace the drain valves, they come in a kit either as a pair or individually sold.

I have everything working in the MT and we use it 2 or 3 times a year. We put antique tags on it last year. I was forced to live in this RV for about 6 months back in 2010 when I was transferred to a new location with my job. I lived in a state park while looking for a house to buy and sell my other house. I have replaced just about everything but the stove and potable water tank. Replaced carpet, re-covered the couch and chair, and made curtains with a liner that blocks 100% of the sun, this way you can park under a street lamp and block the light.

The last thing we replaced was the fuel tank. We replace it with a stainless steel tank but about half the size of the poly tank. The poly tank was 36 gallons and the weight of the gas when full would flex the tank enough while driving down the road that it would crack the tank under its own weight and cause it to leak. After repairing it 4 times we went with a stainless steel tank, but a 17 gallon tank is what we replaced it with. We could have had a custom tank made but it was too costly. I feel much safer with that stainless steel tank, don't worry about leaking gas anymore.
Re: Mobile Traveler Owners Manual Butch Clark 12-10-17  
Does anyone know where to get an Owners Manual for a 1982 Ford Mobile Traveler
Re: Mobile Traveler Owners Manual KENNETH J KULCZYK 6-25-18  
Does any know where they located the house battery for the 83 chevy chassis on this motor home?
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