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How can newbies experience RVing without spending a fortune?

Renting an RV is often the best way to introduce yourself to RVing. Your local area is probably home to several RV rental agencies. In the United States, the leaders in RV rentals are Cruise America and El Monte RV.

Most rental agencies offer a variety of RV types and classes. Be sure to select an RV that you'll be comfortable driving. First-timers are often surprised that driving an RV is not much different than being behind the wheel of a van. As automatic transmission and power steering have become standard RV features, most customers quickly adjust to their rental vehicles.

In addition to providing you with a vehicle, RV rental agencies are typically a good source of advice about campgrounds, scenic tours, safety precautions, and other useful information. Once you're bitten by the RV bug, you can learn more by attending RV shows and talking to RV owners. You'll find that RVers are ready and willing to share their insights and expertise with newbies.

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