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Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) Pat Young/Wheelchair Project 5-3-03  
Howdy Future Friends

I am a high school teacher, and for fun
I run a non profit in Fresno called the Wheelchair Project. I use Crowns and Gilligs to haul medical supplies and various helpful stuff to Central America, Mexico, and lately Haiti.

They make a darned good "truck"!

I am on my 4th bus (they won't allow me to leave this one in Mexico) but have set up buses for many non-mechanical friends who do similar projects.

Since I am serious about my work, I always send as many spares and tools as possible with any bus going to a poor village with minimal skills. (they will use Vice Grips for everything even if you DO send the tools sometimes!)

So, I have spent the last 12 years in, around and mostly under school buses, and have dismantled 3 of them with my own two hands. Filthy, a little dangerous, but extremely educational.

So, if you have a bus question, give me an e-mail or a call. Beware, I like to talk. and if I can't figure it ot, I have a network of folks who work on buses and trucks, transportation supervisors, etc. who can also help.

p.s. Gilligs are better than Crowns!!

Pat Young
Wheelchair Project
Fresno, CA
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) johnny 12-23-08  
2007 Nissan maxima sevice light on and rpm s running high
Plug or electrical box on my 2000 ford f150 David Baker 11-2-08  
I have a ford f150 4x4 w/ a 4.6 liter. I have a miss in it. I went to look for the plugs and can't find then. Is there a electronic box or something else and were is it located. I do my own maintance on my vehicles for many years and this is something past my time or knowledge. but I learn quickly. I really do appreciate it.
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) LAURA CHIMENE 4-16-09  
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) albert 7-5-09  
I have a 1980 Honda 110 3 wheeler i let a friend borrow it and he ran it with out oil and now it blows out white smoke what could it be and how can i fix it i have gone to an auto part store and they have given me some thing like smoke be gone but didnt help
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) hilario lopez 7-14-09  
I change my head gaskets on my gmc truck put motor back together but now i cant get to turn to set thr timing is making my ignition smoke if i keep tring it is got a brand new 840cca battery but still not luck ran great before with no problems but the leack can anyone help
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) jean mcinnis 7-30-08  
My transmission isnt't shifting properly and reverse is completly gone. Do I need to replace the tranmission or just the modulator?
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) paul mclavey 5-14-09  
My clutch pedal got stuck to the floor
for about 5 seconds while driving. It is a 93 ford escort van. can it be prevented from happening again with, say some oil or is it more serious?
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) robert 5-28-08  
Why would my engine act like it was not getting any fuel when driving down the road? I have a 1974 Chevy C 10 pickup, it has a 350 with a 4 barrel. I was thinking that maybe it was the fuel pump but if you look at the filter it seems to be getting plenty of gas. I thought that maybe it was the filter but I don't know. Why is it dying?
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) charlie P. 6-30-04  
Hi Pat, My Problem Is With A Gas Gage,or rather two [duel tanks] befor i got this mh. the eng. was rebuilt and gages not wired up it has a tago switch going to one tank, my book shows wires most i can find by looking in dash--my question is one wire from tank solenoid switch goes to?? one wire from each tank goes to?? [Gages ?] The Book Shows A pull push switch with 6 plugs 5 in use and what about a hot wire [red]
[now I have On Tago Switch]with A hot Wire And I Think The Wire From Solenoid] This Is A Dodge 440 Eng.And chassie No Gages Drives Me Nuts Thank you charlie p.
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) buslady 6-7-03  
.s. Gilligs are better than Crowns!!

oh jeez pat thats like you are trying to start a war...dont even... >;-)

i swear i saw you in a gillig in the LA area one day a awhile back, I saw this Gilly on the freeway and in it looked like stuff for special needs people(i hate the word handicap).. i saw crutches sticking up so i figured it might've been you.

ps crowns are better than gilligs
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) reg 12-26-07  
Repairing cv joint on telstar ax2 tx5 help i have no idea need step by step advice
Re: power steering leak A.D. Mac donald 3-2-08  
I have a plymouth min-van which is leaking powersteering fluid. It is a 97,with high mileage, so i don't want to spend much money on repairs. A mechanic told me the powersteeering box is leaking, he put some fluid in that sometimes stops leaks, but it didn't work. I was told that you can put something in with the fluid that would help, but the guy couldn't remember exactly what it was, some sort of home remedy, could someone help me out??
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) lonnie 7-16-09  
How do i remove the front rotors on a 2002 nissan xterra
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) martin fuller 5-20-08  
Hi Pat,

we are broke down here in Lancaster,CA. I have 1978 MCI bus conversion. I had air compressor problems along with brake trouble. I replaced the compressor, yet having reseated it three times, it is still blowing oil. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time, Martin Fuller
1966 mustang junuh 7-24-08  
My 1966 mustang is running hot. so i have replaced the thermostat ( 180 ) and the raditor. it still runs hot, what can i do to repair my problem.
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) aaron 8-8-09  
Will a 2.5$td omega engine fit straight into my 2004 astravan 1.7dti without changing my gearbox and wiring
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) erik sorensen 1-2-10  
Hi helpers. we got a subaru liberty 1990 mod, i turn key, get dash lights but the moter dosent want to turn over, relise its a bit vauge,any sergest0ions
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) dave kirk 1-1-10  
I own a 1998 crysler intrepid with a 2.7 litre engine. Doesn't want to start without touching the gas. After doing so the the engine runs fine but the check engine light comes on. Any ideas?
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) Andrew 12-9-09  
Hey i need help with a steering lock on a 80 Mercedes-Benz 300SD Turbo Diesel

I need to remove the damaged old one and replace it with the new one i have then i will ask you about replacing the master cylinder later
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) JTown 2-5-10  
I have a 2002 chevy malibu... Where is the horn mounted on the car at?
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) Tom Foss 4-26-10  
Hello, we have a 1990 Gillig bus which was a city bus (now retired) and has been given to us to use as a prop and training aid for law enforcement and army. The bus now runs and will start regularly but we cannot get it to shift into gear since it has the "Do not shift" light constantly blinking. All other functions seem to work. I read online to ground the battery leads to the chassis for at least 24 hours (did it for the weekend) but to no avail. The test transmission switch seems to do nothing (noticable anyways). Do you have any advice for me? Thank You, Tom F at
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) dan 4-10-12  
Our odometer is going crazy. It jumps a tenth of a mile every few feet. We drove 10 miles and it says we went 519.4 miles!! We have a Holiday Rambler Endeavor 1996. It has a 6 speed allison transmission and a cummins engine. Its a diesel pusher. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks and God bless, Dan
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) chuck 7-26-10  
My 2000 silverado misses or luggs around a steady speed of 35 to 45 miles per hour
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) Pere Whanau 8-2-12  
Hi my 96 fairmont keeps blowing the fuse for central locking...also my gauge for my oil is playing up and so is my battery gauge, my electric windows have also stopped working please help me..
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) Vickie 11-13-09  
1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

My car is registering hot and the thermostat and gasket have been replaced. It continued to run hot unless the a/c fan was used. It seems that the fan to cool the car is not kicking in when it should. Is there a switch that might be bad that regulates the fan?

Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) mark 9-24-09  
I bought a nissan x trail 2.2 dci sve 2005 5 weeks ago and the turbo went and took the intercooler and cat with it. nissan have replaced the turbo, intercooler and cat. is this likely to go again or would they have fitted an uprated turbo?.
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) Corena Williams 8-16-09  
I have a 2003 Pontiac Aztek and i just brought a new fuel pump, but gas is not getting to the fuel pump. What can be the problem?
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) dsandahl 10-19-09  
Vehicle slowed to stop on interstate and engine turns over but will not crank changed fouled plugs and fuel filter but still not cranking
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) john 10-22-09  
1996 ford falcon gli, central locking keeps blowing fuses (30amp) have inspected fuse box and wiring harness to all doors, all looks ok, any suggestions?
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) casey 11-13-09  
My temperature gauge goes up pass normal temperature after about 3 trips in teh morning then when i come down the hill it comes back down to normal
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) luke 11-1-09  
How do i take my door mirrors off on a fiat punto 2000(w reg) please help
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) Jaime 11-13-09  
99 intrepid out of the blue it started making squealing noise and tapping noise i thought it was the oil put some in noise is still there some one said it could be in the fuel because it seems like its not getting enough gas then someone else said my motor is getting ready to blow please help my kids and i need a car to get around
Re: Mechanical advice free on most stuff (buses) Matthew 5-28-10  
We are converting a bus to use for Autism Awareness and I can't figure out where to 1. Get Parts? and 2. I have a problem with the blinker and lights. The fuse keeps blowing which normally indicates a short, but it was working fine prior to this happening...could it be a module? I've been trying to google and find one, but can't.

It's a 1985 Thomas Ford Bus.

Thanks so much for any advice or direction!

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