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1967 Aladdin Trailer Tosha 1-14-09  
How much does a 1967 Aladdin travel Trailer weigh?
Re: 1964 ALADDIN TRAILER JAN 6-20-10  
I just bought a 1964 12' Aladdin trailer and would like to know what the weight could be.
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Ashley 6-28-10  
My husband and I just purchased a 1963 Aladdin 15' travel trailer this week. We are trying to get in contact with other Aladdin owners since there is such little information online. We started a Yahoo Group for Aladdin Owners. It's

We also have a shutterfly account for our trailer. Its
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Lindsay 2-7-11  
Anyone know where I can get an owner's manual for a 1968 Aladdin travel trailer? 16'
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Camila Ortiz 7-2-18  
How much does this trailer weight???
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer don 9-30-10  
Want more info about 15 foot aladdintravel trailer
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer rich 4-11-10  
I could show you what my 1969 Aladdin looks like..just let me know.
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Erik 3-2-09  
The standard weight for a 15 foot 1960's unmodified Aladdin travel trailer is 1194 LBS.

I believe it is the lightest tailer of it's size made in the 60's
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Eddie L. Branch 5-29-09  
Is a 1965 model 15 weight the same with a small fridge and stove. I' wanting to pull it with a 2001 blazer with a 4000 lb. tow capacity and wanted to be sure that I wasn't going to have any trouble.
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer randy dyer 3-19-10  
Would like to see a picture of a 1967 Aladdin trailer.
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Dale Coleman 2-8-11  
I am in the process of fixing up a1966 Aladdin myself. I really like this trailer. At 6'4" it is great to be ableto stand up and have a bed that is 80" long. Would enjoy contact with other Aladdin owners.

Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer mitch 5-3-10  
I have a 1969 16' aladdin and I lost the roof vent this weeekend are these parts still available or does after market fit and can you find them i am using in three weeks need to fix fast
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Joseph Cool 8-4-14  
Just bought a 71 Aladdin Car Pet in great shape. Looking for more owners
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Pamela Jones 7-13-16  
I have a 1967Aladdin that I am selling. Inside is in great shape. It roof needs to be re-sealed but over all good shape. It's been in my family my grandparents were the original owners. Make offer.
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Michelle Jones 5-23-17  
Looking for someone who does repair work on vintage trailers in Portland oregon.
RE: 1965 Alladin sheran 2-11-11  
Does anyone know if it's possible to get replacement "Alladin" decals for the trailers? If so, who do I contact?
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Elizabeth Neer 4-20-13  
I have a 1967 Aladdin camper looking for bearing parts and sleeves any ideas?
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Elizabeth Neer 4-20-13  
Looking for axle parts, bearing sleeves for a 1967 Aladdin camper.
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer craig 2-12-11  
I have a 14 3/4 inch neon clock with an Aladdin decal. I am selling it at my cost which is $50 plus shipping. Email me if you are interested and want to see a pic. thanks
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer sammy 9-28-11  
Anyone know the maximum allowable amperage of the Aladdin Model 16? I need to install a supply cord from the electrical panel for it to keep it in use in the driveway temporarily.And of course,no manual. Thanks!
Re: 1965Aladdin Trailer brian 2-22-12  
Just bought an 1965 aladdin truck camper does anny body hav anny more info no one
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Elizabeth Neer 4-20-13  
Looking for axle parts, bearing sleeves
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer don 9-30-10  
More info about 1967 aladdin
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Becky Hendrickson 2-25-12  
Could you send me a picture of the trailer?
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Ralph Gentes 1-12-14  
Looking for an owners manual for a newly purchased 16 foot Aladdin trailer. Would appreciate any help on finding one. thanks!
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Aladdinsane 10-7-12  
Does anyone happen to know the weight of a 1969 Aladdin trailer? The trailer itself measures 12 ft 9 1/2 inches in length. I'm always wondering about lengths people post if they are measuring just the trailer length or to the end of the ball? Thanks!
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Orpha 7-25-14  
I am looking for a manual for a 1967 aladin, Or if some one could tell me how much sould I pressurize the water tank? I've never done this or actually I really don't know how.
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer 15 donald 10-1-10  
Would like to find more information about aladdintraveltrailers 1967year and 15 foot
Re: 1964 ALADDIN TRAILER Jo 8-22-12  
How much does she weigh?
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Vytorus 7-28-12  
We just bought a 1967 aladdin trailer, does anyone have pictures of the inside of a refinished aladdin trailer?
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Sherrl 3-10-11  
I have a 1967/68? Aladdin. It was posted as a 68 but the registration/title says it's a 67. Through the winter months I've been refurbishing the inside, about to start on the outside.
Re: RE: 1965 Alladin Dale Coleman 2-15-11  
I am in the process of fixing up my Aladdin. I could not find decals so I had a sign painter friend take a look at the Aladdin logo's on my trailer. We took a number of pictures from close up and further away including one with a tape measure to show the size. He is an excellent sign painter and I am sure will do a great job after I paint her.

Speaking of paint I notice that every Aladdin I have seen is white. Ever seen one any other color? I am thinking of painting mine white again but polishing the unpainted aluminum.

Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Valerie 6-13-16  
I am looking for parts for my Aladdin 67 13 ft camper. Anyone know a good parts place?
Re: 1967 Aladdin Trailer Marinus E Waolf 7-17-16  
What is trailer hitch size for 16 foot trailer?
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