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Warranty Fraud Weber 2-19-08  
I purchased and paid in full for a Supreme RV Extended Warranty (7 yrs/80,000 miles with $50.00 deductible) and Tire Guard (7 yrs protection)from out of San Antonio, Texas. They NEVER activate my policies and they keept my money. WARRANTY EXPERTS is a FRAUD & RIPOFF. Pass on the news to others. I have been trying to get my money back for over 8 months. I WILL HAVE TO GO TO COURT.
Re: Warranty Fraud Peggy Cary 5-28-08  
Evidently Warranty Experts just takes the money and keeps it. We have taken them to court and they don't even bother to show up. We won and have a court order for them to refund our money (over $5,000) plus interest. They refuse to answer any contacts. So here we sit. Any ideas?
Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF Weber 2-19-08  
I purchased and paid in full for a Supreme RV Extended Warranty (7 yrs/80,000 miles with $50.00 deductible) and Tire Guard (7 yrs protection)from out of San Antonio, Texas. They NEVER activate my policies and they keept my money. WARRANTY EXPERTS is a FRAUD & RIPOFF. Pass on the news to others. I have been trying to get my money back for over 8 months. I WILL HAVE TO GO TO COURT. Anybody out there has been RIPPED OFF too? Let me know. Let's get together and get justice.
Re: Warranty Fraud Harold 9-7-09  
In April 2008 we bought a "The Plan" RV extended warranty and Tire Guard tire policy through Warranty Experts.

I found out last week that they never started either of the policies and apparantly pocketed my money.

Their telephone number is still working and I have left numerous messages without a response.

The Texas and California DA and fraud agencies are next.
Re: Warranty Fraud Ron 5-30-14  
Perfomance First issued me an extended warranty Admin is By Allegiance out of Dublin, Ohio. Administrator is denying claim for refer repair. Cooling unit line burst and refer/freezer does not cool. 2 RV techs have talked to Admin and explained that there is "no preventive service or maintenance" that would have prevented this. Admin is denying claim on the basis that "no annual maintenance" was performed by a licensed tech. Keystone ownwers manual has list of things to do annually, which I did myself. We are both senior citizens and are disabled, we live full time in this unit....
Re: Warranty Fraud Leonard Swett 12-28-09  
Bought a Service Contract from
Warranty Experts in 1/30/07
We also got ripped of for $4500
Turned it over to Sgt Bake of the TEXAS CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE SERVICES in 01-08-08 Have not heard from him.
We also bought Tire Guard road Service
Contract at the same
My wife called them to see if
they got there money which was $519 for seven years and they said
they did. My wife called them this morning 12/28/09 because we have a flat
and the number could not be reached.
Re: Warranty Fraud rob 2-5-14  
Its a money maker you must do your home work when buying an extended warranty contract their are a lot of bad companies out their like safeguard products and auto night tire and wheel stay away from them they are no good
Re: Warranty Fraud matt 11-21-12 – - jeff shelton – Scam artists San
Diego, California 1-800-939-2806

My grandparents purchased an rv extended warranty from this company and were
completely taken advantage of. The warranty was misrepresented at the time of
purchase and my grandparents did not receive the coverage they were promised
when they needed it the most. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone
else. Their customer service is nonexistent and they offer no support. Complete
Re: Warranty Fraud Pamela Risto 6-18-10  
We purchased a warranty on 12/07/06. Now they have disappeared. How do we get our money back? Is there any recourse? Thanks
Re: Warranty Experts Michael Smith 1-7-10  
I purchased a 3 year USED extended warranty on 09/01/06. I was informed at the time that if I did not file a claim I would be able to receive a refund of the premium. I sent in all the required paperwork for the refund and have not received any response whatsoever. I have tried to contact them over the past week and apparently their number is no longer in service.
Re: Warranty Fraud charles r. williams 4-16-10  
Paid $1420.00 for service contract but found out on the 14 April 2010 that contract was never actiavated by Warranty Experts at 9355 Bandera Rd. San Antonio, Texas, Suite 140, 78240.
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF Gordon 11-23-09  
I had an identical experience with Warranty Experts, Inc. to whom the payment for the warranties was actually made.

When I tried to get the refund due on the extended warranty and road hazard policies I thought I had purchased, because the RV to be covered had been traded-in, I found out that: (1) the contract application (7 yr, 75000 mi) which was supposed to be sent to Interstate National Dealer Service, Inc, Uniondale, NY had not been filed, and, (2) "Tire Guard" does not apparently does not now exist, if indeed it ever had.

For many, many months I have attempted to get a return of the money I paid since the warranty and road hazard policies were never in effect, and although promised by Dan Weldon of Warranty Experts, Inc that I would get some sort of refund for at least the Interstate policy, it has not been given.

Please do not try to do business with Warranty Experts, Inc. THEY ARE A RIP-OFF AND FRAUD
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF rush tx 10-9-08  
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF mike cichanowski 7-10-09  
I bought a 7 yr 80,000 mile warrenty for my rv which was never activated by phoenix, $3149.00 out the window.

mike cichanowski
orlando, fl. 32828
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF Susan 12-27-11  
Did not have any claims during the terms of the agreement. They were to return the full purchase price of the contract ($1,745.00) and they are no where to be found.
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF Jan Nielsen 10-21-10  
I to have been taken by Warranty Experts. I have tried to get the refund promised if no claims were filed. I even contacted the business that handled the claims for the Warranty Policy. They said they have no obligation regarding refunds and that was a matter I had to address with Warranty Experts (now out of business!). I am now filing a complaint with Texas Attorney General's Office and expect to eventually go to small claims court. Seems like we could all file legal claims against the assets of the deliberate scamming owners who perpetrated a fraud
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF teresa 4-20-10  
Just found out today (1st time needing the coverage) the repair place told
me about these guys and that my info was never sent to the warranty company who sold us or should I say ripped us off. 4/20/10
Re: Warranty Fraud Rush TX 7-23-08  
Take a look at this...

please contact me
Re: Warranty Fraud Peggy Cary 11-9-08  
So what is happening for you on the Warantee Experts front?
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF Shelby Sawyers 3-1-09  
Warranty Experts took our money as well. We never used our warranty and so we asked for the refund. I contacted the company and folowed the directions of the representative. The company never responded. I finally got somebody (Dan) on the phone and he told me that I was not going to get any money because I had not followed the terms and conditions. I had followed the terms and conditions given to me by their representative, but that was not good enough. Apparently, the written terms and conditions are buried with in the frequently asked questions and if you do not sift through the questions will not find any terms and conditions. I suggest staying far away from these pirates.
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF Dick Russell 10-6-09  
Me Too! any info on warranty experts will be appreciated, my policy cost me 1506.00. have not been able to contact them!
Dick Russell
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF Ralph Calabrese 3-12-10  
My policy is up and I was looking for a refund because we never used it. Does anyone have any additional information as to the status of the company?
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF New Braunfels, Tx 1-22-10  
Wow, I'm not alone.

I bought my extended warranty with them because they advertised on a reputable car repair radio show that plays on KTSA radio in San Antonio. This past weekend, I heard on that show that Warranty Experts was out of business. I called their # and like all of you, I found it was disconnected.

I am contacting the Texas Attorney Generals Office first thing
Monday morning.

If anyone can give me more info, it would be greatly appreciated.
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF Jerry Weisinger 6-17-10  
I had same problem with the crooks.
I contacted the Texas State Board of Insurance. I did have a policy # and It took about 5 weeks and I got every penny of my money back.
In Texas your agreement is with the Insurance Company and "NOT" the Broker.
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF Paul Lewis 12-27-10  
I have the same problem with Warranty Experts. I purchaded a policy from them and now I wanted to get my money back since I didn't use it. I would suggest we all contact the BBB and try to take legal action as a group.
Please let me know what you think.
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF susan houston 2-19-10  
Please let me know if someone has a bright idea how to get info on W.E.!!

I've tried to contact them as well.

I purchased an extended warranty online about 2 years ago.

thanks, susan
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF Jon Allen alias 6-4-10  
Im the lucky one 6 months after purchasing a warranty for my rv and car Dave and Jason never sent the policy in so when I went to use it it was no good. After fighting with them and them calling me names and being rude I just reversed my charges on my credit card it took 90 days and lots of letters but I won and the crooks at warranty experts loose. Eat my dust a holes.
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF ken 9-6-10  
Wow did not know this untill now can any one help get my money back, also camping worl watch out been in court since 2003.
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF Asa Thompson 8-18-10  
Does anybody have any ideas in how to get our money back? taking them too court work or not? Taking them to small claims court. I got contract with American Guardian Warranty but their tell me their have not receive the money for the contract.I got all the paper work contract and bill of sale but American guardian said cannot honor contract did not recerive the money so their not liable.Why would not be liable if their have Warranty expert selling their rv insurance.
Re: Warranty Experts - FRAUD & RIPOFF AJ thomas 11-15-10  
I realized this within 60 days of purchase that this company never sent policy but kept my money. I called my bank qnd had them reverse the charges after 90 days I had more paperwork and emails than they had lies. I was ceded the full money back. So shove Dave & Jason.
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