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With RV sales increasing, and more people choosing the recreational vehicle lifestyle, we should be seeing rv dealers offering good deals to first-time owners... and we are! Many motorhomes, trailers, and 5th wheels are being provided for the newbie, in both function and price. Thor, manufacturer of Airstream trailers, is so motivated that they will invest $80 million in projects during the rest of this fiscal year, which will bring their total investment for the entire year to around $130 million. Wow! That's just one example. In both the U.S. and Canada there is a resurgance of RV sales. In Alberta, Canada the number of people attending RV shows is up 40%. People have been saving money and now want to reinvest. Many of the top sales are on luxury RVs and motorhomes. With gas prices still low enough to fill up the tank, which may cost up to $300, it is still better than flying, and allows people seeking recreation outdoors, the opportunity to camp year-round. The point is: with all the savings in new, used, and luxury recreational vehicles, motorhomes, and bus conversions, the industry as a whole is seeing a resurgence. This means a healthy market for everyone.

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