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Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Scott Kraft 1-26-04  
I would NEVER buy a warranty from American Guardian Warranty again. THEY ARE A TOTAL RIPOFF in my opinion. They will do anything not to pay a claim. I have had to sue them (their agent) twice and both times they paid and it never went to court. They make processing a claim very difficult.

They say you can take your vehicle to any dealer, but then they argue about shop rates, and part prices and don't pay the full amount. They almost NEVER return phone calls, and put you on hold a very long time when trying to get info on a claim. I put in a claim for travel expenses on a covered breakdown and they denied the claim saying I lived in the city of the breakdown. Their computer mysteriously switched my address to the "new city". This happened TWICE! Then to keep me from pursusing the matter they said they would sue me for FRAUD! I could NOT believe it. After submitting 54 reasons documenting my residence including my TAX RETURNS, property tax bill, childrens school transcripts, etc. they still ignored my request.

Although I have had some claims paid by them, it has NOT been worth it. I paid over $2,500 for my Warranty Agreement. I had a dealer tell me to not come back if I was using the warranty as they said it was not worth their time dealing with American Guardian Warranty.

Note: The average time it took for me to get my car repaired was over 1 week, due to the "red tape" put forth by American Guardian Warranty, which included inspections, lack of return phone calls, delayed payment, delayed approval etc.

Make sure to check what warranty you are getting, as many "agents" sell warrantys that are backed by "American Guardian Warranty".


(note if you search on the net you will find story after story of problems with American Guardian Warranty, I wished I had done my homework first)
Re : Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion john sabo 8-2-06  
I am like a lot of you thought i had a good deal on extended warranty. Well I am paying the price now my truck has been in the dealer for 11 days as of 8-9=06 the dealer has been doing all it can the inspection dept send this indepent inspector out and he does not know the differance between a spark plug and a radiartor cap this has caused the delay in reparing my truck and so far have acculameted 350. dollar rent car bill and they will not pay any of do to the terms of the contract they do not pay for diaginist and part dely time. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF THIS COMPANY. so do not get screwed like i did. parden the spelling. have a nice day.
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Millard 8-4-06  
I am going to cancel my warranty with American Guardian. They took a month and a half to send me information regarding my contract with them. Also they missed spelled my name and city on the contract.Then they did not send me a statement for billing, they just charged my checking account.
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Kim McMillin 3-27-07  
Yes it is Warranty by Net...they are just blaming the backers. The excuse we were given was that Heritage Warranty Mutual Risk Retention Group was to blame. Still we contracted with and were sold the policy by Warranty by Net. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BY ANYTHING FROM THESE FRAUDS WHICH BLAME OTHER COMPANIES WHICH ARE IN ON THE SCAM. THEY JUST KEEP POINTING FINGERS AT EACH OTHER UNTIL YOU GIVE UP. A CLASS ACTION NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT AGAINST THIS CRIMINALS!
American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. Charlie R. 3-8-06  
I have purchased 2 warranties from American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. I had a claim on the 2nd policy which was promptly handled, and my car was repaired.

I am sorry others here had a hard time, but I would purchase from them again.
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Terry Haile 5-15-14  
Rip-Off you bet. These bastards took my money up front($1200) and then my engine went. I had all my oil change records as well as everything else required of me. Still when I tried to get them to pay they said the payment was handled by a third party and gave me that number. I called and they said they were out of business and I had to get my money from W by N and not them. I called W by N back and they asked for all my records. I faxed them that day and never heard back. Called and again got the run around as to who should pay for the repair to my engine. Had a lawyer send them a letter stating their responsibilities and still no response. Called once more only to have the guy from W by N just basically tell me tough shit and refused to talk with me any longer. Don't trust these A-Holes ever!
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Mary Gayler 8-4-05  
Contacted this company concerning warranty coverage along with American
Guardian. Both have done absolutely nothing. Evidently Warranty by Net
and American Guardian Warranty are
both exploiting customers.
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Scott Kraft 1-26-04  
American Guardian Warranty is the actual warranty holder, Warranty by Net just sold the policy.
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion JIM MTAYLOR 3-15-04  
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Dan 6-21-04  
We sold our car, which had an extended warranty through WBN, and American Guardian. We sent in the paperwork to have the warranty transferred. We received a letter 32-days later saying that we "forgot proof of title transfership" and that since it was more than 30-days from the date of sale, that the warranty is void. This is now a breach of a contract between us and the buyer of the car, since we promised, on the bill of sale, that the warranty came with the car. What did we need, at the time of sending the information in? We needed the actual title of the car, with the buyers & sellers name on it, with an odometer reading. Problem with that? THE STATE OWNED/HAD THE TITLE. It took 30-days for the state to mail us the title when we sold the car. There is no way humanly possible that we could have had this information to American Guardian, within their "30-day" requirement. It was nice that it took them 32-days to tell us we missed some information too.

I would NOT recommend this company to ANYONE.

The End.
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Terry in Idaho 4-25-07  
Warranty by Net is without a doubt a ripoff company. My mechanic, myself and my lawyer have all talked to them about a repair that should be covered and all of us have been given different reasons why they won't pay. All are liars, just making you "feel" like they are legitimate which they are not!! Stay away from this company or should I correctly state liars, thieves and frauds. If anyone from Warranty by Net would like to meet with me personally I'd love to see you too and kick your sorry ass to the tune of $3000 that you stole from me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion cisco 8-8-06  
Since I purchase my thur the dealer can I still get my money back?
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Blaine Geiger 9-23-08  
Would never again recommend them to anyone, just a legal scam is what it is.
I agree that a class action lawsuit is the only solution. Heritage Warranty and anyone else remotely associated with Warranty by Net are highly skilled con artists who take pride in giving people the ultimate runaround
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Insider Z 5-9-07  
I just received an email from a "Concerned Person" who decided to send me a copy of this thread & wrote...
body: I got the information about American Guardian Warranty of the the internet and thought you maybe interested. The picture painted is not a good one and I for one would not buy their warranty, which makes me wonder why you are selling their produce?"

Did you read EVERYTHING that you sent me? Did it ever occur to you that they write thousands of policies a week & there are bound to be unreasonable people trying to get items covered under the warranty that are simply NOT COVERED ITEMS. One gentleman in the email you just sent is complaining about a "hub" not being paid for....The HUB is not a covered why should the warranty company pay?
They are licensed & bonded to do business in every state and are regulated by the Dept. of Insurance.... If they felt there was a scam or deceptive practice going on, they would shut them down. We have been using American Guardian Services for about 5 years & find them to be a very reputable company who holds true to the policies they bind. Read below the excerpts that I pulled from YOUR email.
· "The coverage of AG is sound enough, you just have to read the contract and follow the guidelines."
· "It is all about the process - I'm a very organized person and had never had a problem with AG - My warranty cost over $1200 over 3 years ago for a $0 deductible 7yr or 100,000 mile bumper to bumper plan and they have already paid out more then my initial fees and the car is in the shop for another $500 worth of work on the Tranny"
· "I must defend this unfounded accusation towards American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. It is not them. Let me try, yet again, to relay the truth about this industry."
· "My existing contract with AGWS is up in June 06. This is for a class A motor home and unfortunately, I've needed to use them several times over the past 3 years and I don't recall having a major problem with them. Whenever I take it to the shop I always give them a copy of the contract, which I reviewed before to ensure it was covered, they contact AGWS and I pay my deductible of $50.00 and I drive away happy."
· "I purchased an American Guardian Warranty from and actually developed a very nice rapport with them. I am very pleased with the deal, price, and integrity of that organization."
· "You see, it is not them, it is the agency, 99.5% of the time it is the agency. Plain and simple. Don't you think for a minute that AGWS, is in business to pay claims? That is what they do. Don't you folks get it? What makes you think that AGWS is any different than any of the other warranty companies? Why would you think they are worse, when in fact they are one of the most prominent?"

You can take the rants of 1% of the overall accounts they hold to heart, or you can take it from someone who does this for a living, every day for 15 years, knowing both sides of each incident & claim and just how unreasonable the general, uneducated public can be. Good luck finding your new car. Remember, every used car in Florida is sold "AS-IS with all defects." Govern yourselves accordingly!
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Ashley Taylor 12-11-08  
Im having a hard time contacting warranty by net. does anyone know their contact info. number?!?!
i just paid off my car and it doesnt even run!!! i need help!! please
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion American Guardian Warranty 8-12-10  
Dear Consumers,

We understand this response is not timely in nature, but it was recently brought to our attention. We wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with more information about our company so that we can help you, and future viewers of this thread. We are not associated with the company, Warranty by Net, mentioned in the title of most of these messages. American Guardian Warranty is a company committed to making sure that all the issues and claims of our customers are fulfilled. AGW serves 535,000 customers and makes payments of nearly $20 million annually. We welcome our customers to contact us for any issues that they have. At AGW, we work tirelessly to make sure we meet the needs of our customers.

We have been working with the Better Business Bureau since May 2000, to help satisfy our customers and their needs. The BBB is an independent party that provides a fair solution for both consumer and business. They have given us an A+ rating, which is the highest a company can achieve. The only way a company can receive such a rating from the BBB is to resolve issues with consumers using the BBB's solutions. In the past, we've seen companies receive similar complaints that did not resolve their issues as we have. In one case, a company earned an F rating from the BBB for failing to respond well to complaints and then a few months later they went out of business.

It seems that many of you have purchased a warranty through Warranty by Net, which may have been the issue in regards to contacting us. Any contact information provided to you may not have been directly associated with our company. We would like to provide you with the appropriate information so that you can easily reach us. We encourage individuals to thoroughly read through warranty agreements to better understand the terms of their agreement.

We welcome any and all inquiries regarding our company and its products. For additional information check out our website, read our brand new blog, email us at, or give us a call at 1-(800) 579-2233. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

American Guardian Warranty
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Georgeann Tricarico 9-18-08  
I agree Warranty by net is a total rip off. i am trying to get reimbursed for repairs and they keep blaming Butler financial and Heritage. I complain to the Attorney General of NY and they arent helping either.Any suggestions. The best they are still in business and trying to get me to renew my warranty!!!!!
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion DR 11-12-08  
I too have a $1400 claim in to Heritage approved by Vemeco that is not being paid for over 6 months. Claims were paid until Butler/Heritage became involved and now this is happening. You can get your calims approved by Vemeco, but you wont' get the claim paid by Heritage. Nice setup! Seems the S. Carolina department of Insurance is getting interested in this company. I suggest you contact them.
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Vijay 7-3-08  
Im right there with you guys... They are total ripoffs... I bought 3yrs/36k miles. 3500$.

the have already denied 2 of my first claims....gave me the "previous existing condition" what BS... I just bought this in 01/2008.

To top it off I am taking the delearship that sold me this contract to court, for fraud on the previous contract that i bought from them.

I had the chance to trade in my old warranty, from the new one. The mind games they played. Im even considering taking this warranty American Auto Guardian warranty for a full refund.
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion S. Elliott 6-6-07  
There are quite a number of comments on this webpage:

To insider Z:
You said, "Did it ever occur to you that they write thousands of policies a week & there are bound to be unreasonable people trying to get items covered under the warranty that are simply NOT COVERED ITEMS." There seem to be too many unhappy people with legitimate claims that have been denied. Regardless of how many thousands of policies a week they write their first obligation should be servicing all claims properly, not giving customers the runaround trying to avoid paying claims. Also, "regulated by the Dept. of Insurance" apparently does not apply in Ohio since their name does not appear anywhere on any list in the Ohio Department of Insurance.

To Scott:
You stated, "Warranty by Net was NOT the problem...." I'm sorry, but I believe they should be held responsible. They took my money; they should reimburse me regardless.
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Ben Skruud 10-12-07  
Warranty-By-Net: formerly in Hawaii, moved to SC for several reasons, easy laws seems to be one of them.
Related companies:
Heritage Warranty Mutual Ins. RRG (N or S Carolina)
Vermeco, Inc (El Paso TX)
Butler Financial Solutions (Boca Raton FL)
USA Risk Group of SC

Phone numbers:
843-766-2327 / 877-872-7475
Paul Newton ext 2250
David Watson ext 2211
Ken Hilliard (claim handler)
Bob Cota 817-785-6245 (Vermeco?)
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Bert Thomas 3-2-08  
I filed a claim through Warranty by NET in Oct 2007. The claim has not been paid as of yet even though they approved the claim. Warranty by NET told me that claims are now being handled by Heritage Insurance. I have contacted them numerous times since submitting the claim to no avail so far. I do not recommend any company affiliated with Heritage Insurance. I will add that I did have reasonable service from Warranty by NET until Heritage took over.
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Mark Willerstrom 2-28-04  
This is not the case with us. This is my second go around with this company. Never a probelm yet and yes, I actually have had to use it. Moreover, I was turned on to it by
another indiviual a couple of years ago whom was very happy as well.

When I saw this post I just had to say something. I think there must have been some specific thing in your case. I know they have been around a long time.

I am sorry to hear about it however.

Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion Scott Kraft 5-16-04  
Warranty by Net was NOT the problem, they have been nice and responsive. It was the warranty company they used called American Guardian Warranty that was the problem. Warranty by Net tells me they no longer deal with American Guardian Warrany due to the numerious problems they have had. Warranty by Net could have done more to help me with American Guardian Warranty. But even so, Warranty by net is not the real cause of the problem. I hope this clears that up.
Re: American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. sherrill sturm 3-25-09  
OHHHH, NOOOOOOO!!! I was without my car for 14 weeks, and got the rude, uncooperative, incompetent service advisors. Then, they gypped me out of a legitimate claim.
This is a company whose representatives argue and swear at you when you initiate a claim. A company that does not do what they promise. A company that is slow to respond. A company that hassles the mechanics. A company that does not pay a claim which they have authorized. A company that takes weeks to send you a reimbursement, (short hundreds of dollars and without sn accounting.)
Without too much detail, for my first claim, they couldn't find my contract. The repair took 10 weeks; I did not rent a car. The mechanic complained about American Guardian. They sent a used part which failed in 525 miles. I paid for my own towing both times. A new repair shop took a month for the replacement repair. The mechanic complained that the company was only pying him for four hours of work, and he spent three hours n the telephone with them aline.
I called to authoroize a car rental the second time, and the representative told me to deal with the supplier of part, as it was under warranty. When I insisted that was their job, not mine, the customer service rep said " unbelievable" to me. I then called the sales agent for assistance.
I rented a car for 2 weeks and two days, getting prior "authorization by "the boss," senior customer service rep.
The check they sent me was short two hundred dollars and five weeks late. No explanation of the deduction on the check.
Re: Warranty by Net, a total ripoff in my opinion jessie 10-25-08  
I wish I knew what to tell you. All I can tell you is I used to work for the telemarketing part of the company, and if you get a call from Motor Vehicle Protection Services it's the same company!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a disgusting company and the owners are real pieces of trash. Thats why I quit. Best of luck.
Re: American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. Bernie ODonnell 10-8-10  
We purchased a travel trailer and took out an extended warranty through American Guardian. The term of the contract was 7 years and expires September 2010 of which we never had a single claim. We observed a leaking roof in August of 2010, and were not able to get it serviced until October 4, 2010. We did not know the extent of leaking until the service personnel were able to examine it. We were notified October 4th about the damage. We contacted American Guardian who refused our claim over the phone in a confrontational rude manner. The fairness and reasonableness of refusing our claim is what is in dispute. The damage clearly occurred during the warranty period, and should be honored by American Guardian. They do not dispute that the damage occurred during the warranty period but will not honor the claim.
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