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One big rip off company,american guardian warranty jerry shanes 4-8-10  
We all seem to have the same problem with this company,my 2005 m6 piston rod broke,we had changed the oil every 3000 miles,we keep very good records whenwe did this,how ever we did not keep the actual sales ticket where we bought the oil,we where told when we bought the contract we where told that everyone does there on oil changes and this was fine,so when they tore my mototr down the company was told by the factory garage (dealer)that the car was very well maintained they started looking for a way to keep from paying,so we talked with an attorney he advised me to wright them a letter telling them that we where going to appeal there decision not to pay for the repair and that we where prepared to sue them and that we had contacted the tennesse dept of commerce and insurance and that they where also interested in our case,and they where,they decided to fix my car after almost 2 monthes of waiting and fighting with them,but they still did not pay for a rental car as our plan stated,they did not pay the dealer all there money we had to pay for all the oil and fluids,over $200,the people are very rude,would never buy another warranty from there company again and if your smart you would not either,we are still thinking about sueing them for all the money that they ripped us off for,they need to be shut down for good,we are not just a bunch of pissed off clients,google them on any site nothing but bad feed back not one single good report from anyone all bad,stay away from them,please,dont get took like the rest of us trusting people did,we trusted you guys you have let us all down,with all your lies...and your crooked ways,your a bunch of losers,
Re: one big rip off company,american guardian warranty Charles 5-24-10  
I just wrote in defense of American Guardian Warranty on another post. You say to look them up and I did. The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating. Apparently the people who are making the biggest complaints go to forums like this where nobody can question you. But the BBB does question it if you go to them and, as I found, in most cases they say the consumer didn't do what he or she was supposed to do.
In your case, you didn't keep track of oil changes. That's your fault, not AGW's. What if you didn't change the oil. Should they pay then too? I'm sure you think so, but they don't.
Again the BBB has a great rating for them -- for a reason. They're a good company from what I was able to uncover.
Re: one big rip off company,american guardian warranty Asa Thompson 8-18-10  
Does anybody have any Ideas on how to get my 5th wheel fixed or my money back from american guardian warranty. I bought my rv warranty from Warranty expert which I have a contract from American guardian to fix my rv but their tell me they got no money from warranty expert for the contract. to me fi you people selling your insurance you should be responable or stand behind.Why would the person selling american guardian warranty insurance be the only person responablity
Re: one big rip off company,american guardian warranty American Guardian Warranty 8-30-10  
Dear Consumers,

We wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with more information about our company so that we can help you, and future viewers of this thread. We are no longer associated with the company, Warranty Experts, mentioned in the post on 8-18-10. American Guardian Warranty is a company committed to making sure that all the issues and claims of our customers are fulfilled. AGW serves 535,000 customers and makes payments of nearly $20 million annually. We welcome our customers to contact us for any issues that they have. At AGW, we work tirelessly to make sure we meet the needs of our customers.

We have been working with the Better Business Bureau since May 2000, to help satisfy our customers and their needs. The BBB is an independent party that provides a fair solution for both consumer and business. As mentioned by a previous poster, the BBB has given us an A+ rating, which is the highest a company can achieve. The only way a company can receive such a rating from the BBB is to resolve issues with consumers using the BBB's solutions. In the past, we've seen companies receive similar complaints that did not resolve their issues as we have. In one case, a company earned an F rating from the BBB for failing to respond well to complaints and then a few months later they went out of business.

We would like to provide you with the appropriate contact information so that you can easily reach us. We encourage individuals to thoroughly read through their service contracts to better understand the terms of the agreement.

We welcome any and all inquiries regarding our company and its products. For additional information check out our website, read our brand new blog, email us at, or give us a call at 1-(800) 579-2233. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

American Guardian Warranty
Re: one big rip off company,american guardian warranty Dabangan 2-3-11  
Tried calling - on hold for 2 hours and then got rude customer service reps. How is that helping??

AGW - Total Ripoff
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