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American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Scott Kraft 1-26-04  
I would NEVER buy a warranty from American Guardian Warranty again. THEY ARE A TOTAL RIPOFF in my opinion. They will do anything not to pay a claim. I have had to sue them (their agent) twice and both times they paid and it never went to court. They make processing a claim very difficult.

They say you can take your vehicle to any dealer, but then they argue about shop rates, and part prices and don't pay the full amount. They almost NEVER return phone calls, and put you on hold a very long time when trying to get info on a claim. I put in a claim for travel expenses on a covered breakdown and they denied the claim saying I lived in the city of the breakdown. Their computer mysteriously switched my address to the "new city". This happened TWICE! Then to keep me from pursusing the matter they said they would sue me for FRAUD! I could NOT believe it. After submitting 54 reasons documenting my residence including my TAX RETURNS, property tax bill, childrens school transcripts, etc. they still ignored my request.

Although I have had some claims paid by them, it has NOT been worth it. I paid over $2,500 for my Warranty Agreement. I had a dealer tell me to not come back if I was using the warranty as they said it was not worth their time dealing with American Guardian Warranty.

Note: The average time it took for me to get my car repaired was over 1 week, due to the "red tape" put forth by American Guardian Warranty, which included inspections, lack of return phone calls, delayed payment, delayed approval etc.

Make sure to check what warranty you are getting, as many "agents" sell warrantys that are backed by "American Guardian Warranty".


(note if you search on the net you will find story after story of problems with American Guardian Warranty, I wished I had done my homework first)
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Chad 11-7-06  
So, we are to believe it is the selling agent?...and it's entirely due to his inability to work the AGWS system?

I have attempted to CANCEL a warranty that was erroneously made by my elderly mother-in-law. She placed the order on a car that had over 100,000...for a warranty that goes to 100,000.

The "Agent" somehow came up with a mileage of 37,000...and must have made up a VIN off the top of his head.

I have had to make SEVEN phone calls, and write TWO letters. Aparrently I forgot to have the first letter I had to send another.

I am still waiting to get back her deposit, and suspect it will never be returned.

If this is the "Agents" fault, then AGWS needs to train them or not let them sell thier product. It is therefore AGWS fault.

After trying to get the most simple thing accomplushed (a cancellation) I can't imagine the headache it must be for anyone to try and get paid for work done to thier car.

Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion dan 7-27-06  
I had the Ford Dealership sell me their Amerigaurd Warranty.. My auto hubs broke on the Ford.. Their contract stated they covered 4x4 and ALL components... I took the truck to the Ford Dealer and Amerigaurd DENIED the claim stating..."Oh, we don't cover hubs"....I got my money back from the dealership and will NEVER buy an extended warranty again...
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Michael 7-8-06  
My daughter is having a problem with her “Compass Protection Plan”which apparently is part of American Guardian Warranty. The company (in Glen Ellyn, Ill., 1-800-579-2233) told her they would not deal with the Ford dealer because, “They charge too much.” She took the vehicle to a reputable mechanic who determined the alternator was bad. The mechanic called the protection plan people and was told they would not pay for a new alternator and that he had to use a rebuilt alternator, which does not work. She is due to move to another state in two days.

Is there a class action suit in progress against this company? I would like to join in a suit and just handle the repair cost myself.

Thank you for any information or advice.
Tour in Verona on Segway AaauceApabs 8-15-17  
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American Guardian Warranty - Basic Courtesy Not Found Bryana 7-19-06  
I work for a RV Service Ctr in So Ca. and we are often required to deal w/ AG as well as other extended warranty carriers. I have only one MAJOR complaint about AG customer service: They are the rudest, unhappiest, most unfriendly people I have ever had to deal with in the 14+ years I have been in the RV repair business. Just this morning I received a call from an AG rep and he asked for the owner. I asked which company he was calling from (as we work w/ many and currently have 7 coach's here under extended warr) and he replied, "I said Extended Warranty, it doesn't matter which #!$%! one, put him on the phone!"....Well! I said that it does matter so that I may pull the paperwork and that it was unneccessary to be rude. (I certainly wanted to say something else.) His reply was...(unbelievable)..."You think that's rude?! Well what do you think of this...." and he hung up on me! He called back about 3 minutes later and repeated his request in exactly the same rude tone and manner. I transferred him immediately to the person he requested.

Now, this really pissed me off as you can imagine and yet I've always held my tongue when it comes to AG because I've EXPEREINCED their malicious, YES, malicious disregard of THEIR customers needs. They have intentionally "lost" paperwork, "mis-read" work orders, "mis-wrote" fax & phn #'s, declined legitimate claims, not returned calls, claimed reps were on vacation when they really were not, ohy! and my FAVORITE....I can't tell you how many times an AG rep has "read" or "written" the WRONG VIN #!!!! (It's a running joke around here that all vin#'s written to AG are to be in size 16 font, bold!) I cannot recall a single claim that I have put thru on behalf of the insured that has gone without contention.
One last thing I'd like to point out: RV owners more often than not are the baby boomers and older. These clients pay their bills in full, including their extended warranty premium. Not only do they deserve respect due to their age, but also for their spending ability and their time spent accruing that ability. Carriers such as AG need to keep this in mind. We've all witnessed what the baby-boomers have done for this country when it comes to the economy. It's a stupid, stupid mistake for a company such as American Guardian to disregard the potential repercussions of bad, rude, and just down-right incompetent customer service. And hey folks, it's NOT the agencies or the dealers that are in the wrong, it's the COMPANY...American Guardian. It's THEIR PRODUCT and THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. (The concerned party of 3-22-05 seems to have "misunderstood" that portion of American Guardian's contracts.)

Roll on all and enjoy your coaches! And remember, puleez...regular maintenance on your coaches & trailers will help you avoid those lovely & unforgettable vacation stops here in our shop! We don't like mad coach owners running around anymore than you like being in our over-heated RV Repair shop!
Take Care,
So. Cal
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Jimbo 3-30-07  
Having the same problem with American Gardian now that all of you seem to have had or are having at this time. they will not pay the repairs in full. I Keep calling back and they keep putting me on hold or send me to voice mail. Have not gotten a call back yet. My truck has been in the shop since Tuesday. The adjuster finally called the dealer on Friday and refused to pay for the repairs. I now have to pay an additional $900 and the truck might be done on Monday. So now I'm caught between a kock and a hard place. I'm loosing work time -- paying a preminum for this warranty -- have to pay extra for the truck -- I rented a car and they were supposed to pay for the rental BUT now the repair is not a four hour repair. It is only 3.10 hours to do the repair sooooooooo I have to pay for the rental also -- And I have to waste time fighting a loosing battle -- BOY THIS IS GREAT -- THINKING OF ALL THE MONEY I SPENT FOR THER WARRANTY I COULD HAVE EASILY PAID FOR THE REPAIR ITSELF AND HAD MONEY LEFT OVER. There has to be some recourse -- maybe there should be a class action suit brought against this company. There seems to be enough people being ripped off by them. I am getting in touch with the office of consummer affairs in the state and make them aware but I have a feeling they already know.

Wish I had done my homework too Scott
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Shelby Whatley 9-21-07  
I also got a mailing from Dealer Services (American Guardian Warranty). Is there any way to send them an e-mail directly? Other info from my mailing:

Call Today 1-800-607-8786
Registered Owner ID: 822-054-212
Florida License # E 130100
available for 72 hours only
0% financing on programs activated today!
You pay what our employees pay

Signed by Russell Garland Senior V.P.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Tina Hill 6-28-07  
I have a Volvo S80 that we purchased a extended warranty on through Guardian Warranty. We thought this plan would protect us if we ever ran into repairs. We paid $3500.00 for the best plan that had no max and no deductible and covered from bumper to bumper. We are 'very organized' and kept every receipt for maintence on our vehicle. We never went over the manufactures recommend maintance schedule and always had it done at a dealership.

I was drive my car on day and the oil pressure light came on. I pulled over and called the dealership. They recommended I have it looked at immediatly. I did not want to drive the vehicle to prevent further damage. I called Guardian Warranty and asked about having the vehicle towed and to have the dealership look at it. They ok'd it but I would have to cover the extra milage on the tow as the dealership was out of town. I agreed to that.

At the dealership they discovered a major problem with the engine that was going to require and completly new engine be installed. The dealership contacted Guardian Warranty and explained this to them. The Warranty company said that they would need to send out an inspector and need to "see" the engine parts that were damaged. They would not rely on the computer analysis. This tear down of the engine would cost me $400, as diagnostic is not covered by the warranty even though they would not approve any work until this was done. I was also not authorized a rental car during this time because rental reimbersement is only during the repair process. The inspector could not get to the dealership for 4 days.

After the inspection was done it took them 1 day to deny my claim, stating failure to properly maintain maintenance on the vehicle is what caused the problem. This was before they even called me to ask for maintenace records. I then had to send in my maintenance records only to have them deny it again stating I did not have my oil changed every 3000 miles. Volvo recommends every 7500 miles, which was followed. The guy at Guardian pretty much told me that everyone knows the correct oil change interval is 3000 not 7500 miles.

I finally got fed up with him and started asking for his boss. He would not tell me who his boss was, so I got sneaky and started leaving message on every voice mail the directory had listed. I got a call back from a supervisor and had to fax him all my maintenance records. Also included the Volvo S80 manual that stated ol change schedule and the part on my Guardian Contract that stated I had to have oil changes done every 3000 miles or as recommend by auto manufaturer and a letter from my attorney. He finally approved my claim.

This entire process took two months. They only covered 3 days of rental car. They also did not cover oil and seals for the used engine that was replacing the damaged one.

This experience was a nightmare.
$3500 for the original warranty.
$1100 for rental car for 2 months
$400 for the tear down of the engine at their request.
$100 add'l towing
$200 for oil and seals
$300 for the labor they did not cover.
Plus all the phone calls, faxes and headaches.

You tell me if this is worth buying their warranty plan.

An engine on my own with out the warrany would have cost me between $4500 and $6500. installed per my dealership. With the warranty cost me $5600. I will never buy another plan from this company or it affiliates. By the way I got no help from the original dealer that sold me the plan.

According to my current dealer, which only sells Volvo extended warranties, ealership get incentives to sell this warranty plans.

Please learn from my experience, Guardian Warranty is a rip off. It has nothing to do with being an informed consure or being organized. I was all of that and still
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion RIpped off customer 5-14-07  
American Guardian refused my claim stating that repairs were not authorized prior to repair being made. The dealership called American Guardian the day before the repairs and did not get a call back. When they called again for authorization the next day, I had already requested the repair. They denied my claim.

While I agree that technically the company was within their rights to deny the claim, they certainly violate an ethical point. If they dont return their calls promptly what is a customer supposed to do?

I will never use this company again and suggest to anyone that this company is only out to rip off their customers.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion upset buyer 6-7-06  
I don't buy that stuff in the post that says the problem is with the agency, not the administrator.

I have an AG policy that I bought online through All contact after the sale is with AG, not the selling agency.

I have only had my vehicle in for repairs twice since the policy kicked in. Ironically, it was the same repair - the window motor - first on the left side and then a year later, the right side.

In both instances, AG would pay about 1/3 - 1/2 of the price of the part. (I have $0 deduct.) They told my (certified) mechanic that they would only pay what their computer showed the part should cost. My mechanic is very consciencious and consumer oriented, so he called practically all the parts houses and dealers within a 50 mile radius. The prices quoted were all within a few dollars of the cost from his normal supplier.

Interestingly enough, on the second repair, they would only pay $89 for the $227 part while a year before they paid $170 on the same part that was then $205. So after a year, AG's computer has a LOWER value for the same part, even though common sense says that inflation will cause the part to be MORE expensive a year later. I suspect they are showing prices for USED parts rather than OEM. If so, that's a real rip-off. Salvage yards are OK for body parts, but NO WAY do I want a used electrical part.

I would love to hear their story, but I can't get anyone to return my calls.

This was not a problem with prior approval or questionable maintanance. The AG rep told my mechanic that the repair was approved, labor covered, and the part covered up to what their computer allowed.

I have 5 vehicles, three of which will be replaced in the next two years. I've learned my lesson - I will stay away from American Guardian. I have policies from Warranty Direct on 2 vehicles and have yet to have a problem with any claims.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion John Brennan 12-4-06  
In addition, no francised dealership large enough to have a finance manager would sell a warranty such as Amercian Guardian. They sell nationally recognized companies because they all understand the problems a company like AGWC can create.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Ed 4-25-06  
My existing contract with AGWS is up in June 06. This is for a class A motorhome and unfortunatly, I've needed to use them several times over the past 3 years and I don't recall having a major problem with them. Whenever I take it to the shop I always give them a copy of the contract, which I reviewed before to ensure it was covered, they contact AGWS and I pay my deductable of $50.00 and I drive away happy. The one thing I try to do is take it to a dealer, Ford in this case for the chassis, or a RV repair place for the motorhome itself. At the Ford dealership, they needed to test the fuel pump before they could say it way bad. AGWS paid for the time they spent testing and everything else except for my $50.00.

I'm looking at maybe renewing with AGWS or maybe going with CSP. CSP seems to be a little different in their coverage and deductable, but worth looking at.

If AGWS is't any good, does anyone have a better company?
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion TheRVGuy 8-12-05  
It has been brought to my attention that Warranty (actually about 30 websites all running under different names) is selling contracts and has been caught more than once not forwarding the contracts to the administrator. This is very bad, and unexeptable to our community. It has also been brought to me via evidence that is selling contracts to CA and FL residents against reputable business guidelines. There is much decieveness going on, and I am here to clean it up! If you can't play by the rules, you won't be able to play. If I have any say.

Call me the "Warranty Cop", call me someone who thrives on Integrity, Honesty, and Consumer Advocacy.
Someone who actually cares, believe it or not.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Mary Gayler 8-4-05  
Will not honor their warranty, use all
kinds of excuses not to pay. Do not
call back.

When contacted stated paperwork was a problem, their inner office screw up. Promised to call dealer with authorization for repair. Car had already been in dealership three days. To date, they have done nothing.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Rich Saunderson 4-29-05  
The Open Roads Forum has been interesting reading the last couple of years. It does give people a place to vent their frustrations with dealers and warrantees. We bought from La Mesa in Tucson and people said beware. We were treated fairly and thought alot had to do with the salesmans experience. Everyone has their storys about warrantees and we laugh about some of ours when we look back at Ford's extended warranty on our Explorer. I noticed a noise in the front axle at very slow speeds and agreeed to let to a Ford engineer find out what it could be. Two months went by and I would see the enginner driving around the city loaded with test equipment. After rebulding the front axle completly they gave it back to me with the same noise except a little louder. Everyone was quiet about the lenght of time and the engineer was no where to be found. Serveral months went by and a chance meeting of a friend of the engineer one night at a dinner we found out he had died of a heart attack and so the dealer put the car back together and said it was fixed. I was always treated very well after that and glad I kept my mouth shut about the lenght of time. The noise never went away and found out it was in some explorers and some had no noise. We have friends who are worried that GM is going to leave them out in the cold if their engine develops pistonslap. GM needs to step up and extend the warranty period for workhorse owners. Thanks for good service Rich
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion A concerned party 3-22-05  
I wanted an opportunity to re-post this as I did not do spell check. So, please accept this post as a corrected copy of the previous post with spelling and grammer errors fixed.


I must defend this unfounded accusation
towards American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. It is not them. Let me try, yet again, to relay the truth about this industry.

You see, it is not them, it is the agency, 99.5% of the time it is the agency. Plain and simple. Don't you think for a minute that AGWS, is in business to pay claims? That is what they do. Don't you folks get it? What makes you think that AGWS is any different than any of the other warranty companies? Why would you think they are worse, when in fact they are one of the most prominent? Let me clarify defend them....

99% of the policies sold, are sold through dealerships. AGREE? Now wouldn't you agree that out of that amount, how many would you say customers were told, sat down, WELL INFORMED, and time taken out explained by the selling finance manager, how to file a successful claim, or anything about filing claims? How many? That's right ZERO!! They don't care, they sell them, include them in financing packages, barely say anything, push, deceive, subtly offer, just automatically include in contract, or try to convince you to buy a warranty, or a host of other ploys. Ever experience this? Of course you have. That is probably how you came to realize this internet industry, and ended up on this forum, right?

So, let us just take this example of a uninformed purchasing consumer. They bought the warranty from the dealer. 3 years pass, and they suddenly in need of a repair. Do you think they will know how to effectively file a claim? Do you think they were "schooled"? No!!!! Would they remember? Possibly not, do they know who to turn to? No!!, Go back to the selling guy?, Not!! So what do they do, they file a claim incorrectly or don't follow the proper steps, then complain about not receiving claim service.

That is just one example of how people, if not trained properly or told right, can and will have potential problems with their policies.

I get sick and tired of people saying bad things about fine warranty administrators, only because they bought from a bad outlet. I can prove my point to anyone. I get reports sent to me of filed claims of just my client base. And let's see, hum.... Looks like they just paid out over $14,200 in claims on my clients behalf only in the last 4 months. I am just a drop in the bucket and a small agency. Image the numbers then. IN FACT, AGWS pays out on an average one diesel motor replacement a month!!!

So, don't sit there and tell me that they don't pay their claims!! Just because of a handful of consumers who got a bad deal, or your situation, does not reflect the overall consensus. Think of a hundred or so resolved complaints, (a hand full compare to other competitors) and then put in into perspective to the countless hundreds of thousands policies sold each month. Give me a break!

Now, let's address the agencies capacity. There are dealerships selling our program, and there are a couple of direct marketers authorized. Since I have already addressed the lack of guidance offered by dealership F&I guys, it is undisputed, you must agree. Let's get right to direct marketers. There are several direct marketers that can't seem to stay out of "hot water", I mean this to say, simply questionable business practices.

The problem here is that 3 of the top players are all involved in lawsuits and or are performing without integrity. They won't tell you this. Case in point, it is a public fact that American Guardian is currently in the process of suing Warranty Experts, for breach of contract and other disclosed charges. Then you have Warranty Experts ex-employee and/or partner, for Warranty Experts being accused of handing over, or selling databases to a competitor, which is Now, Warranty Experts has filed a lawsuit against Warrantyservicescomapny for theft of a database. Now it has just come to my attention that just attempted to contract a customer with a Florida residence, which by the rules of AGWS licenses, is illegal, and would not be honored. Well, the customer was sent the contract, then fortunately wasn't done looking, and came upon myself, I noted it, and called out the situation, an suggested that if he didn't believe me to call AGWS himself. He did, and phoned me back and said I was right. I said of course, I am right. He was just about ready to send in his contract and payment.

Where do you think that contract would have went? It could not have arrived at AGWS and been processed. It would have been declined and refused. Were they banking on no claims filed? Are there more? How many?

This is the problem, don't you see? Not the warranty companies, most of them are decent, honestly. It is the bad apple agencies selling the policies. Don't you get it?

All you simply have to do is find an agent that cares about reputation, and the reputation of their backing company, find a company which conducts itself with integrity, honesty, and a true commitment for client devotion, and doing the "right thing". If you are lucky enough to find this firm, you will be safe, protected, and in a position to offer future defending posts like this one.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Harry Bodine 8-17-05  
Wow. Great stuff here. I'm very interested as I'm looking to purchase a warranty myself but it looks like at least one of the posters here is in the RV business. The RV guy or whatever he calls himself. I thought this was a discussion for peers only. Not interested in biased information.

The rest of you with legitimate warranty problems have my attention and I'm sure you can get some sort of refund if you cancel. Everybody tells me that their warranty is cancellable.

-Just a regular RV'er
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion steven 12-7-05  
It is all about the process - I'm a vry organized person and had never had a problem with AG - My warranty cost over $1200 over 3 years ago for a $0 deductable 7yr or 100,000 mile bumper to bumper plan and they have already paid out more then my initial fees and the car is in the shop for another $500 worth of work on the Tranny.
Yes in many instances work is delayed for the issue to be inspected and approved. They also ask me to bring it to a more ideal repair shop - in every case that I have been asked to bring it to another shop, the shop that found the issue was glad not to do the repair and affirmed that the recommended shop was better suited to do the repair since they specialize in that type of repair. Great example, they asked me to go to AAMCo for the transmission.

Is it perfect service - NO. Is it the same level of service if you bought the extended warranty from a brand name dealer - No, but it is 1/2 to 1/3 the price for a better warranty.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion George Burton 1-20-06  
I just bought a warranty through an agent in Mesa, Arizona advertising on the Web. It is for a NEW Motor Home and is a 7 year/100,000 mile with a $ 50.00 deductible. American Guardian Warranty Services, INC is the Administrator with reinsurance listed on the contract by St. Charles Insurance Company, RRG ( Denver ) and Hanover Re.

We live in Florida.

Am I throwing away a lot of money here ?

Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Chris 1-6-06  
I bought two extended warranties back in 2001 for my car (2000 Olds Alero) and my wifes car (2001 Saturn SL1). With both cars we had a total of 3 claims. In all three claims, we wound up paying about 1/3 of the repair bill. We paid $1100 each for 6 year 100k mile warranties with a $0 deductable. In each complain to American Guardian they said they use a National agreed upon amount for part cost and labor times. So, as an example, one job I was charged 2.5 hours labor but the book time that AG pays on is 1.7 hours. There is no flexibility at all. It is what it is. Instead of using it as a guide to make sure repair shops are not abusing the customer, they set it in stone. Every repair shop is different and instead of using a range, they use one set #. They are a joke and the company I bought the warranty from (AG backed the warranty, WBN was the reseller) dropped them too. Their customer support is rude and inconsiterate and I decided after this last amount I have to pay that I will do everything I can to make sure no one buys from them.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Noelle 12-23-05  
I am currently trying to get my car repaired. I have an extended warranty with American Guardian Warranty. I would have to agree with the guy that started with all. Here is my situation. On my way home from work one night, I noticed that my breaks sounded like they were grinding. I called a friend that works in a Tires Plus (who did my breaks less then 1 yr ago) and asked if he could take a look at it. I didn't make it to the shop. While driving down the street in rush hour suddenly I hear this horrible noise like the wheels were falling off, and the car seized up and would not go anywhere. I called a tow truck and had them bring me to Tires Plus. The guys call me and tell me that it's my bearings that went out. so I tell them, Oh...I believe that is covered under my extended warranty. So I fax them a copy of my agreement, I call AGWS and explain the situation. They tell me to have Tires Plus call with the info and they would pay the claim. Easy Right? WRONG!!! Well when the mechanics take off the bearings they find that the spindle had welded it's self to something...bla bla bla (I'm obviously not a mechanic) and that the spindle also needed to be replaced. According to my agreement this is also covered. So, Tires Plus calls it into AGWS to let them know of the additional cost and SUDDENLY...this is now "Under Inspection"! The lovely representative at American Guardian was a complete jerk to my guy at Tires Plus and tells him that they will have to send out an inspector to see if they will cover the damage. If they find that this was (#11 on my agreement) caused by continued operation of an impaired vehicle then I am responsible to pay for the repairs. Now, I have mentioned that I'm not a mechanic and I have no knowledge of what could possibly be wrong with my car. I trust my friend to tell me what is wrong. I had just gotten new tires not to long ago and there was nothing wrong then. I get my car serviced on a regular basis. I do everything I'm supposed to. Including paying $1100.00 for this Warranty! Now they are telling me that because I was "driving the car" that would be considered "continued operation". To top things off, it is 2 day before Christmas and I have no car. I asked them about the rental car coverage and they tell my that Tires Plus only has 2 hours worth of work on my car and there must be at least 4 hrs noted in order for them to pay for a rental. Of course they don't have any work written down about the spindle yet because it has to be inspected before they will do the work! So not only are they making this completely inconvenient, I'm not going to have a car for at least 2 weeks over of the Holiday's! AND...there is no guaranty that this is even going to be paid for! What kind of #$@! is that!?? I will NEVER get another agreement from this company again! And I will be reading the fine print on every agreement I get in the future!
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion jeff smith 9-25-07  
Agree with others, AG is a rip off. Had my Van into three different auto mechanics, a dealer, an independant mechanic recommended on 'click and clack' web site, and another independant mechanic. All three said Van needed new power steering unit. Ag sent their rep in to look at van and he decided that the three separate mechanics including the dealer were all wrong, and they wouldn't authorize the repair. I plan to start proceedings in small claims court. I basically gave away $1100. Live and learn.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion John Brennan 12-4-06  
I'm in the aftermarket vehicle warranty business. If you buy over the intenet and not from the dealer that sold you the car, you've made a mistake. That dealer wants your business time and time again and should help with claims issues. Because of the volume of contracts he writes with a perticular company, he also has "pull" with that company to help you and to save face for himself. Never buy a warranty from a provider that is not insured by a recognizable insurance company perferrably A+ rated by AM Best, and make sure they are not a risk retention group, usually identified as an RRG. RRGs are usually not finacially secure enough and are onwed by the service contract company and need to deny claims to stay in business. Lastly the individual that stated that American Guardian is a prominent industry leader either works for American Guardian or doesn't have a clue. I suspect the he works there. American Guardian is a low end used car warranty that is offered on the intenet to unsuspecting individuals or offered by used car dealers that don't care about their customers. The car dealers buy these warranties from independent agents that sell fly by night programs for the quick buck and will be on to the next half ass company when Amercian Guardian goes out of business. I am a 25 year veteren of this business and have built a successful career by providing dealers with the education to do the right thing for their customers and by offering quality warranty products.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Dabangan 2-3-11  
Wife purchased Warranty - had to have it towed, Warranty people said it would only cover 2 out of the 8 things wrong, and would cover towing.

After deciding to trade in vehicle, company said no to the towing as the mechanic submitted claim AFTER we traded the vehicle in. Date of service was covered, adn we are now trying to cancel warranty. AGW is total ripoff and will not work with you nor are they honest.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Ed Brown 1-19-11  
Guardian is a total rip-off. The brochure reads as if all systems are covered; however, none are completely covered, it was written by an evil genius.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion American Guardian Warranty 8-30-10  
Dear Consumers,

We understand this response is not timely in nature, but it was recently brought to our attention. We wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with more information about our company. American Guardian Warranty is a company committed to making sure that all the issues and claims of our customers are fulfilled. AGW serves 535,000 customers and makes payments of nearly $20 million annually. We welcome our customers to contact us for any issues that they have. At AGW, we work tirelessly to make sure we meet the needs of our customers.

We have been working with the Better Business Bureau since May 2000, to help satisfy our customers and their needs. The BBB is an independent party that provides a fair solution for both consumer and business. They have given us an A+ rating, which is the highest a company can achieve. The only way a company can receive such a rating from the BBB is to resolve issues with consumers using the BBB's solutions. In the past, we've seen companies receive similar complaints that did not resolve their issues as we have. In one case, a company earned an F rating from the BBB for failing to respond well to complaints and then a few months later they went out of business.

Many individuals have purchased warranties from companies claiming they are associated with us, when in fact they are not. We would like to provide you with the appropriate contact information so that you can easily reach us. We also encourage individuals to thoroughly read through their service contracts to better understand the terms of the agreement.

We welcome any and all inquiries regarding our company and its products. For additional information check out our website, read our brand new blog, email us at, or give us a call at 1-(800) 579-2233. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

American Guardian Warranty
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Charles 5-24-10  
I must admit, I was a bit confused by all of these negatives posts until I dug further and checked with the Better Business Bureau. I saw that the BBB gives American Guardian Warranty an A+ rating. Crazy you say? Well apparently they serve thousands and thousands of people and really have a great reputation among just about all. In the cases where people are negative, it seems it has little to do with AGW and more to do with the owner (you posters) NOT putting the blame where it really belongs -- and that is on those who either sold you the plan or service the plan.
What I learned is that if you try to get something on the cheap from someone who isn't reputable, then buy a warranty from someone like AGW who is reputable, you cannot go at AGW if and when something bad goes wrong. It's buyer beware -- not on the warranty but on the quality of the RV or car you're buying.
Remember, they have an A+ rating with the BBB. You don't get that by doing bad things to consumers who act responsibly.
And please don't get your feathers up. I'm sure some of you have legitimate complaints. But I also read a bunch of these and think it's silly for those people to blame AGW when they had nothing to do with you buying something on the cheap.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Barb 5-25-11  
Took our car in 5-23-11 with power steering problems. Inspector came on 5-24-11 and rejected claim. The steering column rusted out. THEY DON'T COVER RUST (OR CORROSION...#12 OF EXCLUSIONS!!!!) AG called and said even if the radiator rusted out, they wouldn't cover it. Now I ask you, if there was rust on your engine block, would they cover it. It's a 2006 Mercury (55,000 miles), they told me to call the manufacturer since that part rarely if ever rusts. Costing us over $525 to get it repaired.

I'm going to try to get our money back on the policy ($2550), even if I have to get an attorney.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Patricia Wolfe 10-1-07  
American Guardian Warranty Company will fight you for every claim you make - they will deny your claim saying this is not a listed component for coverage - we had an ignition switch go - costing $461.00 - we were 300 miles from home & they said it was not a covered component - the warranty lists iginition wires as not covered but says nothing about ignition switch - they knew if they covered it they would also have to cover the rental car & lodging & dining fees also - therefore they would not cover the claim!

They also made it very clear that they has already covered $1100.00 in claims over the term of my policy - which to me was them saying we already paid more out than you paid so "you're done!" I would never recommend them to ANYONE!!!!
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Alan Sills 2-23-16  
Full disclosure: I work for a RV dealer - but I'm writing as a CONSUMER who purchased an AGWS "ESC" (extended service contract). As with any ESC, I read the "fine print" and knew what it DID and DID NOT cover up front. When I did have cause to call upon AGWS to pay a claim - a mere 5 weeks after purchasing the policy, I followed their procedures which included bring it to a legitimate RV service center, have them identify the nature of the issue, then have them call AGWS BEFORE repairs are executed.

I did all that - AGWS approved the work to be done, the repair shop did the repairs - and they were paid within DAYS of completing the work. I have ZERO complaints with AGWS - largely because I followed their procedures as did the repair shop. The rv repair guy even commented that the process was MUCH smoother than what he has had to do with similar ESC companies.

Kudos to AGWS and THANK YOU for making the process painless.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Lamar Brigman 7-21-12  
I bought my truck from Planet Nissan in Flagstaff Apr 19, 2012. I use my truck for work, I am a satellite technician. They sold me an extended warranty with Compass Protect Plan and nothing was said about issues of how I use my truck. The truck had 89k miles on it at the time, and the 100k warranty was still in effect. July 13th my tranny went out and I was stranded out of town. My insurance company towed me to Flagstaff where I live to a tranny shop, the dealership did not have time to fool with it. At this time the truck has 102k miles on it. After checking it was recommended I get a new tranny, the adjustor from Compass came to evaluate it, yup he said, I need a new transmission, but wait....he found I use the truck for work and said nope, no can do and is going to cancel my policy. I called the dealership, and in good faith it would have been good PR for them to help me, but nope, 2k over the limit so no can do. The thing is, I looked at the brochure on the web for Compass ( I never received on in the mail) and I don't see any disqualifications for how the vehicle is used. The dealership didn't say a word, probably too eager for a sale to really look out for the welfare of the customer. I will never buy a warranty again and I will never do business with Planet Nissan of Flagstaff as well. Meanwhile, I am stuck and stranded....not sure what Wells Fargo is going to do with a repossessed truck with a bad tranny......
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Don Ross 6-8-12  
Check engine light came on my 2007 Ford Explorer. Thinking I have extended warrantee with Compass Protection Plan of American Guardian, I took car in and dealer did smoke check and found a crack in the EVAP line to solenoid above gas tank. Dealer says insurance co declined claim because line was made of plastic. If it had been metal, claim would have been approved. Ins. co states claim declined because solenoid was full of dirt from broken plastic line that is not covered. What a rip-off this company is. They use any excuse not to approve claim. They are very expensive also. Dealer stated he had to hold 40 minutes before they answered phone. Very uncooperative with me as well. I didn't buy extended warrantee for this kind of treatment.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Ronald Burns 12-8-11  
Very difficult to deal with. Over the year I had the policy on my RV, I put in two claims. A broken spring on the leveling device and even then they were hesitant to cover it. Collapsed leaf spring on rear axel. First refused and then after I demaneded arbitration, offered to pay half of the cost. Total of $800 paid in claims. I sold the RV a little over a year after I purchased it. Cancelled the policy and asked for a refund. I was charged for the year of coverage which was to be expeced. They also deducted the $800 dollars paid on my claims. I paid for a years insurance and got no coverage. They claim the right to decuct any and all claims if the policy does to run it's full term no matter what the reason.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Robbie Sutton 5-13-10  
I have to admit AGW is a rip off.They take money out of your account,but dont want to pay for any claims. In my wifes truck the motor is blown, cause of a piston breaking. AGW wants oil receipts on all services done, or have the place of service give you a print out.But if you change it yourself then your screwed.So now I have a truck setting at a dealership with the motor out of it, and dont have the money to pay for it. Thanks American Gaurdian.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Ron and Suzette Frederick 5-28-11  
We will certainly do more homework in the future. We learned a lesson on this as well. We wonder with 4 years to go on our current warranty, that we paid almost @2K for, if we can cancel and get a refund. we will certainly look into that. And never purchase from them again. We will also let our dealer know that they need to do thier homework and NOT recommend this service again. Or at least provide truth in advertising when selling this warranty.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion roy olson 11-18-08  
I am an attorney in Chicago and I am investigating this company. if you have information regarding fraudulent or bad faith claim practices, I would appreciate hearing from you. please e-mail me at:
thanks, Roy
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Mike Moran 5-12-08  
Head of Service department at the Mercedes dealer told me not to buy it, didn't pay what they should, forced them to utilize used parts, etc, as has been echoed by posts above. This even though the policy was sold through the M.B. dealership! Had not purchased it yet, then came across this string, just in time.

Their flyer says they are a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Plugged in their name, and many variants of how it could be listed....never showed up on the BBB screen. Will look for alternative after market warranty coverage. Thanks for the heads up all!
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion MIke 3-19-08  
I purchased a AG warranty on Friday for $1700. I am suddenly very nervous that I have wasted my money. I never purchase extended warrantys, this was the first time. I hope I don't get hosed..
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion jerry shanes 4-8-10  
We hads the same thing happen us they did us thge same way the people are very very rude ass holes,all of them not just a few,they wont pay your claims,you have to either sue them or threaten to sue,everone needs to go or call the dept of commerce and insurance in your state and have them send you the paper work to file a complaint agaist them they have told me here in Tennessee that if we all do this that they will step in and take action agaist them,everyone please do this,that all i had to do is tell them that we had been talking to them and the next day they agreed to pay for the repair after about 2 months,we still filed the report and we need others to do the same,STOP THIS COMPANY FROM RIPPING ANYONE ELSE OFF AMERICAN GUARDEN WARRANTY,WHAT A RIPP OFF,
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Tim Christensen 2-17-08  
I also have an AGW warranty purchased in 02 from Premium Care Warranty Services. When I contacted them about a problem with my RV, they could not even find my contract number. I faxed and phoned several times. They now need my original payment for the contract which is absurd from that long ago. I guess one tip would be don't go here, ever, the second, if you did purchase one, either find your proof of payment right now and attach it, or contact them immediately to see if they have it for you. Do not purchase AWG. They will do everything in their power to prevent a claim. In my case, they won't even let me try with the documentation proving my service contract.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Another Customer 1-12-09  
I wish I had see this page before, it has been four month and no sight of a car, excuse after excuse, one trany after another, there has to be some statue of limitation on all of this? Please tell me there is something that will protect us customers from stuff like this.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Scott Kraft 12-29-09  
Update: I finally sued AGW and Won!

They hired a local attorney and brought out their "heavy weight" from Chicago. I won. I did not use an attorney. However, I had a stack of evidence and contemporaneous notes and some phone recordings of my dealings with AGW. I was able to get them to submit to the judge copies of their database. However AGW petitioned the Court (and won) to seal these records so I could not even read them as they were concerned I would use them for against them for some "bigger plans". My opinion is they were concerned about a class action lawsuit.

I did win however, as the Judge looked at the database printout in chambers. However, AGW did not pay. Instead AGW appealed and I had to start all over in appeals court.

In appeals court I was able to force them to provide copies of several reports that had been sealed by the prior judge. These copies revealed what I had suspected and that is that AGW did not tell the truth about what the independent inspector said.

AGW's representative from Chicago, under oath, said the inspector found no validity in the dealers claim.

However, a review of the inspector's actual report said the opposite. The inspector said that the dealer was correct and if the item was covered to repair it. There was no dispute that the item was covered.

AGW claim that the inspector did not support my claim was the "nail in the coffin" in my opinion.

I not only won but I was awarded more than in the first trial. AGW paid me through their attorney my full awarded amount!

FYI: AGW tried to say claim was a pre-existing condition. However, I had a pre-purchase inspection by an independent party that confirmed all was fine.

AGW tried to cloud issues as to where I lived and where I broke down to avoid paying travel expenses. The lost.

The only area AGW beat me on was they did not have to pay the full Mercedes labor amount even though my contract says the dealer of my choice. I think I could have done a better job, and won this issue. It was not very much money as it was only one repair at a dealer in Orange County California that regularly serviced my Mercedes before I moved. (i.e this was just a small part of my entire claim) I just did not have evidence that all service centers in Orange County are expensive and being a Utah Judge use to a $35.00 hourly shop rates, the Judge was not convinced that the $100.00 plus hourly shop rates are normal in California.

FYI: The nearest Mercedes dealer to the trial location was 3.5 hours. If I had had a 4 while drive truck I would have been set! (LOL).

If there is a large law firm that would like a great opportunity for a class action lawsuit, this is a good one in my opinion. I have received e-mails over the years from others who experienced the same issues I did. I have awesome information of AGW record keeping and databases, and there is a sealed copy in the Utah Courts so AGW could not make changes if they were so inclined. There are thousands of customers that would be affected by a class action lawsuit. If there is any firm that wants to give this a go, please feel free to contact me for information on how I won, and what information I uncovered.

FYI: This was not easy and took hundreds of hours. I had to park my Mercedes S500 for 2 years and not use it, to preserve the evidence. I had to consult with several experts and make numerous Court appearances. I had to survive motions to dismiss, etc. Each time, I researched case law, and respond to motions. I survived the process and WON, and have collected a lot of documents. I have also formed an opinion of how AGW operates, and I have evidence that they did NOT follow the advice of the inspector in my case. I suspect I do not stand alone.

Good luck to all of you out there that are fighting this same battle and the supportive e-mails throughout the years.

Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Lil 2-18-09  
Hello out there. I have a 2004 BMW 325 and I'm thinking about purchasing this warranty. After reading all of these posts, I'm not sure I want to use them. I know that BMW parts are expensive and I'm afraid that they won't pay for them in full like they promise.
Does anyone know of another warranty service? Thank you for your imput. Lil
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion jade 8-2-09  
Thanks, will put a block on my credit card account, before the transaction goes thru,it has not yet, maybe since is a weekend, & the credit card Co. is in the phillipines? I had a bad feeling towards the online salesman, who said after I wanted to review their warranty, that this was the only chance I would have to get a 5 year extended warranty for the price i was offered, was the lowest price, something I could afford due to I am on disability, is why I was told I was offered a 5 year warranty at that low price.After I paid the down payment of 395, I then was e-mailed the particulars of the warranty, which was not what I thought I was getting.Ur warnings helped to confirm my doubts, ty.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Mark M 7-18-09  
I have the Platinum plan with no duct able. My transmission went out in my car. When we went to have the transmission fixed they will only pay to have a used transmission put in my car. My mechanic and I both tried to get them to pay to have the transmission rebuilt. NO LUCK. It takes 3 to 5 days to get the transmission here. They will only pay for 3 days of a rental car. Because they had to send an inspector out to see or they would have only paid for two. They state it is only 7 hours of repairs therefore I can get 2 days rental. I have been without my car for 2 weeks now waiting on them. I swore to them I would do anything I can to prevent people to buy this plan.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Margaret 5-13-09  
Just purchased from agent. I should have check on line first. Can't get hold of anyone at the number that I was given. I sure hope I can cancel any payment before contract is sent. Have any suggestion
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion robert wilson 11-2-07  
Has anyone have any good experience( AGW), PLEASE SHARE.robert
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion gary 6-15-05  
I am sure there are many customers that nave no issues with American Guardian. Of course, the majority have probably not filed a claim. However, they are like any money grubbing business, in it for the money only. They are not willing to treat the customer as someone that they might actually have as a RETURN customer someday. We are fighting them now for a tranny issue. No, we didn't completely follow their directions since we were out of town on vacation. Didn't have our paperwork with us. We took it to a 5star dealer that was the closest in the town we were strnded in. We didn't have our paperwork on us and the dealer started the work. The next day, when they were halfway through the fix, and after we got our claim filed (had to rent a car to get home), they stopped the work 50% into it so the "adjuster" could look at it. Now they say that since we didn't get autorization, they aren't paying., plain and simple. The tranny failed, it is at a 5star dealer, they should learn to treat each circumstance with common sense. I hope they change their mind, I sure wouldn't use them or tell anybody they are worthwhile if they don't. Since when is treating the customer like shit good business? Never.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion TheRVGuy 8-12-05  
That is a dealer issue, not AGWS.

Someone at the dealer dropped the ball.

Once again.


Guess why you don't see any thing or info on Interstate (Star), or RV Shield.

Because you can't buy direct. And their penetration in the market is much smaller. If it is a valid policy, you call AGWS yourself, and they will take care of you as the policy holder, if they don't, you call me. I will see they address the issue.

I suspect this a soley dealer issue.
: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Pat Keenan 3-17-08  
I came VERY close to purchasing a $1,600 car warranty from these people- THANKS to these posts NOT- You saved me a costly mistake- Any reputable extended car warranty Co's out there, or is it better to take a chance w/o one

Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Dave McAllister 8-17-05  
I purchased an American Guardian Warranty from and actually developed a very nice rapport with them. I am very pleased with the deal, price, and integrity of that organization. When I asked about other warranties they did not "Bad-Mouth" anybody else or try to disuade from shopping. I can't say that about RV, RV, or Warranty Experts. When I asked about the Florida/California incidents (I have homes in both states, as well as Texas), they told me that were not told not to sell in those states until July of this year and have since continued to do busineess in those states. The coverage of AG is sound enough, you just have to read the contract and follow the guidelines.

I'm not an RV cop, but I know what's what and somebody didn't do their homework!!!
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Doug Brown 11-30-05  
I own a boat with a inboard outboard motor. The warrenty is over and received a call from American Gardian Warranty Services of Florida, Inc. They said they would give me a extended 6 yr. warranty for about 1300.00. I Googled this and found this web site. Have you heard how the boat warranty is?
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Ron Bullock 12-14-07  
Yes, it is a complete waste of money. You have to be extremely diligent to force them to pay for any covered repaires and you must be willing to put up with a lot of rude and obnoxious people. Dont buy it!!
Re: American Guardian Warranty - Basic Courtesy Not Found Joe 5-20-08  
American Guardian rewards rude employee's and cuts corners,delays rip off in my opinion.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Vijay 7-3-08  
Well I too have the Volvo S80 t6, and my god Im going through just as much problems as you are. You dont know how mad i am at these guys either. I too paid 3500$ for the next 3 years---(till 2011)--- and they already denied me two claims of 2500$.

Now my transmission is slipping, and they refused to do it at the Volvo Delearship, wouldnt trust the computer analysis, forced me to take it to ammco transmisssions(where they could take it down).... They cant get me on maintainence...

Bottom line these guys are awful.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Dwayne 8-12-08  
Plain and simple...DO NOT BUY THIS WARRANTY....If you are reading these posts you are already ahead and should want to STAY there. During my call to American Warranty Group AKA "DEALER SERVICES" in response to a mailer I received regarding my 2003 vehicle which is now out of warranty (except for the powertrain warranty which is up to 100k miles)I had the worst experience. After declining their offer of $3500 several times, I was transferred to a manager who reduced the price to $2200 and after listening to his SHPEEEL" I still declined and he was so upset, he said in a very, VERY rude tone "HAVE A NICE DAY" and HUNG UP ON ME. Now that's customer service for someone who was not yet a customer. I can only IMAGINE what you customers are dealing with.
Re: American Guardian Warranty, a total ripoff in my opinion Antonio Gonzalez 12-8-08  
I need information about joining a law suite againist this company, My car has this warranty, and my brothers, and a friend of mine, we all bought our cars from the same dealer recently. My friend we to have his car serviced, and got the run around, bad mouth on the phone, and his car is still sitting in the shop, he was told it would sit there for 3 to 6 weeks, until they felt like sending a check.. the repair was $230, we have contacted the dealer, and he seems to not know what he is selling to the coustomers. Only saying im sorry... I hope I my car, and my bothers does not need a repair, because I can't got thru this...
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Unlike erythromycin, azithromycin is acid-stable and can therefore be taken orally with no need of protection from gastric acids. It is readily absorbed, but its absorption is greater on an empty stomach. Time to peak concentration in adults is 2.1 to 3.2 hours for oral dosage forms and one to two hours after a dose. Due to the high concentration in phagocytes, azithromycin is actively transported to the site of infection. During active phagocytosis, large concentrations of azithromycin are released. The concentration of azithromycin in the tissues can be over 50 times higher than in plasma. This is due to ion trapping and the high lipid solubility (Volume of distribution is too low).
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