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Bell Expressview audit John Mitchell 11-4-04  
I just thought that I should let you know what Bell Expressview "pulled" on
me yesterday.

I have subscribed for 31/2 years letting them know that one receiver was in
my motorhome and that I used it occasionally when we were in the motorhome.

All was ok till last night when they called and wanted me to read the ID
Location number off of the bottom of the setup screen. I read out the 2 in
my house and told the representative that the other unit was in my motorhome
that was parked in a shed (30 feet from the house) and it had no power etc
and was shut down for winter. He said that as of NOW I would have to have a
separate subscription for the units in my house and in my motorhome since
someone could watch the dish in the house while we were using the one in the
motorhome. Or I could call them each time I wanted to use the receiver in
the motorhome and they would turn off one of the house units and turn on the
one in the motorhome.
He also said that Bell is now doing "audits" by phoning users and checking
their numbers. If they don't respond they will be turned off. What happens
if you are on a trip "down South" and all goes blank? You can't phone in due
to caller ID.

I questioned him about the usual long wait time and the delay for the
programming to show up. I mentioned that I thought that this was a bait and
switch tactic since they (Bell) allowed this to go on for 3 years and Now
they decided to change the "rules" of the game.
I then asked them to buy back the extra receiver and he said no. I mentioned
that pirates (ran into 3 in town within 20 minutes) will pay a high price
for receivers or cards - he didn't like that. It seems everything has to be
Bell's Way - very arrogant.

I downgraded my subscription to the bare minimum as I have a high definition
unit and called my old C Band dish "person" and had HBO etc. turned on for

I am telling this story so that other RV users won't get "stung".
Re: Bell Expressview audit William G. Thompson 8-30-05  
I just received an phone call from wife at work informing me that Bell Expressview had called and had been given to same options. We have one system at our home and one at our trailer up north. We have had both system for 3 1/2 years. So now we have to choice which one we want to keep running, the answer is easy, we are shutting down both. At home we are going back to cable and at the trailer we are going to First Choice from May to Oct. We will shut down First choice when close up in the fall and re-instate it in the spring. Bell Expressview you are going to go under with this move.
Re: Bell Expressview audit John Doe 7-22-05  
Re: Bell Expressview audit William G. Thompson 8-30-05  
We just had the same call. We have two systems one at home one at our trailer. We where given a choice, one or the other or two bills. Well the choice is easy, cable for home and First Choice at the trailer. Good bye Bell you will suffer from this business move.
Re: Bell Expressview audit Heather 9-9-05  
Well, thank god I happened upon this discussion... My mother is suscribed with Star Choice, and I think that is the way I will be going as well. I have not been too happy with Bell Canada services to start out with anyhow. I am from Quebec, and still receive my bills in french for my regular home phone service (not in english - as I am an aglophone), not to mention the hassles I have had with Bell's DSL internet. Thanks again for the commentairies people !! Be safe :) 0
Re: Cut off NASCAR race Chuck Dzuba 9-19-05  
I would like to know who the mentally challenged person is that cut off the NASCAR race this past Sunday Sept.18/05.Was it Bell or was it TSN.All because of a blacked out football game.I realize the game was blacked out but,there was only 30 laps left and by the time it was turned over to an alternate channel there was only 8 laps left,and to add to the frustration you guys cut it off again as soon as the winner crossed the finish line.I have had a bell for quite some time but if this stupidity keeps on I will absolutely let you know where you can put your Bell expressview dish.
Re: Bell Expressview audit Dean 7-14-05  
This is not a response, merely more comments.
I recently decided i would sign up for Bell Express Vu. DO YOU THINK IT IS POSSIBLE! Their website is so erratic!

If i phone, i am told i will be on hold for at least 10 minutes.
If I go on web, there is no clear area of what the charges/prices are. Something about "credits?"

My point being, if they would lower their prices they would have a lot more subscribers.
If they made it easy to purchase, with clear prices people will buy.
If they answer their phone instead of leaving you on hold, people would buy.
If you could figure out the website offers you may sign up.
If they had good customer service, people will buy and stay.

Re: Bell Expressview audit Cindy 3-11-05  
Bell also pulled a similar stunt on us. We have 2 receivers in our house and one in our cottage which when we first started subscribing to Bell Expressview was actually one of their promotions...that you can have a receiver at your cottage and one at your house. When they phoned us to ask us for the ID numbers I also said that one was at the cottage and therefore I couldn't tell them the number. One is also in my basement which is rented out to my sister and her husband, which they also did not like to hear but I could obtain the numbers from it. They also said that the one at the cottage would have service cut off and then if we wanted, when we go to the cottage, we can call them and have service turned off our house while we are at the cottage and get service at the cottage. I thought this was absolutely ridiculous since we pay them $100/month for the best package they have and pay it faithfully. I also told them that it is no wonder people go out and get the cards inserted in the receivers so they don't have to deal with this crap.

After all this, I said I would go to the cottage and get the receiver and bring it home so that the service would not be cut off. Then all of a sudden, none of the receivers worked. The smart cards that were inserted in each of the 3 receivers were all of a sudden not the right ones for the receivers. We had not touched the cards and somehow they had all been switched around. This was Bell's tactic to ensure that the receiver from the cottage was not staying at the cottage or so that we had to go up there and get it otherwise we could not get any of our receivers to work. I had to spend hours on the phone with Bell explaining each time to some customer service rep what had happened and each time, they would not admit that they had changed the smart card numbers that fit with each receiver. Eventually I got through to a technician who was able to restore the smart cards to the receivers that they originally matched with so we could use the expressview again. I couldn't believe it.

Re: Bell Expressview audit Rob 11-14-04  
As soon as they call me they will be getting an earful! I have already decided to switch to the other guys, but thought I would wait until Xmas which is when we leave for warmer places!
Re: Bell Expressview audit John 11-21-04  
I would suggest Star Choice as they have their 1-800 number working in the US and Mexico (according to other RVr's).
I have been receiving numerous emails from other RVr's who have had their Bell systems shut down or are loosing transponders but can't phone in from the US.
Bell originaly sold their product with a "cottage package" which is what I used in my motorhome.
Again, I think that they are "needing" more money and "squeezing" paying customers.
Bell Expressview !!! audit Is this customer service?? Wendy 12-11-04  
Dear John Mitchell,
You are right they did this to us this summer
We purchased a Cottage package which only gets used when we are there of course (we have to fly so that is not often)

When we bought it we paid extra for it, for the receiver upgrade and the extra dish. Now they tell me they won't honour this old commitment.
Well maybe we should fight. I have not signed any other contract with them other than the original commitments.
If I change things they sure let me know - Should we all stand for this.
Sorry I haven't a clue how to fight this hard but if you know, plese inform me as This is a matter of principal - It is not right.
Wendy & Jim
Re: Bell Expressview audit John Mitchell 1-6-05  
Just received this - Jan 5th 2005 - It proves Bell is lying:
Dear Mr. Mitchell:

Thank you for your most recent message requesting further clarification.

In answer to your questions:

1. Is it Bell's policy or the CRTC policy that a Canadian can't receive Canadian transmissions while traveling in the USA. StarChoice said it is ok if one has a permanent residence in Canada for at least 6 months per year.

The CRTC's mandate does not regulate broadcasting activities outside of Canada. Bell Expressvu may be respecting the exclusive programming rights established in the purchasing of programming with the program supplier but there are no CRTC regulatory restrictions in broadcasting in the US. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates all aspects of broadcasting in the US. You may wish to check the FCC's website at for any restrictions in this area.

2. Bell says that now one cannot use a Bell unit in their motorhome unless it is a separate subscription - they blame the CRTC for this new policy but StarChoice offers a different option.

A commitment was made between the satellite providers and the Commission to prevent the practice known as "account stacking". It should be noted that the CRTC did not actually approve the measures taken by Bell Expressvu. Bell's decision in regard to using a Bell Expressvu unit in a motorhome is a business decision that does not involved regulatory direction nor approval.

Again does the CRTC mandate these changes that Bell is doing - Bell says so - or are they just changes that Bell has decided to implement?

In my opinion, Bell Expressvu has chosen to implement these procedures in the normal course of its business.

I trust this information will assist you.


Cheryl Grossi
CRTC Client Services-Winnipeg
Re: Bell Expressvu audit miath 1-31-13  
They screw all my 4 box in my house because my father in law have one in is cottage it take me 5 day and 6hour on the phone to fix the problem imagine if you need to call bell to activate every weekend the box.. maybe we go whit another company...
Re: Bell Expressview audit Chuck Dzuba 9-19-05  
Iam wondering whom to blame for cutting off the NASCAR race Sunday Sept.18/05.Is it Bell or is it TSN.
Re: Bell Expressview audit Neil Frickey 2-6-06  
My advice go priate
Re: Bell Expressview audit Diane Vandevyvere 2-3-06  
This is funny that I'm reading this now. I just got off the phone with Bell as we had the dish hooked up on Feb 1st. We also have a trailer and my husband and I were talking about getting a dish for there. When Bell called to offer us this plan, I directly asked the lady about the trailer. She said no problem and that a bell guy would come to the trailer and install it free of charge. That we could take one of our receivers from home to the trailer. When I mentioned that the trailer park was not opened until May 1st, she said no problem and that on Feb 1st the hook up guy would just bring a extra dish and that we could either do it ourselves or call them back in May. When the guy came, no extra dish. Like I said, I just got off the phone with them and they said no way. They don't do that...blah blah. I can't believe this!! I still have my other cable and now I'm paying for two bills while they investigate.
Re: Bell Expressview audit Terry 2-28-06  
I have not had an audit as of yet.Probably since my contract agreement has not expired yet. I think the only way to fight this is to change to Starchoice the moment you receive the audit. If everyone did this the audits would would stop. I have had both suppliers and from my experience STARCHOICE is far superior especially in the service end. I went with bell recently because of the PVR recorder. But since then Starchoice now has one.
Re: Bell Expressview audit Dave Lee 2-28-06  
This a little off topic but it concerns Bell express view. I changed from Star Choice to Bell because of the cheaper programming rates. (line up behind me to kick my ass). After 6 months my 3200 model reciever began to freeze up almost weekly. This means tearing down my entertainment unit everytime and reconnecting. I have complained to Bell they offered me inferior product replacement or programing credits towards the purchase of another model. This 3200 cost me $400 and they would not credit me this amount towards the purchase of another unit. I have tried the Better Business bureau but Bell would not respond to their inquiries. I have looked for weeks on the web for a site that might help me gather some ammo to back at Bell, and this seems to be the only site that comes close. I was wondering if any of the readers Know of other subscriber who have similar problems with a Bell reciever. (freezing up,blacking out etc). When my contract is up I am going free to air. Tks Dave
Can I just copy this? EthanPU 8-16-11  
I've just found this site [url=][/url], could I just copy the technical
articles from the site or do I need some kind of permission?. I am doing a project for school.

Re: Bell Expressview audit David Rea 9-30-05  
Septmber 30 2005
I received a call yesterday that express vu was wanting an"update" on our
"cottage package" the same deal as above.The rep didnt want to hear about the package and said there wasnt one.
he was extremely rude and said he was just doing his job that was at the SAT center after several calls and wiating on hold with lousy music I told him iwould go further in the organization. This is a public rip off and the crtc should be made aware.We definitely need competition in the phone and dish business.
Re: Bell Expressview audit don joudrey 1-30-06  
Thanks for the warning ! you have all saved me from making the mistake of buying a bell system. I just don't need this bulls**t from a tv provider. Don from welland,on
Re: Bell Expressview audit Wiser Now 11-17-05  
Glad I found this.
I was about to buy a 3 receiver system from Bell and one was destined for our RV.
Maybe I'll stick to radio and DVD's.
Re: Bell Expressview audit lloyd smith 12-21-05  
As of August 13/05 we had our service terminated with Bell Expressvu. They took another months payment out of our account and as of today(Dec.21/05) we have not received our refund and whenever we call they are most rude and say to call back in two weeks and that it will probably take another six weeks.
Beware of any dealings you have with Bell Expressvu!
Re: Bell Expressview audit pirate 12-24-05  
I have had a Bell subscription twice. Everytime they rip me off or piss me off, I go back to pirate. Don't waste your energy getting mad, get even.
Re: Bell Expressview audit james blanchard 1-24-06  
We were blacked out of the election results because we are on the quebec border.all neighbouring towns, closer to the border than us, and the cable network were not.the race was very close here and we missed all the excitement. tried to complain to bell but get a runarround
. I know that border areas are to be blocked out by law. My question is why bBell applied that law in the Restigouche area to us and not the areas much closer to Quebec. by the time results were available quebec results were available on there stations to us for a half hour
Re: Bell Expressview audit Scott 12-25-05  
I have had the same problem as others with a receiver at the cottage. Use it when at the lake and turn off the unit at home, then call in after the weekend to switch it on at home and off at the lake. Does this make sense to anyone? If my family is at home we can all watch TV, but if my family goes to the lake for a couple of weeks and I stay home we have to choose who can watch TV. I too bought this as a cottage package for this purpose, now they cannot recall offering this package.

I brought my cottage unit home and reactivated it here. I was told when I did this that if I were "caught" again, the units would be permanently DEACTIVATED. Don't you have to be doing something wrong to get "caught"???

And arrogant and ignorant on the phone, he is lucky that he was not within arms reach at the time. Bell just dosn't have the balls to advise us that the service has been changed, they tried to use the CRTC as an excuse with us too.

We spend $100/mo. and will be changing if they pull this again. I'm sure this new policy will delight the people that provide any other service including pirates. Bell will loose big time with this policy and their attitude toward their customers.
Re: Bell Expressview !!! audit Is this customer service?? Victor 3-30-05  
I want the adult adult program I ordered some time last month to be cancelled. It is registered with the name Mr John Morrison. postal code: BOC 1L0.Ingonish Beach,Cape Breton.NS
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