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Bell Expressview William G. Thompson 8-30-05  
I just received a phone call from my wife about the scam that Bell Expressview is pulling. We have two system one at home, another at our trailer up north. We where given the same option which one do you want turned on,if both then two seperate bills for the package call "Cottager Special". Will the choice is very easy we are going to shut down both and cancel our service. We will get cable at home and will set up first choice at our trailer for the 6 months we are at the trailer. Bell good-bye, you are doomed to fail and fold.
Re: Bell Expressview George 5-21-06  
I lost a whole bunch of channels. Getting an error signal. I called the tech line and went through the diagnotics / reboot etc. and they could figure it out. Some of the transponders were not working. I have had the same receiver for 8 - 9 years. They said to get a new receiver. To me I think it should be all working or it is not, no inbetween?

Anyone had the same problem?
Re: Bell Expressview George 5-21-06  
I lost a whole bunch of channels. Getting an error signal. I called the tech line and went through the diagnotics / reboot etc. and they could figure it out. Some of the transponders were not working. I have had the same receiver for 8 - 9 years. They said to get a new receiver. To me I think it should be all working or it is not, no inbetween?

Anyone had the same problem?
Re: Bell Expressview Brian 4-26-06  
Tried to change my address with express view,45 min on the phone and was told the new dish was to be installed by a tech only,so I said fine make me an appointment any time after 4:30 or on a weekend I was not able to get an appointment before 4:30 or on the weekend so I asked for the dish to be sent to me I will install myself told it has to be a tech so I told the express view rep they could not make the address change more difficult and advised rep bell has till the 15th of the month to install the dish on new house or I will be switching to cable
Re: Bell Expressview William Watson 5-25-06  
I have just gotten off of the phone with a most frustrating time with Bell Express View. I have a remote that is very erratic and is annoying me. I am told that as it is out of warranty and i have to buy another one. Good grief what a bunch of junk they are selling. Talking to the reps is a waste of time as they have a standard answer and to hell with the customer. I want them to come and remove the dish and the receiver etc. and pay me back my money I paid for the system and they say no dice. What a poor company to deal with. Never again.
Re: Bell Expressview Hank 3-5-08  
Hi to all.
Not satisfied with expressvu? do like I did give it away to some-one who can put up with all the agrivation that comes with their service. I did.
Re: Bell Expressview nellie 6-15-06  
I got a new remote. i need to know how to re program it.
Re: Bell Expressview Mona 6-1-06  
I think it's time we did something about the exploitative manner Bell Expressview operates. It is a pathetic service and you get trapped into a contract that you are fleeced when you want to cancel. I am being charged $419.00 to cancel the service and even though I am willing to pay this to cancel immediately, I am told I have to keep this lousy system for a whole month. Our rights as consumers are being trampled on. Any ideas how we might lobby for change.
Re: Bell Expressview Bob 4-23-06  
Lately while going through channels on Bell expressview, i've notice when you push for program infromation it show no information avalable for this program. What is going on with Bell, that they can't give out the information on programs any more??
Re: Bell Expressview dave macdonald 1-9-06  
Want to add some programming but cant get throught to someone.
Re: Bell Expressview pete ayles 12-15-05  
I have been having on going problems since I changed the smart card as required by bell I have had this reciever and service for at least 8yrs problem free until the required switch 3months ago
(problem the screen goes blank for a second or 2 ever 20min. aprox. there seems to be no patern to when it happens I have a 4000 model reciever)any one with similar problem please email as bell say it just me thanks
Re: Bell Expressview DIANE 10-25-05  
Re: Bell Expressview Debbie 9-13-05  
I've never and will never have Bell ExpressVu and I would love to get rid of all Bell services and plan on doing so in the very near future. Unfortunately, they have the monopoly on the physical phone lines in my province. But I too find that Bell is fast becoming a very unreliable, noncustomer-oriented, rip off business.
Re: Bell Expressview WAYNE 12-20-05  
Do not know wghat your problem is. u have 2 sets in your
Re: Bell Expressview gfroehlich 1-7-06  
We have two recievers in the house and as with others the signal cuts out erratically for a few seconds, after the new cards were installed.I've called many times and have done the various trouble shooting they suggested,but no luck. finally they told me i should go out and buy new recievers!
Re: Bell Expressview 3500 tuner Patrick 6-16-06  
Just wondering how I program my remote
for this older reciever.

Re: Bell Expressview Brad 1-9-06  
Two receiver's ago I bit my tongue everynight troubleshooting problems which required reboots, lengthy phone calls with bell techs and much patience. Finally convinced Bell they needed to replace the unit which they did (all inconveniences re pick-up,set-up where mine). The new one (upgraded model) worked for a couple months, now I have to literally unplug the damn thing every single night and wait for the start up procedures, reboot, satellite search etc before I have programming. I've procrasted long enough and today my goal is to get Bell to replace my receiver again, this time they can deliver it and set it up or I am unplugging permanently. Anyone want to talk about how useless their one hundred dollar remote control is? Sometimes I have to stand on my head with a foot in my wife's ear and my tongue on my right eye lash in order for it to work. Bell, what team of Ozark banjo pickers are making this crap for you anyway?
My account barb hunt 3-18-06  
I would like to know what programming we are paying for and why where paying so much
Re: Bell Expressview Ben 5-30-06  
In Reply to "I lost a whole bunch of channels. Getting an error signal. I called the tech line and went through the diagnotics / reboot etc. and they could figure it out. Some of the transponders were not working. I have had the same receiver for 8 - 9 years. They said to get a new receiver. To me I think it should be all working or it is not, no inbetween?"
I had the same problem. Am only set up for sat91. I dont have the dual dish
Try doing a "check switch" It should come up with no switch detected. If you only get Sat 91, it should say under 91 odd and even. If one of them isnt there then do a check switch. (may have to run it a couple times) The Tech's dont even know that trick. Good luck
Re: Bell Expressview Rosa 6-16-06  
I just wish I could go up the roof, take down that darn piece of metal scrap and ship it to Bell Expressview. This company is so full of c..... that they should tell their costumer service people to say all the same lies. I purchased a bell express view dish in 2004 had problem with reception on & off, but always taught it was due to weather, in feb.2006 for 2 days I had about 2 hrs of full reception, called them and they sent a technician, who said that the original installation was not done properly, the wire from the dish to my tv sets was not in corformance with standards and he changed. The company charged me a total of $70.00 including tax at that time, and I complained all the time, today I received my invoice and guess what they charged me another $50.00 + taxes for the wire. WHEN WILL PEOPLE WAKE UP AND TELL THEM to smarten up! and STOP STEALING PEOPLE.
Re: Bell Expressview Patricia Madden 7-31-07  
Has anyone noticed that there is no customer service area on Bell expressviews web sight?? They really don't want to deal with anything other than the sale!!! I have been trying to downgrade to basic, but it is impossible to reach a Bell rep. I guess I will just start paying basic on my bill and see how long it takes for accounts receivable to reach me.
Re: Bell Expressview dgrayon 1-10-07  
I have read through the e-mails sent to you and the same message comes through...why can you not describe an up and coming show? NO INFORMATION AVALABLE is not acceptable...I pay you for a subscription to your programming and yet i can not receive any information about your programming...what are trying to do? come on Bell...let's provide the service we deserve!
Re: Bell Expressview dish man 9-26-07  
Bell is one of the leaders of satellite TV in Canada. Through innovation and technology, bell expressvu
offers a wide range of TV systems.. Now with new products that support HDTV capabilities, whether you're hiking, driving or enjoying a leisurely cruise, Bell has the right SATELITE TV system for your requirement.
Re: Bell Expressview dish man 9-26-07  
[url=""]Bell express view[/url]
Re: Bell Expressview Jim 3-1-08  
Don't know what the complaints are about - I find doning anything on line is very difficlut with the company but when I phone them I get excellent service (including a move and a set up) I along with everyone else don't like the price but if I had the same service with cable the price would be a LOT more (setting up, cancelling, moving, moving and moving with cable ( if it was possible to connect!) would be double at least
Re: Bell Expressview Randy 2-16-08  
Email me and i can direct you to a very interesting option
Re: Bell Expressview elmer steacy 2-5-08  
My remote went down and i dont know the code to bring it back up it is just a standard express view box not a digital code you the code to me so i can reprogram it
Bell TV Guide Ralph 1-8-07  
A frustrating company. Not good to deal with on the phone. Sell me a maganzine and never send it. Shut down one of my receivers cause they said they sent a "trace" and it wasn't in my house.
Re: Bell Expressview lol 8-22-07  
Why waste your money you can get direct tv for a flat rate of 300 one time payment i guess you a sucker for punishment.
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Re: Bell Expressview Rick 7-4-06  
4 more months on the contract and then it becomes a bird perch. Back to shaw so that I can at least see an entire show. No reception when it is cloudy or even humid and even on a clear day it cuts out constantly. It's no deal anyway and when my contract runs out the have a huge pay hike as a present to keep me as a customer. No hope in H for Ma Bell.
Re: Bell Expressview mark 1-6-07  
Having problems getting some of my channels on my older second receiver called the techs at bell.wasted 45min of my time and tried getting me to call a repair man to get the problem fixed,out of my wallet!bunch of cons!!!
Re: Bell Expressview Jim-Bob-Redneck 9-7-06  
Problems with Bell even before getting this into my house. The only reason i got this was for the Nas Car channels. I now pay 100 dollars a month to see a black screen. So i told them to take this bull sheet problems and i was getting the sin word R....ya Rogers as much as i hate them i want to see color on my TV and not..

Bell should stick tp telephones
Re: Bell Expressview Ann 11-29-06  
They are taking channels away from me because I refused to change my package that I have had for the past 6 years!! What kind of company signs you up and then changes the formatting so you have no choice but to follow the new programmes? They are just looking to make more money. Stop screwing over the customers that pay. Adios Bell!! I will be finding someone else to pay my hard earned cash to, thanks for nothing!!
Re: Bell Expressview Bill 1-4-07  
Wow..I got a shocker this fall when bell expressview decided that in order to keep my programme shut down at my cottage for the winter months I would have to pay $15.00 plus tax for this privilege each month. When did this come into effect. I didn't pay this fee last year. I wasn't notified of the change..Sounds like Bell needs the cash and are grabbing it wherever they can.

I have Rogers Cable in my home and guess I will keep it for now. Came mighty close to signing up for Expressview at my home..but wil now wait to see if they decided to dump this crazy fee for me not using their cable system during the winter months.

For those of you who have HD expresssview in your home and the standart receiver in your cottage. Cancel the cottage account and simply take a receiver from home to the cottage and enjoy. Cost should be zero.
Re: Bell Expressview Colleen 12-12-06  
I haven't even had Bell Express Vu installed as of yet and already they are screwing me around. I called to schedule an appointment over a month ago. Fine...they call me the day before my first scheduled appointment, it has to be rescheduled for the following Friday. Ok, I'm fine with that, no TV for a week and I'm off that day so, yeah. So, I'm scheduled for an AM appointment, that's ok, the guy doesn't show up all day. I finally got a hold of my local satellite service provider in the area and they tell me I have a PM appointment. I was told the guy should be here at 2:30 pm or so. That's fine, I have the day off of work, nothing much to do anyways. So, the technician calls at about 4:30 pm and says he can't make it, he is installing a HD system and he has run into some problems. He told me to reschedule for first thing Monday morning and told me to tell them it was PRIORITY. I called and they only had PM appointments for Monday. I said that's no good, I have to work in the afternoon. So, I asked what was available for Tuesday (which is today) and they said they had AM appointments. I said ok, set me up for first thing Tuesday morning. It's now 9:17 am, I just got off the phone with the local satellite service provider and they tell me I have a PM appointment scheduled. She told me she tried to call me last night to confirm. I said no good, I have to they not think people have to work? How do they think people pay for this? So, she told me to call back today at 2:00 pm and she she said she would keep me in mind for an appointment tomorrow morning first thing. Wasn't that nice of her??? Keep me in mind. I think I may be cancelling this whole thing before it even gets installed, or should I say IF it gets installed.
Re: Bell Expressview Vince Boileau 6-20-06  
I have read all your complaints and it mirrors what i have with the other canadian sattelite. you want sevice you better have loads of time the min wait time is 20mins if your lucky.... thats has to tell you something....good luck if only i could get cale i would switch at a drop of the hat
Re: Bell Expressview tom 10-28-05  
Bell do not have have a monopoly any longer. Check out Rogers new phone services or look up Skpe on your search engine.
Re: Bell Expressview carol bertrand 5-6-08  
For 2 years we have been down south for Dec. to March. Both years we called to cancel service until we returned. now for the second time Bell is saying we didn't call to cancel. Although they agree that they did turn the service back on April 1st.
For all those months they continued taking out the monthly pmt. What a scam!!! When you call, which I've done at least 5 times in the last week, you never speak to the same person twice. They won't do anything about 2006-2007 but will credit us for the months this year that we were gone.We want a cheque and are seriously thinking of taking them to court. have other people been having such problems. Bell is almost impossible to deal with.
Maybe it's time to do something. It's all of our accounts that let Bell make the money they do.
Re: Bell Expressview rick Andrews 12-10-06  
Yep I have the same problem. Without notice a big black square shows up in the middle of the screen. I can hear the program and see the edges of it but its damn annoying. Only happens on certain stations though and for specific programs. Not sure its Bells falt but they sure should take it seriously and fix it.
Re: Bell Expressview paul costigan 1-6-06  
Pete ayles.i am having the same problem as you.bell told me it was a lose cable; reciever is model 3500. have you noticed the problem more at nite during live sporting events?its really bad on tsn and sportsnet.
Re: Bell Expressview Shannon 12-28-05  
Hey, we have a model 3500, and had to change the card last year, we've had the same unit for about 8 years as well, and never any problems, but since I changed the card it blanks out, though only for a few seconds, its driving us crazy, the world juniors are on, and missed a good goal by our candian boys, damm.
Re: Bell Expressview RUSS 6-3-07  
Re: Bell Expressview Nino 9-27-07  
Re: Bell Expressview dave 1-7-08  
Dishman I have an old system but still feel that it should stil operate at least for longer than a few minutes before it shuts the screen off and tells me to please wait for satelite signal.If I get the slightest breeze it goes out.I have checked to see if cables are properly connected (they are) but this is getting continuously worse. What is wrong......besides being an older system,we are paying good money and deserve good service.I am located in St. Thomas Ont.Please help if you believe that bell is so good.The dish is on roof and my heart condition doesnt allow me to check it.
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