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1987 Winnebago LeSharo BOB SCHOONOVER 5-13-05  
Need Owners Manual
Re: 1985 Winnebago LeSharo Lawrence 7-11-08  
Is their a place online to find a manual insted of buying one i live in spokane wa
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo jay 10-23-08  
I need a back fender for 1985 le sharo
Re: 1988 Winnebago LeSharo owners manual Bobby John Henry 11-23-08  
Anyone have an owners manual for 1988 LeSharo. I've got the service manual but I need to know how to work everything on the RV. I bought it without an engine so if you have thoughts on what to put in it, I would welcome them. I had the 2.2 Renault in it and most of the parts are gone so I can't rebuild it. I've heard Buick V6 will work. Help, thanks
Re: 1988 Winnebago LeSharo Kim Rose 6-28-08  
Thinking of buying a used Winnebago Le Sharo.
81,000 miles. this would be our first RV.
Are most of you happy with your Le Sharo's?
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo victor ispas 1-25-08  
Hi Stark,
I live in Germany, I have a Le Sharo 87 and I need a Owner manual (alaso copy).
Can You send me one copy?
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo Dan Lausier 10-30-13  
Looking for a windshield for my 87 Phasar (Lesharo ) Anyone on the east coast ? I'm in NH
Thank you
Re: 1986 Winnebago LeSharo Diane Roy 5-28-06  
Thank you!
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo carol stark 6-29-07  
Bob I have a owners manual that could probably be copied. Let me know. I live in Canada.
Re: 1987-1989 Winnebago LeSharo/ Phasar trey 2-19-09  
I have a Factory Service Manual for sale - covers 1987-1989 LeSahro / Phasar/ utility van - 2.2L petrol moteur, manual and automatic transaxle - heavy - ringed plastic binder

Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo Ed 11-28-08  
Looking for part number for a timing belt.. gates belts.. Fram air filters..part number for air filter '92' 2.2L
Re: 1986 Winnebago LeSharo JOE 7-27-10  
Looking at 1986 with 108000 will the
diesel last mutch longer are they hard to find parts for thank you in advance JP
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo Carol Stark 5-25-11  
I have a 1987 LeSharo that is having transmission problems. Can anyone tell me what is the best thing to do for this. I don't havea a lot of money so I can't change out the engine.
The unit has had body work done and re-painted and looks like new inside and out. Maybe someone would like to purchase it from me. I live in London, Ontario Canada
Re: 1985 Winnebago LeSharo L.R.H.Ronkes 6-2-12  
Hoe werht de afstelling van mijn cruse controle.deze is uit de afslelling en ik wil het wederom instellen en gebruiken.
Re: 1986 Winnebago LeSharo Kathie Smith Rough 3-23-09  
Looking at buying a 1986 /winnebago Le Sharo 46k miles 4 cyl what are they worth?
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo camilla king 7-5-10  
I need a moter for a 1987 winnebago renault 4cyl
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo Mark Rosenzweig 4-30-09  
I just bought my first RV, a 1987 Winnebago Windjammer 35 ft. I need an Owners Manual.If anyone can help me out or give me some pointers that would be great. I am having a problem starting the generator and the breaks and power steering are not working very well. Any info would be great.
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo Gene 6-3-10  
Looking for main cruise controler for dana cruise control for 1986 winnebago lesharo
Re: 1986 Winnebago LeSharo D. Deimling 7-15-09  
I own a 86 LeSharo 4 cyl Turbo Dies, 4 speed Man. I had a peice of steel go thru my windshield and am having problems finding a replacement. Any ideas? Very underpowered but we love ours. Great gas mileage but if your not in a hurry to get anywhere, its perfect.
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo Ivy 8-25-09  
We are considering purchasing a 1987 LeSharo that needs a new gas tank. Everything else is working. Any idea what we are talking about pricewise? Thanks.
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo Tom 7-2-07  
We are thinking about buying the 1987 lesharo and was wondering about the manual. we also live in canada in southern ontario
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo mike 9-12-10  
He want to bye 1987 winnebago lesharo but i would like to have more information so if you can't send me the owner manuel it would be apreciate michel.
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo Jannette Blair 10-28-07  
Bob I have a owners manual that could probably be copied. Let me know. I live in Canada.

net to get in touch with canada or BOB on the owner amnual
Re: 1985 Winnebago LeSharo Jack 5-16-08  
I am doing a R134 retrofit My air conditioner hose where it connects to the 3 pressure switches and the front
radiator had a strange fitting withtwo parts with o-rings and two more o-rings with some springs on them. Some say it is some kind of pressure valve. It is corroded so bad I would like to replace it or do away with it. I think the manual says it is an airquip valve. Can,t seem to buy it?
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo Sonny 9-19-15  
I am trying to relocate my bath unit in my 1986 LeSharo. I do not know what is holding it in place. I have removed all the angle clips.
Re: 1985 Winnebago LeSharo WGreene 9-22-08  
I was wondering if you have a contact for a Winnebago LeSharo transmission or parts. thank yougy9rg
Re: 1988 Winnebago LeSharo Steve 4-25-14  
I am looking for a wiring diagram/schematic for a 1988 Winnebago Itasca LeSharo. Does anyone have one that they could email to me? Trying to diagnose an electical problem. Thanks
Re: 1988 Winnebago LeSharo sharonchaney 9-19-14  
Im looking to see how much a 1988 winneabago LeSharo is worth
Re: 1985 Winnebago LeSharo WGreene 9-22-08  
I am wondering if you have a contact for a used transmission for a 1985 Winnebago LeSharo. thank you
Re: 1988 Winnebago LeSharo tony 1-14-09  
Im about to purchase a 88 lasharo how do they drive it has a 4cyl engine is it made by renault are they fuel efficent im guessing they are under powered can some one give me a heads up on what problems i should look for before buying thanks
Re: 1985 Winnebago LeSharo Ron 3-16-18  
I live in Washington and have a ton of questions about our 1985 LeSharo.

Does anyone know what size of wheels fits this motorhome...

We are doing a complete rebuild onside and out.

We wanted to keep the original running gear and motor...

Any ideas that would make the motorhome
run better...

Thank you,
Elma, WA
Re: 1985 Winnebago LeSharo Rob Watson 8-21-18  
Information on parts sources, full tech library, maintenance, and diagnosis can be found easily on the Facebook page for the Lesharo. Most electronoc and other hard parts are rebuilt through Cardone Remanufacturing. Sensors are service parts can be found at RockAuto: see Renault R18i (sportwagon), Fuego, Eagle Medallion, and Peugeot 505, 8V normally aspirated. The radiator fan switch is the same as a Renault LeCar in North America and R5 in Europe. Front brake pads and rear wheel cylonders are available through your Centric dealer. Have your rear shoes relined at a truck fleet svs location near you. Gates fleet svs locations can make, while you wait, hydraulic lines and radiator hoses. The air box plenum boot is the sameas the Porsche 928 normally aspirated one available from WOCO. Walker sells replacement catalytic converters... Bosal was the OEM exhaust system supplier. Cracked exhaust manifolds need to be welded locally for repair... Lincoln Electric wrote the book on cast iron welding repairs. If the 2.2L gas engine has had the catalytic converter removed go with one hotter spark plug range... NGK is one number less for a hotter plug. The values require adjustment every 18 to 24 months... cylinder number 1 is closest the firewall... the French do everything in reverse! God ;luck!
Re: 1988 Winnebago LeSharo owners manual sylvain 11-26-10  
Looking for manual for 88 lesharo
Re: 1988 Winnebago LeSharo owners manual david 3-11-10  
I need a 1987 winnebago lesharo transmission diagram.has the 2.2 motor with 3 speed automatic transmission thank you in advance
Re: 1988 Winnebago LeSharo owners manual Manon Audette 6-5-17  
J'aimerais avoir une copie du manuel du propriétaire du winnebago Lesharo 1988 automatique en francais.

J'ai un problème avec il ne démarre plus. Il n'y a pas de d'étincelle sur les bougies.

Je vous remercie de votre aide.

I would like to have a copy of the owner's manual of the 1988 Lesharo winnebago automatic. french

I have a problem with it does not start anymore. There is no spark on the candles.

Thank you for your help.
Re: 1988 Winnebago LeSharo owners manual Abraham Garza 1-16-14  
Bought a Lasharo but I need a repair manual.
Re: 1987-1989 Winnebago LeSharo/ Phasar bill moore 5-24-09  
I have been looking for a repair manual
for my 88 lesharo. do you still have the one you listed here? if so, how much u.s.dollars do you want for it.
thanks bill
Re: 1987-1989 Winnebago LeSharo/ Phasar Kris williams 6-5-09  
Do you still have a manual for 87 lesharo? if so how much?
Re: 1987-1989 Winnebago LeSharo/ Phasar John Hasskamp 11-17-09  

I am interested in the Service Manual if you still have it.


Re: 1986 Winnebago LeSharo Hayes 4-15-09  
Hello, I recently bought a 1985 Lasharo that was not running but had been when parked. I found that the ignition control sells for a little less that a grand the coil module is about$685.00. Every one says that they are weak and underpowered and the transmissions are not too reliable. In Arkansas, I have found no one willing to work on the Renault 2.2 moror. Maybe one with such low miles would be good if you babied it around. I hear they drive well and get excellent mileage. Good luck. Pray for mine!
Re: 1987-1989 Winnebago LeSharo/ Phasar antonio 6-20-11  
Selling my 1989 2.2 gas. auto/trans. 63,000 miles in general good changed into an excellent conditions will required a cost of $800.00 to a 1,000 usd. I am in L.A. Ca. 90011, for more info call 323 562 7795,or just e-mail me a estimated asking price. thank you all. antonio
Re: 1987-1989 Winnebago LeSharo/ Phasar Rick Linder 10-18-10  
I need a owner operators manuel for 1989 LeSharo. Do you have one, and how much is it?
Re: 1988 Winnebago LeSharo owners manual Julia 7-8-11  
Hi, Just purchased a 1988 lesharo LX and need an owners manual/operators manual.Thanks!
Re: 1987 Winnebago LeSharo MIke 7-28-10  
I would check with Greg at sworks or skunk works in boseman montana. They convert lesharos from the renult engines to mopar. He likely has a stack of good engines.
Re: 1986 Winnebago LeSharo MIke 7-28-10  
Beware of this unit. I had purchased an 85 turbo diesel which had 57k on the coach and 21k on a new engine. The diesels are way under powered for the coach it is pulling. If that unit has 101k on it the engine was either replaced a couple times or driven down hill all its life. Now for local camping I would have no worries about it. Take it easy with it and remember theres only so much power there. I sold mine and purchased an 87 which we had converted to a 3.3 liter chrysler with a chrysler tranny. Sworks bosman monatana. The lesharo is a great coach!
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