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Cabana motor home ron 7-21-03  
I bought a 73 cabana motorhome
and would like any info on it
has to if they are any good
Re: cabana motor home Tye Rainwater 6-10-09  
I've Owned my 1970 Cabana for about 10 years now.My wife and five kids have had a lot of fun with it all up and down the West coast.We constantly have people wanting to tour the inside.
About 2 years ago we started having leaking problems around the right front passenger windows,And with the kids getting older and involved in sports,It has been sitting.It kills me too see it just sitting and not have some one fix it up and use it.I started taking out the water damage but I soon realized that I was lacking the time and resources to fix her up right.Is there any one out there iterested, make me an E-mail and make an offer.
Re: cabana motor home Dwight 6-18-09  
I have a 1972 25ft Cabana a choice avacado green or maybe it is Wasabi green? Well we have enjoyed it for a vcouple of years and will be letting it go to a new home soon. The Previouse owner owned Cabana in Forestgrove, Or I think it was kept for a company rig anyway they sold it originally to a Clothing Rep and it was converted for hanging clothes dedicated to one whole side the otherside was left untoucned with fridge stovetop and microwave.
I have all of the original paperwork even showed they only paid 16K for it new. well looks as they got it back on trade and kept it till the owner passed on I am now going to part with this beautiful Coach for only 2500.00
503-412-9745 or
Re: cabana motor home Tony and Joy 3-31-10  
We have a 1969 Cabana 25 foot class A. All steel body and framing. Just looking around for other Cabana owners or info about them.

I would like to talk about and have a data base or add to one about Cabana's and the M-300 base used for a lot of classic coachs. I have found:

"Alretta Truck Parts, Inc.
1 Watson Place, Bldg.# 5-B
Framingham, MA, 01701

These folks know there stuff! I told him what I had and he told me what I needed and when he did'nt have the hardwear kit in stock gave me the part number to ask for at a local auto parts store. And we needed a new brake drum. He found a place in canada that is casting them again. Not cheap but new and nice. All the parts he sent were right and fit perfect. Made a dirty job a lot easier. And our brakes work very nice now.

So this is kinda the forum I had in mind. If you have a book or info your willing to share please add on here. I will add as I gain more data.
Re: cabana motor home Joe 4-16-09  
Somewhere I have a complete set of service manuals on Cabana motorhomes. The parts for the running gear on the Chevy and Dodge are still readily available, but the few Ford and International chassis are very scarce. I found a company in Indiana that had some body parts. We had some, but they are all gone now. Email me if you have particular needs on them.
Re: cabana motor home dave bollmann 10-27-09  
Hi Karen, Oct 27, 2009
I have a 1872 Cabana 25 foot on a Dodge Truck chassis. I have a 2 page wiring diagram from a 1973 Dodge Motorhome Supplement Service manual.
I recently worked on the turn signals, brake lights and got them all working with original wiring.
I could copy these 2 pages for you.

561 301-4677
Re: cabana motor home gary long 2-16-09  
Hello to everbody who owns or had owned a cabana motorhome I used to fly out of lansing michigan to portland oregon and take a limo ride to the forest grove oregon cabana factory to pick up 21ft through 28ft cabanas and drive them back over 2,ooo miles to michigan to our cabana motorhome dealership.. To me they were one of the best class A motorhomes one the market at that time want to know more about these wonderful motorhomes what frames were used, colors,engines transmissions,options,ect anything you would like to know email me would be glad to tell you
Re: cabana motor home Gordon Bailey 10-3-03  
Ron, this is probably the nicest looking
and best built motor home in its time.
In 1986 I did a complete rebuild on one
and it is still a coach I use and show
in my business today. If you would like to see a few pictures of it, please view the possibilities link in the motorhomes page on my web site. iIf I can help you out in any way feel free to call me.
bye for now
Gordon Bailey
Re: cabana motor home Candyce 5-7-16  
23' 1971 Dodge Cabana Motorhome wiring diagrams schematics
Re: cabana motor home keith 8-12-08  
I have a 1970 25 ft need,s restoration but runs good been sitting been camping in it make reasonble offer
Re: cabana motor home Nick Cocchi 8-6-10  
I am looking for original sideview mirrors for a 1971 Dodge Cabana motorhome. A yellow diamond design is on the outside of the mirror. Please contact me at if you can help me. Thank you, Nick
Re: cabana motor home dave 2-16-04  
Jsut bought one in pretty good shape and would like to restore, needs a windshield so if you have any ideas if i can get one i would apreciate it.
any books around and here' a dumb one where the heck are the batteries??
Re: cabana motor home John 6-5-14  
Where can I find specs and any info on Cabana ?
Re: cabana motor home Bill Cody 8-29-14  
I have owned and lived in my 1975 26 ft. penthouse 1 since Aug 9 1984 and it has had it's ups and downs all these years I must say.I have worked on or repaired just about every inch of this unit at one time or another.I have many memories and loads of knowledge of this coach.I would be more than happy to share the info I have on the Cabana motorhome.My email address
Re: cabana motor home Bre 10-1-14  
Hey everyone! I have a '73 28ft Cabana. We love it! Nearly everything works in it, but having trouble with the steering gearbox. The whole frontend shakes pretty bad when we get over 35mph. Has a Dodge 413 motor in it. Trying to figure out what part is needed to get this fixed. Please email me at

Re: cabana motor home glen bocock 9-15-10  
Anyone know where I can get some good used split rims with good tires for a 1974 cabana coach.
Re: cabana motor home patrick 4-27-13  
Im looking for a set of windshields for my 1970 25 foot Chrysler cabana with a 413 industrial and auto trans. it runs like a champ however it was run into a tree and the windshields where shattered. we would be really appreciative on any info on where to get the glass. oh ya its a white and green two tone. that we are constantly getting double takes in as where passing everyone on the road.
1973 cabana motor home Telehina 4-4-14  
I need any and all material I can find on Cabana motor homes, especially operating, wiring, and owners manuals. I have a 1973 with the dodge 413. But information on specs. and operation is hard to come by. Thanks
Re: cabana motor home gene 3-15-13  
How are the 1970 cabanas going through mountain passes? what kind of milliage does it get, 318 V8 auto trans. would somthing like this be worth restoring. wnt to use for travel between mich. to las vegas
Re: cabana motor home Ismoon Maria Hunter-Morton 9-7-11  
Interesting discussion! I am a librarian in Forest Grove and I have found no information about this business in our history files. Tammi (or others who have info), can you connect me with the man who built Cabana motorhomes? We would love to have information to share with our patrons.


Ismoon Maria, MA, MLIS
Re: cabana motor home scott marek 9-8-11  
My email:
Re: cabana motor home keith 11-3-11  
I have a 1970 cabana with the rare 413 it runs good but needs your touch has less then 70,ooo miles its a 25footer in non op 4000 obo creoledaddy2000@yahoo
Re: cabana motor home Laura M 6-2-11  
Hi Angie, not sure if we are completely restoring to original or not. we just got it and took it for first trip to Packwood, Wa for memorial day weekend. I know the diamond emblem is on most everything but I am at work and not remembering if on mirrors? We are really looking for some kind of site to go to and get more info on it. My dad bought it in '91 or so and is now passed away last year. I have looked online and so far not getting much info. except of course this forum. I know they were made by the Cabana Coach co out of Forest Grove Or. what do you have? and do you have any more info to share? would really appreciate it/llm
Re: cabana motor home Joe 11-1-03  
At my shop, we worked on the last remaining Cabana motorhomes in 1992. What info do you need?
Re: cabana motor home Dale Berger 5-1-05  
I just bought a 1973 24' Cabana 68000 miles and am looking for any kind of documentation out there. Dodge 440 Truck Chassis, interior and exterior furnishings, appliances, electrical, plumbing, you name it. I am planning to restore it completely. Any links on the internet or hard copies? Will pay for copies.

Re: cabana motor home ron 12-13-03  
Back in October you responded to my inquriey about my 72 cabana,
I looked at the one on your sight
and felt much better about mine
can you tell me more about the Cabana's
I am in Omaha and never seen on before
I bought this one I was at a auction
and the auctioneer tole me to buy it cause it was going cheap,and we all
listen to auctioneers, I have had winnabagos and champions all the mid 70's vintage
1978 cabana motor home Neil Hollingsworth 5-30-04  
I'm trying to help out an elderly family member, he bought a 78 Cabana and has driven it only a few times. Lately all the dash gauges fail to indicate. I've checked for adequate power, which it "seems" to have. I've also checked for a clean ground, same here, when the running lights are turned on they work on the dash but still no gauges. Could someone please give me a clue as to where the root of this problem might be? Once this problem is solved the coach will be for sale.
Re: cabana motor home Joe 7-4-06  
I just bought a '71 25' Cabana Motorhome and, althought it's in pretty good condition I just find anything in it like the controls for the generator or electrical system. Can you help?
Re: cabana motor home Doug 4-2-10  
This unit is for sale and curious about it as a full time RV.

Would this be a fiberglass or steel body

No separate bedroom could be a pain??

any knowledge you could provide or direct to would be appreciated.


Re: cabana motor home Dale Berger 5-1-05  
I just bought a 1973 24' Cabana with 68000 miles on it and am looking for any kind of documentation out there. Dodge 440 Truck Chassis, interior and exterior furnishings, appliances, electrical, plumbing, you name it. I am planning to restore it completely. Any links on the internet or hard copies? Will pay for copies.

Re: cabana motor home Ron Parmele 5-30-14  
I was one of the disigners and production mgr. The windshield is a GMC cabover truck windshield. Back in 1970's we paid $38 each half. The battery were in front of the front step as you enter the door. Good luck. I have a 73 Cabana too.
Re: cabana motor home dB 10-31-08  
More info on Cabana?
Re: cabana motor home scott caywood 12-30-09  
Could you please send some pics.Thanks,Scott
Re: cabana motor home Steve 4-13-10  
Need to find a replacement master cylinder for my 1972 Cabana motor home.
Re: cabana motor home Laura 2-7-11  
Hi Gary, I recently was allowed to buy a 1972 cabana motorcoach from my dad & stepmom's estate. it is very unique, 70's yellow for sure and the fridge doesn't work for sure. so much to find out about and definitely interested in gaining info so my hubby and i can restore or remodel to use as personal rv'er. one guy asked where batteries were and we finally found them under passenger side step (3 of 'em) this unit has ability to be gas or propane fuel in engine and propane or electric inside. where is best place to get info and/or parts on how all works or is supposed to? thanks, Laura
Re: cabana motor home Karen 9-29-09  
I have a 1972 25 ft cabana...and I am having some wiring issues with the running lights and tail lights. Does anyone have a manual with the wiring diagram please.

Re: cabana motor home Waz 10-24-10  
Had the same problem with my 1973 Cabana 21' tin October of 09-(it's on a Dodge 440-3 engine on M300 Chassis). I took it off, went to a shop in Salt Lake City (Page Brakes). they researched it and ordered in a new one from California. One week and $170 later I was driving with good brakes again. If you haven't had that luck, reply to my email and I will try to find the invoice with a part number on it. I remember it is a Bendix part.
Re: cabana motor home Angie Cocchi 5-31-11  
Hi Laura, Are you restoring your Cabana. Do you have the original sideview mirrors (the ones with the yellow diamonds on them). If so, would you be willing to sell them. Please email me. Thank you, Angie Cocchi
Re: cabana motor home Tammi 7-27-11  
I know the man who built the 1st Cabana motor home and started Cabana Couch Company in Forest Grove Oregon. Contact me for more information.
Re: cabana motor home scott marek 9-8-11  
Please forward to me the email of the fellow who started cabana. I have an older unit that I cannot identify. Thanks.
Re: cabana motor home Nick Cocchi 1-13-12  
If anyone knows where I can find original side view mirrors for a Dodge Cabana motorhome, please contact me. They have a yellow diamond painted on the outside.
Nick Cocchi
Re: cabana motor home Chloe Guyn 7-1-18  
Have a 68 Cabana Motor home. It needs some work. Need info on these MH's. Is any body out there?
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