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Ok to run propane frig while driving? Truth 11-16-03  
Have heard both yes and no. What's the real story?

Re: Ok to run propane frig while driving? Reid Ellis 11-21-03  

Have run the frig and (once) hot water on propane while driving on 2 RVs up and down the East coast. (Both rigs have engine heated H20, Usually use that!) Done this a number of times:

You will HAVE to turn off the propane at the master feed before going into ANY tunnel, and on a lot of large bridges. Easy enough. When that happens, I usually just keep on driving, and start everything back up when I stop. A couple of hours is not a problem to the fridge, unless you're in it a lot.

Don't know why anyone would say no.... Only thought would be a leak, and that doesn't seem likely.....
Re: Ok to run propane frig while driving? Caroline Draper 11-20-03  
I also would like to know if it safe to run the refrig on LP while traveling.
Re: Ok to run propane frig while driving? David Longbine 11-24-03  
ALWAYS turn off propane while in transit! There are to many risks that could complicate things in a hurry.
We always turn ours off in transit and find that everything in frig stays as is.
Not only are we not exposed to unforseen hazards, but we aren't using propane needlessly.
Re: Ok to run propane frig while driving? Ed 1-27-04  
There are "Old RVers" and "Bold RVers" but fewer "Old bold RVers"!

Which would you like to be remembered as?
Re: Ok to run propane frig while driving? mike 5-22-04  
One thing to consider, especially in an older trailer,is that a side wind could blow out the pilot light. if the valve doesnt shut the flow of propane off, then it could back up into the inside and build up. what would happen if you walked into a trailer full of propane fumes with a lit cigarette? anyone care to try? seriously, I always shut my porpane off. too much to risk just for a little convenience!
Re: Ok to run propane frig while driving? Randy 4-23-04  
I have always run the propane to run my fridge when I was driving!! It hardly uses any propane, it's just a little flame. It's way better than running the generator!!I have never had a problem, and could not see why there would be one. What is the difference if you are parked, or going down the road!
Re: Ok to run propane frig while driving? Russ 6-17-04  
I almost lost a camper once when I left my fridge running. Unit caught fire. Luckily I had someone following me that saw wome smoke and got me to stop.
After extinguishing the fire it only cost $30.00 to fix but I could have lost my whole rig.
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