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Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Jess 2-21-06  
My wife and I are beginning the search for a possible Class C motor home for our retirement. I'm retired, she still works. We can't afford a Class A monster, so are focused on Class C used.

Most of the ads so far feature the Ford 450 Triton V-10 engine, from around 24 feet to 31.5 feet coach.

I would like to hear from those who own this engine, what your average gas mileage is, how is the performance, what you like and dislike about this engine, and is it big enough for a 31 foot coach. I am fearful of buying something that will spend lots of time in a shop. I could not afford that. Can you drive cross country with confidence with this engine?

Thanks for your honest reports.

Jess & Bonnie
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Bill Martin 10-5-09  
I'm looking for an illustration for the spark plug location on a 2001 bounder. thanks.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Ann 10-3-09  
Where to buy reliable replacement for this engine. Ours blew due to leaking coolant unnoticed. How much is to be expected for a replacement (without labor)?
Fleetwood Pace Arrow Vision 2000, 60K miiles or so.
Ann in central PA
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Jenny Stevens 12-5-09  
I have a 2001 Infinity RV with the wonderous Triton V10. The first engine blew at 4,000 miles (under waranty, but they kept it the whole summer) This year at 35,000 miles the engine just stopped near Salt Lake City. The piston rings broke. Ford will not help me and it is 100% their fault. My maintenance record is impecable and I am really, really angry and $9,000 poorer. Jenny
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine james Hurt 12-17-09  
I have a V-10 in a 2002 Pleasure-Way. It weights 9500# before people & luggage. On flat roads, I can get 14 MPG w/o the A/C. I have checked over 18000 miles and it is pretty consistant. O.K., it's 10 MPG in city & East coast style mountains (under 3000 ft).
SO FAR, I love it. Looks like I been lucky.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine brad 12-31-09  
I have a 2000 model f-350 w/ the triton v-10 i have over 220,000 miles on it and ive never done anything but change the oil 10mpg no more no less love it and i am currently buying a new f-350 w/ the v-10 ive had 2 chevy 8.1 and 1 dodge 24valve cummins and none have come close to the ford
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine carlos 10-2-09  
Own 2001 ford excurcion i did round trip to new york with 600 dollars on gas no rental no air fare i think is pretty good.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine ron 8-28-09  
Have a 2004 24ft rv /v10 and have just returned from alaska to phoenix put 10,000 mi,s on her for a total of 36,000 mi,s average gas milage was 10.4 to 11.4..did not burn any oil,but when you climb a steep hill take her out of over drive control is not too smart and will always drop the trans into 3rd gear for small hills,good engine
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine John Spratt Jr 7-11-09  
The more I read the more Iam confused my decision will be made tomorrow 1999 GEORGIE BOY With YOU GUESSED IT TRITON V10. EXCELLENT CONDITIONENGINE yet to be determined
Re: Ford Triton V-10 Engine Roger 6-13-09  
I just sold a 31 ft winnebago with a V10. When I sold it it had about 63000 miles on it. The thing I loved the most about it was the motor. I pulled a VW Jetta with a tow bar through the Smokies with no problems. The engine didn't seem to notice car or the hills. The mileage dropped to 6.5. That trip also included a lot of 75-85 mpg. On flatland at 60 mph I get 8-9.5. I love driving a 31 ft vehicle and passing anything I choose
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Fred Said 7-19-09  
Jorge, Check for coolant in your cylinders. I heard it happens with the triton and will cause serious damage if started. Also check for corrosion at the battery and starter solenoid. Good Luck
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine John Van Dyne 8-14-09  
V10 in 2000 e350 conversion van 410 rear end almost 213000 miles pull 30 foot Montana travel trailer I have changed the plugs twice and it will still pass anything on the road except a gas station it does the job that I had it built for.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Dick 1-9-10  
I have a 1998 Bounder with the Triton V10. I've had problems starting the engine. Turn the key on, nothing happens. turn it enough times, it starts. Not the battery. It's in fine shape. When it turns over it acts perfectly normal, when it doesn't, nothing happens, lights don't dim, etc. Is there a relay somewhere, is it the ignition switch, any suggestions?


Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Harvey 9-11-09  
Hi, folks, we are on our way to look at a class "C" this morning, and appreciate all the advice.
I like Jim's blog on gas mileage, O2 sensor, K&N air filter, and tire pressure.
I've had something else, not on Ford, but Dodge 4.7 that has given me phenominal mileage and more power as well. Go to to learn more. Tip: don't go into Google, but on the top line of Internet explorer.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine wilbur 1-17-10  
Im hearing the complaints about excessive down shifting. I have the same problem. Does anyone have a solution?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Bob McClure 7-13-10  
I have 2004 Monaco LaPalma 37 ft motor home with the V-10 Ford and Banks system.
My first trip was up to Big Bear Lake in California. The performance was impressive at 8600 ft altitude. My previuos rig was an F-250 v-10 with the same set up pulling a 31 ft 5th wheel up the same road. The motor home did much better and had equal gas mileage (about 7 mpg). I've had only one problem... the cockpit AC went flat on me and the speedometer isn't registering propoerly.

I just used the motorhome to get up to the high Sierras with not problems.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine murray 5-30-10  
Ford v10 triton iam on my second south wind i love this engine never had a problem 10 mpg no more no less
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Shelly 7-14-10  
Have a Ford Triton in 33' Fleetwood. Curious as to the MPG towing difference between pulling a Honda CVR (3,800 lbs)and a Buick Enclave (4,980 lbs). Also,is there a significant difference in towing performance?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Ralph 8-21-10  
In Jan of '09 I bought a 2007 Dolphin Class A MH with the Triton V-10. It had 3400 miles on it. I have taken 2 long trip and now have 14,500 miles.
I just got back for out West with a lot of time in the mountains. I ran it fairly hard. I had no problems, I accept the downshifting and was overall quite pleased with the power. On the interstates I cruised between 70 and 72 MPH. After reading all the post, it seems most of them are negative about this engine. Are there people out there that like this engine? I am a little worried.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Ralph 8-21-10  
I bought a Class A in 2009 with 3300 miles on the Triton V-10. I have 14500 miles on it now. Just got back from out west and mountains and was pleased with power and performance. I flatter interstate hwy's I cruised at 70 plus MPH. Lots of post or negative on this engine. Are there any people out there that like it? I am a little worried.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Schizy 4-12-10  
Bought a 25' 2010 Class C Ford chassis, V-10 engine, 5 speed A.T. In a word: GUZZLER! I get less than 9 MPG pulling a light toad or my 20' cargo trailer..
Worst engine I've ever had the misfortune to own. 45-55 MPH, the transmission hunts constantly between 3rd., 4th. and 5th., with an occasional screaming downshift to second. 8.6 MPG. / 65-75 MPH it'll pull most hills in 5th., STILL 8.6 MPG. No torque at all below about 2800 RPM. A gutless wonder. I absolutely HATE the vehicle.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Jack Wilbourne 2-7-10  
After putting 82000+ miles oh a 33 ft Hurricane Motor home with the V 10 triton engine, I generally agree on millage between 7.3 and 8.3 with a tow car. A spark plug did blow out of the engine at 82000+ miles the repair totaled $3335.00. Both heads had to be replaced with the dealer absorbing the cost of the second head. This cost my wife and I 17 days,1800 miles from home. The V10 definitely has a problem blowing spark plugs. Just check comments on line about this problem.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Michael 1-19-10  
I ve had a 2001 Daybreak 34 ft since 01.It has close to 50,000 miles on it.The only problem i had was with the manifold studs.I installed a Banks manifold and what a difference.Ford tells us to change the plugs at 100,000 miles.I am thinking of changing the plugs now but some experts say do not touch it and others say do it.I am worried about the problem with the treads.This is a good motorhome and we want to put at least another 50,000 miles on it. Could i get some feedback ? Thanks
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine cott 1-28-10  
I own a 31.5 ft 2002 sunseeker class c
triton v10. I put 35,000 miles on it my self. No problems at all. the triton v10 is an amazing engine. super smooth and very powerful I liked it so much that I sold my last pick and bought a 01 f250 w/triton v10. It currently has 185,000 miles and runs like new. As far as the down shifting issue. The triton makes it power at high rpm. If you will pay close attn you will notice that the downshift from od to 3rd gear(4r100 tranny) occurs at or right around 70 mph.
at 70 in OD the v10 is not turning high enough rpms to make the torque to maintain overdrive on slight grades.
If you cruise at a higher speed(I ususally run at 74-75 mph you will
find that the "gear hunting" stops on
"slight" grades" on "more than slight" grades with cruise on your rv will start losing speed but will not "downshift" until you drop below 70 mph(obviously this will vary somewhat depending on your final gearing.) Yes you will consume more fuel running at these higher speeds but you will notice that "gear hunting" almost goes away completley.
The only other option would be a different rear axle ratio and that would burn more fuel also.
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Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Jack Wilbourne 2-7-10  
After putting 82000+ miles oh a 33 ft Hurricane Motor home with the V 10 triton engine, I generally agree on millage between 7.3 and 8.3 with a tow car. A spark plug did blow out of the engine at 82000+ miles the repair totaled $3335.00. Both heads had to be replaced with the dealer absorbing the cost of the second head. This cost my wife and I 17 days,1800 miles from home. The V10 definitely has a problem blowing spark plugs. Just check comments on line about this problem.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Jack 6-10-09  
I am looking to purchase a 31' RV with
the Triton V 10 it has 60,000 miles. after reading the above, I'll think I am going to pass. It is a shame it is in excellant condition an 04,
Any one have any doubts?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine David Storman 5-14-09  
I have a 2001 Holiday Rambler with a Triton V10. At 44K it blew four rods through the side of the crank. I kept close maintainance records and care. Installed another with 40K. Made two trips totalling 1500 miles. That engine blew...Then I had the engine totally cams, new crank balanced. Rebuilt heads the whole works...One trip to Atlanta 500 miles and almost slung a Rod through the pan. Didn't drive over 65 mph...I have 12k invested in engine repairs...I hate it for yah if you have one.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Mike 4-30-08  
I have a 2007 31' Coachman and averaged 16-18 mpg on HYW not towing with the V10. I don't expect to get much better than that. I did not have trouble with the overdrive in the mountains. I have never towed any thing but if you get 10mpg you are doing well.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine D.L.Bradford 4-24-08  
I have 5speed auto trans behind the V10 and was wondering if there is a way to lockout OD. As mentioned above the trans has a habit of shifting down 2 gears on the slightest grade. I can feather the shift somewhat with cruise off but it is irritating me no end to have it shift thru 4th gear on a slight incline. All I have on the shift lever is a tow haul button. If OD could be locked out maybe it would stay in fourth on a grade.
Any comments,
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine D.L.Bradford 4-30-08  
Who are you trying to kid.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Troy Zimmerman 6-2-08  
Dear James picco or anyone else who is questioning the Triton v-8; I am a Auto Shop owner, The only Tear Downs on any Triton engine (with 1 exception) that My shop has done, is for the spark plug problems. Please note this: It has been self Inflicted every time by the owner, or previous mechanic who worked on it last. The last mechanic who worked on it did a few things wrong, #1 He or She did not clean out spark plug hole w/ compressed air before removing plug. ( contaminants fall into motor and threads, the plug cavity is approx 5-7 inches deep, and can and usually does collect debris. ) #2 removed spark plug w/ engine hot!!! ( a no no ) # 3 crossthreaded plug when installing new plug. ( easy to do because of the depth of the cavity and hard angles getting around the fuel rail etc.. ) #4 this is the one commandment you should heed in all engines, never- never- install a spark plug in a engine without anti- sieze on the threads !!! ( especially aluminum heads ) in conclusion triton heads do have a lack of thread count in the chamber for the spark plug, but I have never seen or heard of one popping out without ever being touched. I have a 5.4 triton myself, and I am buying a Infinity Motor home, and I want the Triton.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine D.L.Bradford 7-21-08  
Has anyone looked into a trans mod for the 5r110w torqueshift that will allow the use of 4th gear when the trans is warmed up. As it is now stands 4th is only available in extreme cold until the trans is warmed above 0'F.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine FRANK 3-11-08  
How many cubic inches is the v-10 and how is it with a banks kit on it? i tow a big race car trailer and am considering a class a with a v-10 in it and know i will need a banks power pack. thanks for all your help and experiences. FRANK
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine B C King 3-8-08  
Jess, we bought a 2006 Jayco with one
slide. We love the RV and have made
one trip to Florida and another trip
to no where and back that was in the
hill and dale type of vaction. We
never saw better than 8 MPG. We only
have 6180 miles on the odometer and
I do not expect to see amy improvement
until the mileage gets above 3000 miles. We tow a '96 Jeep Cherokee 2 dr
every where we go.

The one thing I dislike is the downshifting on slight grades. Sometime two gears. I don't like to
rev a new engine so began to drive
without cruse anytime their was hills.

I had to retire for health reasons and
the wife has to fight to get any time
off. Our camping is locally. Until her
next vaction is scheduled.

James - thanks for the info, I will
start asking for the plugs to be
tightened at 3000 intervels.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Bill 9-21-06  
We just purchased a 32 foot Coachmen class C on a 1999 Ford chassis with a Triton V 10 engine. We have only made one trip of about 600 miles so far. Performance is excelent. The engine starts easy, runs well. Initial gas milage calculations are right around 10 MPG (9.54 to be more precise, but some of the time I was running the Onan to check it out etc. so my actual milage should be a little better than calculated)
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine joe 5-16-06  
I am looking for a top mechanic to tune up my ford triton engine in the nashvile, tn area.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Glen Hunt 12-24-06  
Just purchased an 07 Bounder wth gas Ford Triton V-10 450. Had the same engine in a 2001 Winnebago. Really liked it and the performance, etc. Would like to become more familiar with the o7 engine and the new technology.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Joe Chiarella 4-12-07  
This posting is no doubt late, but, we just purchased a 2007 Fleetwood Tioga 32 feet, v-10 Triton, 5 speed overdrive, and took it on a trial run last week. We towed a 2007 Hyundai on a tow dolly on mostly flat terrain here in Florida. We clocked 10.5 mpg while running the chassis a/c all the way. The coach has only 1200 miles on it and we're hoping the gas mileage gets better as the mileage accumulates. We pay particular attention to the tire air pressures and use the "toe/haul" transmission option, which I'm assuming will help with fuel mileage also as it keeps the transmission from "hunting gears" when a slight rise or hill comes up. As soon as I get another 1000 miles on it I will also have the wheel alignment checked, which will have an effect on fuel mileage as well, not to mention tire wear. Hope this info helps, we could use some advice also as this is our first motorhome upgrade from travel trailers.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine JAmes Picco 2-28-08  
I would think long and hard about any of Ford's Tirton engines, V8 or the V10. We own a 2003 32' class A Infinity motorhome equiped with the V10. It now has 29080 miles on it after 4 years od our use. The engine ran well until last Friday, 2/22/08 when enroute north on AZ Hwy 95 between Quartzsite and Parker, AZ, the engine spit out a sparkplug through the head. This, it turns out is a serious problem with all Triton engines [check the net for further] and Ford has refused to acknowlege it as a problem at all. They also will not cover it under their extended warranty. Buyer Beware!
J. Picco
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine sam 10-15-08  
The triton v-10 does have pretty crappy millage but it does tow pretty well, we just bought a 2005 ford excursion and it also gets 10 mpg its normal to have that kind of millage. but we have went into the southern states were it is more humid and it seems to run better down there.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine George 10-27-08  
I bought a 2000 Coachmen 31ft w/6.8 V10 in July 08 with 17,000 mi from original owner. Have put approx. 2000 miles to date. We have replaced the computer, 4 coil packs, and now it is in for internal engine repairs. Looks like a burnt valve and leaking piston ring in the #1 and # 6 cylinders. Of course gas mileage and performance has been bad, not surprising. At this point I would not buy another Ford V10 having had this kind of trouble in a low mileage engine.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine David Todd 4-8-09  
I have a 2004 31' Winnebago, my Ford V-10 has developed a problem the dealer can't seem to fix. The oil temp light comes on, the temp gauge pegs out, the check engine light comes on, and the motor drops down to the "limp" mode.

Ford can't seem to find a fix, has anyone had a similar problem?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Rich 4-8-09  
I have a 2004 Winnebago with a Ford E450. I had some bad gas that gave me big problems while on the road. I put in some dry gas and that corrected the problem. But since then, I have a service engine light on. The technician said that the only error code is a "running lean code". I've had it cleared but it is back on. The engine has 52000 miles. Any suggestions?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Bob Beaver 4-16-09  
I have a 2000 Chieftan with 40K on the Triton engine. Over the last 8AK miles I've averaged 8.08 MPG and that's with a full mudflap and towing a CR/V. Have the standard problem with downshifting too soon on upgrades unless I anticipate and get up a head of steam as I hit the incline. Cruise control only helpful on flat terrain. I'm curious as to how many miles I can expect to get with this engine, anticipating regular and thorough maintenance. Read an article from an RV pro who opined these engines are only good for 50K miles or so. Doesn't make sense to me, but maybe they wearout that soon. Need to know so I can decide whether or not to trade now while it's under 40K and start over again with a low mileage RV to replace it. Would really appreciate some feedback.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine michael persons 5-6-09  
We just made our second trip to florida with the triton v10 in a sunseeker 29ft. It had 22000 when we got it in january and now has 27000. It has run great and used no oil between changes.The mileage with no towing is 8.9 mpg. It amazes me however that in 20 years ford could only give me 1.8 mpg better than what we had with our 1987 460 big block. Know wonder detroit is having a hard time. The down shifting is a problem. It Sucks. I like running with cruise control and unless your on flat ground it's a pain. Seems like it would be easy for them to fix. Just don't have it shift unless it drops 10 mph or more. I did not have this problem with the 460ci in a 27ft coachman
Re: Ford 550 Triton V-10 Engine william johnson 8-29-10  
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine JIM 3-29-09  
To any body with any ford engine: You lose ALOT of gas milieage by the motor not breathing well. I have a 98'explorer with v6 and get 30.0 on the highway. It's all in how well the engine breathes, I use a K&N air filter, and they let the engine breathe SO MUCH EASIER. That's where you pick up the gas mileage. Also dont go by the the door plackard says for the air pressure, thats put there by the gas companies to keep you coming back for more gas and making them rich, always go about 5 psi to 8psi higher, that allows for the less rolling resistance making the motor work less using less fuel, also replace the oxygen sensor in the exhaust manifold or "upstream", that reads your fuel and tells the computer to lean out a little, again saving you fuel. Hope this has been of some help, I have 15 yrs experience on cars, like to save people money where I can and I know the tricks.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Scott Cann 2-17-09  
I'm looking at a 2000 Rexhall 24 ft Class A with a Ford V-10. Can I get some input on this engine from owners or mechanics.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Garry McNew 10-28-08  
I have a 99 Winnebago Chieftan and I absolutely love it. However, here of late when I go to start it all I get is a "click, click" when I attempt to engage the starter. It doesn't seem to matter if I move the shift selector or set the brake I can't seem to get it to respond. Then all of the cranks!
Any ideas?

Garry McNew
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine daryl 11-10-08  
My engine will not start, and the battery output is very good. V10 Triton 450 with about 18000 miles. It has been storage for a couple of months, and no prior problems. Any idea what the problem might be. Thanks
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Carole 11-19-08  
Is 140,000 km a lot on this motor -got iit this way - what is the reputation of this motor - how is it in the winter - (we have a Ford Class C Triton V10 - 450) and is it reliable on long trips. thanks
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine mike persons 2-8-09  
thank you for the insight on the triton v10. We just bought a 2007 sunseeker with 22000 miles on it and the triton engine in it. I was a little concerned aftr reading a couple of the comments. With 90% of all RVs having this engine i had sort of figured it had been proven halfway decent and dependable. It sill has ayear and a half on the factory ford warranty I was contemplating getting the 3 year extended waranty from good sam for $1000 primarily to cover the engine and transmission and the fridge. Any feedback on the longevity of the tranny? How often sould this have a tuneup? Just like a car, when it starts to skip? I should get at least 50,000 miles i would think? I get more than that out of my cars.
Gas mileage was 8mpg as i figuered it, on our maiden trip from Baltimore where we bought it, to Port st lucie fla in Jan. I had hoped for 10 as some people say, but did not get it and we were not towing anything. theres no way of 16 or 18 unless he's talking of kilometers. Any word on these aftermarket electronic computer attachments for $300 or so that say they improve mileagr by 7%?
We have had a coachman 1987 class c with a ford 460 in it and it has been fine except for the gas mileage at 7mpg. been to fla from R.I. 3 times and tennessee also. My father has had Two 460 fords and one 454 chvy and one 350 chevy. the chevys always had better mileage. I, really am more concerned about dependability because as a used buyer you don't have many choices other than ford triton in the class c category.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Roger Elliott 6-8-09  
I loved mine. It was in a 31ft minnie winnie. I found that if I drove 60mph I got 8-9.5. If I kept my foot off the gas it stayed closer to 9.5. I loved the power I pulled a VW Jetta through the smokey mountains and kept forgetting it was behind me. No problems with excessive shifting and I passed everything on the road. Of course that trip I only got 6-7mph. Has anyone use iridium plugs?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Jack Wilbourne 2-7-10  
After putting 82000+ miles oh a 33 ft Hurricane Motor home with the V 10 triton engine, I generally agree on millage between 7.3 and 8.3 with a tow car. A spark plug did blow out of the engine at 82000+ miles the repair totaled $3335.00. Both heads had to be replaced with the dealer absorbing the cost of the second head. This cost my wife and I 17 days,1800 miles from home. The V10 definitely has a problem blowing spark plugs. Just check comments on line about this problem.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Coachman RV Tony DiMaggio 1-7-14  
When I start the motor, I'm unable to shift out of PARK into gear. Any suggestions on what if might be?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Ed 9-3-10  
Hello, We are looking at class C motorhomes, about 31', and what to know what the avarage gas mileage is. We
are taking the AL-Can highway next spring so mileage is very important to us. Thanks,Ed
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine CRAWFORD JOHNSTON 3-16-14  
Need a engine oil dipstick for my 1999 allegro bus gas motorhome. I have to check my oil now inside the coach it is very long
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine roger hatcher 7-13-14  
My 1998 triton v-10 will not drive over 30 miles per hour.changed the fuel filter
engine light on.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Travis 9-4-14  
1999 Pace Arrow 35 footer no slides. Trips to florida from Kentuchy and then to Delaware 7.8 MPG towing prius C. Next trip to Niagra Falls, NY for Lewes, Delaware and back got 8.0 running about 60 MPH with AC on all the time towing a Dodge Dakota 4x4 club cab on a tow dolly. Bought my motorhome used with 45000 miles on odometer. Has to fix the AC and a few other minor items but so far am very happy with the unit. As with anything research about the unit you are buying and how it was maintained as well as luck helps.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine linda 8-27-13  
Over heating ???
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine ROBERT CHIOW 5-14-13  
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Brian 8-15-12  
I own a 1998 rexhall vision. It's been in storage about a year, and furring the year I would take a battery to the storage site an hook it up and she would fire right up! Recently I bought a brand new battery hooked it up and I'm not getting anything! No power to the cockpit dash board, just nothing. Can anyone help??
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine r matteucci 8-9-12  
2001 Fleetwood class a motor home with the v10 engine.

i am having trouble shifting down when climbing hills.

This just started. In the past. the engine would hit 4000 plus rpm as it shifted down.

Now it stays in the gear just above the lowest gear.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Brian 8-15-12  
I own a 1998 rexhall vision. It's been in storage about a year, and furring the year I would take a battery to the storage site an hook it up and she would fire right up! Recently I bought a brand new battery hooked it up and I'm not getting anything! No power to the cockpit dash board, just nothing. Can anyone help??
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine fritzblaster44 10-15-12  
O/O 2000 winnie 31' Ford F-450 cab Triton V-10 now with 66k on the odo. Just returned from our 2nd trip upstate NY thru Catskills & Adirondacks. Running motorcraft 5w/20 semi-syn and only added 8 oz. after each 1000 mi run. Weighing in @ 13,800 loaded- thats full 55g fuel,43g fresh h2o,19.5g Lp 6 passengers and gear for the week,best mileage was 9.2 worst 8.8. I try to run @60-65 mph on cruise. 55 will improve mpg. but the folks in the back wanna get there! As for downshifting or gear hunting, understand what you're asking the drivetrain to do, weight/speed/rpm/gear ratio is a complex formula. I'm completely satisfied with this motor and its drivetrain. Happy Campin Pilgrims !!
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine fred 11-23-12  
My first rv was 31' class b w/ e450 triton and was terrible on the hills. My present rv is class a 38' also w/ e450. I installed a Banks power system complete with a chip in the computer to control the gas flow. What a difference. I get more torque and power using less rpms which results in better gas milage. No more "riight lane for slow traffic" for me. I tow a small suv and driving at 55 mph in cruise control and take the hills in Colorado with no problems what-so-ever. I love driving the rv now!!!
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine tim 9-22-14  
WE have a 2003 Itasca spirit 450 V10
when driving heat is coming in the cab
the a/c works the engine is not over heating what would cause that problem ?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine doug 11-17-14  
What kind of insurance do you pay on the ford 450 triton
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Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine David Turner 5-3-16  
I have a 02 23 ft coachman with a triton ten in it. I love the power. it doesn't hesitate on the hills, but you will pay for it in mileage. Driving the best I could I got close top 10 MPH. I re-did the interior (new wallpaper and floor etc and made it much roomier, Now sleeps 4 adults and up to 4 kids., and had a bunch of work done to it so it is like brand new at 60,000 miles. I am a disabled Vet and can no longer travel and I am looking to sell it, very reasonable. Drives and rides great. I hate to sell it I have had a wonderful time in it visiting greatgrandchildren etc. If I do sell it and ever get another one, it will have a triton ten in it.
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Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Philip Grey 4-17-17  
Looking at buying a motor home with the ford v10 it has 120,000km on the motor and want any feedback on the v10. when should the plugs be replaced, transmission issues ? cheers.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine lucas 4-30-16  
Hi my name is Lucas I have a 2007 Ford sunseeker 31.5ft with 70,000 miles my number is 231-342-5285 thank you if your still looking
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Larry Davidson 4-3-16  
I have a 31 Ft. Minnie Winnie, E450 Super Duty Triton V10 engine. A spark plug just blew out at 33,000 miles. This is ridiculous, they are telling me they have to drop the engine down to retap the hole for the plug costing 1000's of dollars. I am a Ford guy,but a REAL POOR design by Ford to have to go thru all this work for ! Damn plug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If someone knows of a better solution, please let me know.

Thank you,
Larry Davidson
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine harold hansen 12-15-14  
I have a 2001 engine never have never disconnected the battery, start the engine about every 2 months,it now will not start,but found out if you wiggle the starts,have had this problem on my other three v-10 engines.

I think it is the dampness in the contacts.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine johnny roache 9-1-15  
I have a 2004 coachman 22rk concord e450.I usually let the transmission do it's thing except on very steep hills I leave it in cruise. Have driven it over most of the passes in Colorado Utah british Columbia all over the west do regular maintenance..67000 this bad?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Gangstalked Poisoned American 9-5-15  
Why do they still use the V10?

3.5. Ecoboost has same power and torque, and probably better mpg.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine karl chiasson 3-10-16  
Hi, I own a 2006 Jayco Greyhawk 31ss bought from my uncle in 2014. I love it the gas mileage is around 7 to 10 miles a gallon but when I deciced to buy that I knew I should worry about the gas. The V-10 engine is great plenty of power I have no issues at all I am 34 years old I received a great deal from my uncle that I couldn't pass up but in the future my family is growing so I will be looking to buy hopefully if the Lord says the same a Discovery 39 diesel but we will see.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine joe 7-13-12  
Hi Guys.
I just did a 1800 mile trip in a 25ft 2001 Ford Chateau, with 23k on the meter. I was pulling a tow of two ATVs.
I was getting 6.5 to 7.1 MPG. Not very good but remember that I was up- in the mountains.
Most of my driving was up and down from sea level to the 3600 foot level.
MPG went up a little as I got back to the more level ground around Fairbanks
best of luck top you all
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Les 10-13-13  
Looking for advise. I bought a 2009 Georgetown RV with a Triton V-10 its been running fine but we spent the last 4 months in Mexico.The unit was started on a regular basis lots of fuel and was running fine. Then it started having issues starting would crank fast no start then it may start sometime runs few minutes shut off.Today it started after number of attempts ran for a good 30 minutes till I shut it off check engine light had come on but ran good. After about 1 hour went to restart now it will not crank over turn the key on only the gas gauge moves the rest of the gauges stay in place do not move then it flashes check gauges ?Any suggestions thanks
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine RICHARD ADKINS 3-1-11  
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Agop 2-24-11  
My 2003 E450 is doing 10-11.5 mpg. I conversed to limo party bus and getting 30 passengers(most of times) and very satisfied. it has 137000 miles.I just added a very little amount of pure acetone in the full tank(40gln).I do not advice anyone,it's my personal try.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Roxanne Dmytruk 6-1-11  
We have a 2004 Minnie Winnie 31 foot with a Triton engine. I would like to say that our problems are not with the engine for it is sound. The issue is fuel line hoses that leak gas. Just missed out on a trip this Memorial Day. Had to stay home because of a leaking gas line. Very disappointing. This is the second time in two years that a line has gone bad. Different places of hose. Anyone else have issues with this? Also want to say that when we first purchased Rv the whole gas tank had to be drained twice. Somehow a substance and I suspect sawdust got into the system. This was warranted. Please if anyone out there has had gas tank or fuel line issues I would like to hear from them. This latest part will take a week to get and is expensive, over 200.00 dollars. Getting frustrated and this is not a recalled part. Love the Rv but should not have such problems. Please let me know of similar situations. Thanks.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine john j hawkins 6-5-11  
Service engine light soon, does not want to go out even after servicing engine
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine STEVEN FRAPPIER 6-7-11  
'07 hurricane w/ dual overhead fans over front windshield / ? can anyone tell me a good quiet connection for a aftermkt. cb radio to be connected to d.c. pwr. ?.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine jack howard 2-11-11  
Iown a 2003 F250 SUPER DUTY 2ND OWNER HAD 100K WHEN I got it now have 117k so far been good to me.Mpg 9 pulling 27ft 5th wheel empty 13 to 15 mpg depends on how heavy your foot is I know 2 guys who have older trucks than mine both pull 30 ft trailors and they are happy.also a friend of mine has a F350 dump has 250 k on it he loves it.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Gail Carter 2-6-11  
My hubby and I are intrigued by a 21' Ford Kodiak Camper Truck. 47,000 miles on it. 2003. $21,000. I see by reading above messages that mileage is poor, downshifting is poor, and spark plugs need TLC. Any warnings or suggestions? We'd use it only in summer since we live in Ontario, Canada.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Dan Dougherty 9-18-10  
We have a 2007- Coachmen Concord B+ TS300 We are making a cross country trip from California to Niagara Falls and back we have been having problems with the engine (V-10) shutting down on long grades@ 4K rpm there is no warring engine just kills,no check engine light, Temp. gauge normal, we waite 10 t0 15 min. engine starts and off we go. Any Ideas what problem might be??? we stopped at a Ford dealer in Utah said it should not do that?? It seem's we are the first to have this problem. We are on our way home.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Frank Allen 9-6-10  
I am gointg tomorrow to look at a 22' RV class c with the V-10. I am somewhat worried after reading these negetive articles, but maybe the folks that have good luck don't submit their godd fortune. This rig has 50 some thousand miles and I am hoping that it has been treated properly. I understand that Alloy heads need to be treated with care: antiseize and proper torque of spark plugs. Imagine taking a spark plug aout of an engine with 100,000 miles on it It may be glued in. Some one give me some insight. Frank
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine FRED 9-20-10  
THANKS FRED............
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Darren 6-15-12  
What type of oil does a v10 triton take
what is the torque value of the spark plugs?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Jim 11-4-10  
Great engine, Canadian built 34 ft class A with triton v10...100,000 miles traveling all over US & Canada including Labrador with Jeep on towbar. Total wt 25,000 lbs. Average 7mpg US. Only problem exhaust studs rpl'd once... installed extra hanger to take wt of long pipe. Running with cruise set on hiway speed limit most of the time reduces hunting and milage is the same. Don't understand all the concern about shifting...that is what gears are for. Let them do their job. This is a hitech overhead cam engine and just loves to rev. We are middle of the pack on the hills. My buddy's smaller GM falls behind on the steep grades.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine STEVEN FRAPPIER 6-7-11  
Where is a clean circuit for a cb radio w/out noise from the fans
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Starting Problems Bob Currie 10-27-10  
I have seen several posts on various sites now which outline a problem I have with my Triton V10 in a Class "A" 34 ft Motorhome. Turn the key and nothing may happen for several tries. Once it catches the motor starts and acts great. On turning the key to the "ON posn it sounds as if it is firing up a component in the hydraulic system with a "whiring" sound. This continues throughout the starting cycle (several turns of the key and up to a minute or so) until it finally starts. Is nerve racking as u wonder if your in for a hard failure on a future attempt. ANYONE FOUND THE PROBLEM OR A FIX????? Many thanks Bob Currie
Re: Ford F 53 V-10 Engine james 12-21-11  
I have a 35ft Gulfstream class A with a v-10 just came back from Branson Mo 1500 miles round trip average 7.8 at 63 mph without cruise on pulling VW Jetta on tow dollie. Beat my friends desiel motor home in savings desiel 60 to 70 cents more per gallon.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Scott H Frizzell 11-20-11  
Maintenance, maintenance.Plugs taken out at 20,000 miles, anti seize, re-install. Mobil 1 all the way, K-N air filter. 12,000# 5th wheel, 7-8 mpg. Real power house, any more power and would be scary. 51,000 miles. USA trip, 22,000 miles since 4/11. What a super truck.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Wayne Herrle 1-23-12  
Does anybody know if ford built a class a motorhome chassis with a triton v10 in the rear as a PUSHER?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Gayle 4-8-12  
I am thinking of buying a 2006 E450 Coachmen with 26k miles - Triton engine. I see a number of negative posts about that engine and wonder if I should back out of this deal.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine david c 7-3-11  
Hi iam in the middle of byeing 2008 fourwinds chateau citation 31ft v-10 triton can you tell if i should bye it or not £44000 if its a good bye david
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine tommy barnes 11-18-11  
Lot of pros/cons on the V10, but I've had 2 with minimal issues other than gas mileage. First was in a 2003 Dynamax 29' class C in a Ford 450 chassis. Horsepower/torque was a little lean for climbing grades around Yellowstone, but Chief Joseph's highway could test any rig. Currently running a 2008 Coachmen Mirada 32' and had zero issues on our 11500 mile Alaska tour in 2010. Pulled a jeep wrangler for the trip, keep Royal Purple 5W/20 in the engine and Royal Purple in the rear end. Averaged 8.5 - 9 mpg for the entire trip. Sure would have liked to push that to around 10-11 mpg average, but haven't found a good solution for that. Otherwise (knock on wood) no mechanical issues.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Gary Robey 11-18-11  
I have a 2006 Class C Fleetwood Tioga, 31' with the Triton. This is my third MH others class A. Mileage stated in earlier text is pretty average it is all about load and driving habits. Not economic but alternative I am installing now is not junk but an engineered Hydrogen Generator Fuel system that improves 40 to 60% on 87 grade gas. Grade with this increases to about 143 grade, awesome. Engine is quieter, smoother and a dream. Want details contact me.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Bill 7-17-11  
I have a 33 ft windsport with a Ford v10 and when I try to start it it will just click a few times then catch. I replaced the stater solinoid on the starter and it still continues. Any ideas ?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine giovanny 8-14-11  
Autobus triton
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine spencer carrington 9-6-11  
Ive got a fleetwood terra 32s rv with a 6.8 v10 ford triton engine,the service engine soon light has just come on what does this mean? is it a fault in the system or does the engine need a service oil /filters etc etc keep getting told different things by local mechanics and dont no what to believe
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine walter kanz 11-7-11  
I heard if you install a banks brake your millage will increase is this true on the ford V10
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Steve Vickery 10-22-11  
I own a 2010 Coachmen Mirada with the Triton V-10. Having a problem with "check guages" coming on after ignition is turned to "off". I hear a clicking noise under the dash and then "check guages" appears. It also drains the vehicle battery. What could cause this problem?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Jorge Vazquez 7-5-09  
Having problems starting my 2003 Bounder Rv with Triton V10. Did not crank it during winter. Replaced battery...lights dim on dash...still no cranking? Similar problems? Thanks
Investment Marioncal 2-17-17  
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Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Robert niblett 5-27-15  
I have a 1999 Newmarket Mountain Air 38ft with Triton V-10 Engine. I have 50K on the Engine and have pulled 24ft Cargo Trailer. I have never looked at the Engine,just Chang oil and filters. I drive Interstate speeds and above and have been all over the USA and all kind of terrain with no problems.
Investment Marioncal 2-17-17  
Invest in the future with us
Invest2017 Budemixcal 2-18-17  
Invest in the future with us
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine clarence sheets 4-18-09  
Just looking
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Jack 10-4-09  
Have a 31 ft. Jayco Class C with Triton V10. Climbing Wolf Creek Pass at 10,000 ft. this summer didn't think I was going to make it. I also own an '05 Suburban with an 8.1 liter engine that I pull travel trailers with. Would give my right arm to have the big Chevy engine in my Class C.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine wins 5-7-13  

Check the color of, if it has a brown tint, you probably have coolant leaking into the base oil. I would suggest you get it checked on immediately or you might put a lifter through the side of your engine.
Good Luck
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Viktor 11-1-10  
Just do not disconnect your battery while in storage.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine writchix 2-27-11  
Your Ford v10 is getting you 125% of the milage of your 460 @ 8.9mpg vs 7.1mpg, not too bad.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Terry 3-18-12  
Service eng soon lite on. AutoZone guy could not find where to plub in the code reader.Where is it. 1999 National V10
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Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine becky 7-30-13  
I have the same issue did you figure it out?
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Eric Von schimpf 8-12-12  
I had this same problem when i first bought my Rexhall vision. Ford said it was a power relay and its on the chassis right front under your RV.

cost me over 500.00 to fix.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Julio César 5-27-10  
How many km. for a gas galon
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Bob 9-3-15  
I too blew a spark plug on my motorhome during the last trip tp Key West. We took the Hyndai off the dolly and drove ten miutes to Calhoun Georgia, bought a new spark plug and coil and were back on the road in less that an hour. When I got home I replaced all of the old spark plugs, just in case.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine michael persons 9-1-10  
We have had ours 2 years now with 36000 miles and its been fine so far. its an 07. only 9mpg though. back and forth to fla 3 times. like anything else cross your fingers.
Re: Ford 550 Triton V-10 Engine michael persons 9-1-10  
after everything ive read, why change the plugs unless its skipping? it seems plugs done the wrong way are the beginning of all problems. if you do change them, clean the holes first from what ive been told. and torque them in according to book.
Re: Ford 450 Triton V-10 Engine Carol 11-29-15  
Hi Gary, My husband and I are thinking about buying a Class C Minnie Winnie with a Ford 450 V-10 Triton Engine. I read an old post that said you were modifying the engine with hydrogen generator fuel system. Did you ever do this? How did it work out? Was this an alternative fuel system added to the normal gas combustion Triton, or was it a stand alone alternative WITH the Triton? I'm sorry, but I am rather ignorant about fuel systems. My husband is a mechanic, but before I bring up this subject with him, I would like to have a little knowledge about what it is and how it works. Also, any tips that you would care to share would be most appreciated.

Thank you,
Carol Evans
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