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Ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 billybaroo 2-25-03  
Buying new class A motor home, how much difference betwen the two engines
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Mark Phillips 3-16-03  

Own a 99 Ford F250 SuperDuty 4x4 SuperCab with the V10 and 4 speed overdrive automatic transmission. Really enjoying just getting to know this vehicle. Really surprised with it's excellent performance so far. Just bought a 75 Silver Streak 32ft. trailer. Only towed it twice, and just to pick it up and then to take it to use location. Haven't even stayed in it yet. Towing of this large trailer with the V10 was a breeze. Will advise as I develope more experience. Any info you have would be appreciated as well.


Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Dean 3-22-05  
Gee, doesn't anybody have anything nice to say? I'm in the business of hauling rv's and the only way to go is diesel! I own a 2005 F-350 with a 6.0 PSD and it pulls like a charm. Any gas engine will bite the dust much sooner than diesel; in fact, every trucking company in this type of business will tell you that diesel is mandatory.
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 billybaroo 2-26-03  
Any help with pro's and con's
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 chad 5-4-03  
Ford rules
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Justin 6-24-03  
I have a 2003 F350 larait 4dr daully 4x4 v10, I pull a 36ft stock trailer. with a load of cows.My freind has a 200
chevy silverdo 35000 daully 8.1, i pass him every time up hills. he pulls a 34ft stock trailer with a load of cows.

Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Chuck 7-17-03  
I guess someone needs to stick up for the chevy so it looks like me. There both good but the chevy is cheaper to fix (which is less than the ford - F.ound O.n R.oad D.ead). The chevy also has more torque and you can probably get it with the Allison Trans. If it's available and you can afford it take a look at the Diesel.
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Troy 2-24-04  
Fords are peaces of shit
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Dan Hater 2-18-04  
You represent the typical people who drive chevy's. You don't know how to spell, and you live in a motorhome down by the river. You've pretty much told me your a stupid redneck. Why don't you say you take your truck out and look for aliens.
P.S. Chevy's smell like dirty Mexicans.
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Brian Jones 6-29-03  
Ford rules!Ford means

Ford's doing good.
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Jeff 4-9-04  
Mark, if you like it stock try it with headers and a K&N FIPK!
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Roger 9-8-03  
Had a 2000 southwind w/ford V10 & E4OD trans.Traded to a 2003 Pace arrow w/8.1 & 5 speed allison trans.No comparison 8.1 runs & feels like a diesel.allison trans is superb.I set the cruise control at 75,and it maintains over any terrain.Gets between 6.5-7 mpg.couldn't be happier
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Chuck Manson Hater 2-18-04  
Cheapest Heap Ever Visioned Yet
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 adam 4-1-04  
Nobody really talks about the chevy 8.1,but first its a V8 more hosepower and torque and sounds a hole lot better. i had a ford v10,now i have a dodge v10 they both sound bad with flowmaster but my friend has an 8.1 and that sounds awesome.I will admit the dodge v10 will out pull the ford v10 by alot but i got beat pretty bad by that 8.1
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Frank 9-25-03  
I have a 1999 F-250 4x4 V10 6.8. Let me say, this is one of the best trucks I ever driven. I had Dodge and Chevs, but Ford offers more Torque than its predecessors. In conlcusion, the V10 is the most torquiest of them all. The 6.8 beats the 8.1 by a long shot. FORD RULES.....FORD makes truck engine for the their trucks. Chevy makes torqueless car engines for thier trucks. Wanna a real truck, get a Ford.
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Dan 11-7-03  
Fords suck, our 2002 motorhome has the 8.1 w/ the banks and it kicks the shit out of our ford that had the banks but i got to say ford v10 was faily good w/ the banks but the diplacment sucked other wise thumbs up on both
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 matt 2-28-04  
I have a 1999 ford f250 ld,my friend has a 2001 silverado 2500 hd, competetive by nature, we compete in everything... my LD has done every thing plus more than his 2500 hd has done, with GREAT ease... not to mention how many times i have pulled him out when he has gotten stuck, dont get me wrong, i like chevys, but i have had them and i was not impressed one bit... i would deffinatly drive a chevy before a dodge or yota, haven driven a dodge before, the break system blows and the lack of power with their "hemi" is just sickening... im not even gonna waiste my time with yotas!!!
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 jason 4-15-09  
Ford v ten sucks dick doesnt have the horse power for the wieght
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Jeff 4-9-04  
Troy, pull your head out of your ASS! And by the way, learn to spell it's "piece" not "peace". Just shows what an ignoramous you are. Better look that up in the dictionary!
Re: ford v-10 vs. chevy 8.1 Bob 6-26-05  
After 30 years of buying General Motors products and Chrysler Products I felt I could no longer afford them. I have given each a fortune. I have owned 6 ford products since 1996. NOT ONE problem from any of the Fords. Fords service alone will prevent me from ever buying GM or Chrysler again. I ran over some road debris in the middle of the California desert causing a fuel line problem. Ford sent out folks to pickup the vehicle from Barstow and sent me on my way with a another car to complete my vacation trip. Thats service. However, I am considering the 8.1 workhorse system. I will just buy an extended warrenty. I know it will be needed with GM.
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