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New costum bult rv tom 2-22-14  
I am getting a RV that is to become my home for work and businesses i will be spending more time in unknown area then i will be spending at my home location so i have to consider everything from solar panels on the roof to conserve generator fuel while on the road to surge suppression when in some random part of the country to needing a few cell tower relays to insure i can get internet service and not lets not forget the entertainment system 2 200 watt PA amps and polk audio speakers then the big screen tv

the list of things go on to include sound proofing and insulation
Re: new costum bult rv tom 2-22-14  
For the cell tower relay i am thinking its best to power it though an isolation transformer and the network equipment though another small isolation transformer networking gear includes a high end commercial router a Pandora reviver and a wimax modem

not on that isolation transformer 2 computers one to be used as an dvr and the other for personal use email and gaming and so on as well as adding to my dvr collection though the network

the entertainment system will have its own dedicated rack mounted surge suppression hidden away along with the router and a wifi range master access point

all network gear will have inline rj5{Ethernet} surge suppression devices
at each end and

i will be using a cat5e network my surge devices are rated for cat6
then a mains level surge suppressor,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.61725948,d.dmQ,pv.xjs.s.en_US.14VvZ8adRLw.O&biw=933&bih=446&tch=1&ech=1&psi=aaYIU4KHNtPI0AG624HQAw.1393075811733.9&sa=X&ei=saYIU8jMIOby0gGH9YGQAw&ved=0CJIFEPMCMAU

a good friend of mine recommended i put solar panels on the roof instead of bigger batteries witch would add weight and still reduce gas mileage even if it reduced generator usage

i was thinking marine grade wiring would be a nice upgrade considering all the wiring did i miss anything as once they finish building i do not want to look back and say i wish i had that

things i do not see the need for are heated floors as long as they do not have the chill of a concrete basement nor do i want a full service kitchen

a few must have options are undercarriage storage and 2 burner electric stove microwave dishwasher and a TUB and shower no shower only
Re: new costum bult rv tom 2-22-14  
Another thing i forget to mention is i am thinking about having a separate 12 volt battery for lighting and the TV to save on the generator and inverter and pairing it with 200-300 watts of solar panels just for the dedicated 12 volt power and a 6 amp charger from the mains and or step down regulator from the 48 volt for the 120 inverter i do not like to leave much to chance i like to have it all done a step above standard for most things as to prevent problems later on as this will be my home for the next 10-20 years or more
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