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Winnebago Vista Robert Ramlo 6-18-05  
I own a 2002 Winnebago Vista and tires are very hard to find and VW dealerships are very, very reluctant to work on it even under written warranty. Any other Vista owners have these problems??
Re: Winnebago Vista Nola 2-18-09  
I own a 2003 Vista and, if you are considering buying one or currently own one, I highly recommend joining the Yahoo group, Vista-Sunstar. It is a wonderful source of information shared by owners of these vehicles.

We recently purchased tires for our rig at ( We got the Vanco2 tires in size 215/65R16 for all 4 tires. When replacing tires on this vehicle be careful that you purchase those with adequate load rating. Ordinary passenger tires will not support the load adequately.

We love our little Vista even with its certain idiosyncrasies.
Re: Winnebago Vista Tom 12-13-08  
I have a 2002 winnebago Vista for sale, in Miami 44,000 miles nice condition
From Winnebago Vista! Sunshinestateteacher 12-8-08  
I need tires, and the manufacturing of the 195/65/16R Continental tires has been discontinued.

If you're looking at purchasing a Vista, I advise that you do your research first. From my experience (and another Vista owner), it is very expensive for VW maintenance (if you can find someone to touch it). The whole issue with the two different size tires for a little 21 ft rig is not acceptable from a customer service perspective...what were the Winnebago designers thinking? Be prepared to buy (if you can find them) tires every 15-20,000 miles, especially the front ones.
Have I have enjoyed the RV lifestyle with my Vista? MOST's been great! However, my lessons learned will steered me away from any VW-related chassis, engine, transmission, etc...and maybe even Winnebago. If I buy again, I will seriously consider a Born Free for a small rig.

Safe Travels to You.
Re: Winnebago Vista tino 7-19-09  
I have a 03 vista im trying to sell for my boss, its got only 20k miles you can call me at 206-948-2348
Re: Winnebago Vista gward 8-24-09  
Looking to buy a Vista 2002 to 2004.
Live in Florida.
22 to 24 feet
Email me
Re: Winnebago Vista L Lamwers 10-24-09  
I am looking to buy a Winnebage Vista (22 ft) or Rialta. Hoping to find one for less then $20,000. Please email me at
Re: Winnebago Vista colonel Tom 10-7-09  
Ive got one for sale, 2002 VW vista, beautiful and loaded with everything, S Florida, make offer Tom
Re: Winnebago Vista Sally 10-6-08  
I am looking to sell my parents 2004 Winnebago Vista. It has less then 34,000 miles on it. It still has the plastic over the carpet. The only thing that shows any sign of ware is the drivers seat. It is spliting out on the side seam. I think it is from the sun hitting on it.If anyone in Maine is looking for a GREAT little R.V. please e-mail me. My mom passed a way shortly after they bought it, dad and I took a few trips in it, but he can't drive anymore and it's to big for me.
Re: Winnebago Vista R. Coleman 7-24-09  
We live in the beautiful Idaho panhandle and have a sharp 03 Vista for sale. It has just over 50,000 miles. It has fresh filter and fluids and is ready for the road. It comes with Platinum Extented Protection coverage for 3 years and 9 months. Sales price is $28,7500.
Re: Winnebago Vista Dan Smith 5-8-08  
After lots of searching..picked up a 02 Vista. Took it to New Mexico from S.Carolina right off the bat. No complaints about the 15 mpg either. A pleasure to drive. Love the MB diesel Sprinters.,but the VW cost less than half as much. has the OEM Continetal tires.
Re: Winnebago Vista Larry 6-13-06  
We are also considering a Vista or Sunstar Class C. Any comments would be appreciated.
Re:2002 VW Winnebago Vista michael hendry 12-27-16  
I have a 2002 VW Vista/Winnebago for sale. 32,000 original mile asking 16K.
Re: Winnebago Vista Bob Dearmond 8-10-05  

Did you ever get any replies to your question about your motorhome? My wife and I are looking at buying a Vista. Any good or bad comments about your motorhome will be appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Winnebago Vista Ron Dittmer 12-11-06  
Me too....looking to buy a Vista or Sunstar. I wonder what the complaints are about. All the reviews from RV experts said the thing handled like a dream. I am not paying attention to the complainers until they presents technical deficiencies. I think maybe the complaints are the RV is too small. In my case, it would be twice the size of what I have today....a 17 foot Toyota Mirage.
Re: Winnebago Vista chuck german 3-1-07  
So, is a vista recommended or not? What are they worth and is there is list of common problems.
I do not plan on driving the mh like a sports car. And who can repair the beast?( I do not want to get stuck in Mississippi.)
Re: Winnebago Vista mdemar 11-4-09  
In stock new 195 65 R16 Continenal vanco load D ph. 352.249.3147
Re: Winnebago Vista Larry B 4-6-08  
Are there any more comments about the 2003/04 Vistas or Sunstars?
There are a few for sale in our area.
I would prefer an 03/04 as they have the front seat armrests (and what else?).
Thanks, Larry
Re: Winnebago Vista Glenna Maddux 3-3-07  
Do you have information where to order the tires that will fit your Vista? Are your present tires Continental? My tire dealer can find the size for back tires but not the front. I would appreciate hearing from you or anyone that can find size 195/65 R 16.

Glenna Maddux
Re: Winnebago Vista Pat 6-22-08  
I absolutely LOVE my VISTA. I love the drive, I love the layout, I love the size and the gas mileage. Only thing I don't like, is trying to find a place to service it, as it has a VW engine, but the Winnebago piece makes it hard for VW dealers to service it in their garage. Having said that, I am thinking of selling it. 2004 with less than 6500 miles!
Re: Winnebago Vista Pichon 12-6-05  
Everything I read about the Winnebago Volkswagon is negative, specially the V6 engines. I like them but I won't buy one.
Re: Winnebago Vista Bill 5-18-15  
What size tires are required? Appears two different sizes are needed. 195 seem to be mentioned, but I've also seen someone say 215.
Re: Winnebago Vista Shawn 2-7-14  
Have an '02 Vista for sale. 33k miles, fresh tires In Central CALI. E-mail me for more info.
Re: Winnebago Vista Marty 8-31-13  
Looking for vista 2002 to 2004
Re: Winnebago Vista Marty 8-31-13  
Looping for visita 2002 to 2004
Re: Winnebago Vista Bill 5-18-15  
What size tires are required? Appears two different sizes are needed. 195 seem to be mentioned, but I've also seen someone say 215. Appears the front needs to be 195 while you can put 215 on the rear. 195 is not available. I heard of someone putting Mercedes rim on the front and then installing 215. Thoughts or experiences?
Re: Winnebago Vista for sale Rick Hovarter 3-19-16  
I' m in central Florida looking for 2002-2004 very based vista or sun star. Rick
Re: Winnebago Vista Eric 1-23-10  
Any one have a Sunstar or Vista for sale?
Re: Winnebago Vista terry regennitter 8-11-16  
I am looking for a winnebago vista sunstar.or Rialta Vista Wauchula, Fl.
Re: Winnebago Vista terry regennitter 4-28-16  
I am looking for a winnebago vista 22r or22e and or a Itasca sunstar 2002-2004.
Re: Winnebago Vista Richard Pawlowski 9-19-12  
I am looking for a 2002 or newer Vista here in Oregon. If anyone has one for sale please contact me -


Richard Pawlowski
Re: Winnebago Vista Jerry 1-9-14  
I have a 2002 VW Vista in EXCELLENT condition inside & out. Has 25k miles. 5 new tires, new battery, 4 new shocks, new XM radio with CD player, new 32 inch Vizio Smart TV. Generator - loaded, in perfect condition(never in wreck). Has 45 months & 45k miles left on Warranty. $29,995. with Warranty & $26,995. without Warranty. (817)703-5409. Private Owner
Re: Winnebago Vista DIzenman 10-10-10  
I have a 2002 Vista VW for Sale. It' in Southern California. Has 23,000 miles and is in excellent shape. I've added an inverter and solar panel. It can go anywhere. Also a wall mounted 17' LCD TV/dvd player.
818 939-5117
Re: Winnebago Vista Robert Fletcher 6-15-12  
I am interested in purchasing a Vista or Sunstar please contact me @ or at 845-389-5531. Thanks
Re: Winnebago Vista Colin 5-4-10  
I have an 2002 Winnebago Vista for sale with 19,000 miles in CA. It is in fantastic shape. Just decided to sell it yesterday because I do not use it.
email me
Re: Winnebago Vista/Sunstar Bill Messmer 2-24-10  
Looking to buy winnebago Vista/Sunstar
at reasonable price. Milage not as important as the amount of rust on under carriage. Prefer south western
vehicle.Phone# In NJ. 973-853-7101 Will return all calls.
Re: Winnebago Vista Charles G 2-23-11  
For Sale: 2003 Winnebago Vista, 46,000 miles, everything works as it should. Raleigh, NC $26,000 919-342-4771
Re: Winnebago Vista Larry Gouker 8-17-10  
Would like to buy a winnebago Rialta or 575 389-5488 or email me Thank you.
Re: Winnebago Vista Karl Dingman 3-7-12  
Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a nice 2002-2004 Winnebago Vista or a Rialta...Live in south central New Mexico, will travel a reasonable distance to pick with price,condition, mileage and pics.

Thanks, Karl.
Re: Winnebago Vista Karl Dingman 3-7-12  
Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a nice 2002-2004 Winnebago Vista or a Rialta...Live in south central New Mexico, will travel a reasonable distance to pick with price,condition, mileage and pics.

Thanks, Karl.
Re: Winnebago Vista Jerald Nelson 7-31-11  
Looking for a Winnebago Vista with VW drive train
Re: Winnebago Vista Melvin McWhorter 2-25-07  
Winnebago Vistas, 21 feet, are hard to find. I searched for over three months trying to find one for sale near my home in San Antonio, Texas. I found one in Phoenix, Arizona. I picked it up 2/20/07 and drove it back to San Antonio. It has 15,000 miles and drives like car. It is well constructed and has very few rattles. It maintained it's speed going over the mountains in Arizona and New Mexico. The best part is that I averaged 18 miles per gallon on the trip back home. Not too bad considering the mountains. I would strongly recommend this vehicle. I know the tires are hard to find but they can be special ordered. The Volkswagen engine has all the power it needs and really runs smooth.
Re: Winnebago Vista gus 3-3-09  
I have had three Rialtas(winnabago-22 foot) and currently have an 02 Winnabago Vista-all on VW chassis. I have had excellent experiences on all of them and highly recomend either the Rialta or the 02 Vista.Not one bit of problem on any of them. By the way they are all hard to come by that have low milage.The Rialta gets 17-19 mpg and the Vista gets 15-17 mpg.The 21' Vista is a great unit for two or with two kids. Ya just can't beat em.
Re: Winnebago Vista Paula 10-3-08  
Hey Pat, what did you end up doing with your Vista?
Re: Winnebago Vista ED MANUEL 5-17-13  
1. Is it for sale?

2. If so, what is the asking price?

2. Where in the country are you located?
Re: Winnebago Vista Pat 5-7-09  
In answer to the inquiries about my VISTA and whether I still have it. I DO. I still am looking for a place to service it. The VW dealer can hook it up to diagnostics, but can't repair because of the size. Sigh. I still love it. If I lived anywhere other than Vermont, it might be easier to find a place to do repairs. Haven't had to replace the tires yet, but having tires of 2 different sizes will make it interesting. I do love it, but would I buy it again, knowing the issues, probably not.
Re: Winnebago Vista Christa Kell 10-24-08  
I am much are you asking??
Do you know what kind of engine??
Is it you have pictures?
Where are you located
Re: Winnebago Vista MARGO ROBISON 4-11-09  
Re: Winnebago Vista lynne 12-11-08  
Is your Vista still for sale?
How much?
Where do you live?
Thank you
Re: Winnebago Vista Jack 11-22-10  
My friend is interested. Please send me more information.
Re: Winnebago Vista Dan Johnston 4-10-10  
Do you still have it?
Does it have bunk beds?
Any info or pics?
Re: Winnebago Vista Jim 3-3-10  
How much do you want for the winnebago?
Re: Winnebago Vista josee 11-9-10  
Hello !
Sally, is your Vista sold ?
please, send me info with your phone number.
thanks !
Re: Winnebago Vista mic 6-6-09  
I have a 04 winnebago vista for sale only 19,000 miles on her like new.
Re: Winnebago Vista Andrew Wignot 4-5-15  
Hello I'm interested in getting a Winnebago Vista 2002-05. I wanted to what the sale price is and if there's any financing? Let me know thank you.
Re: Winnebago Vista Aaron 11-8-13  
Have you found that there is adequate wheel we'll space for putting the 215's on th front of your Vista as well? I just bought an 03 w 49,000 mi on the orig tires. Vehicle was stored almost exclusively indoors. Tires look good w /new looking spare but are over 10 yrs old. Contemplating replacement to avoid road hassles later. I saw that Tire Rack had the best price. Where did ou have them mounted and who provides ongoing rot and bal? Thanks - Aaron
Re: Winnebago Vista Jerry Nelson 11-25-10  
Want to buy VW based Winnebago Vista. Please send mileage, price and condition to me.

Re: Winnebago Vista Elizabeth Rhoads 3-9-14  
Thinking of buying a 2004 VW Vista. Can anyone give me advice as to how reliable the engine is. I think living near Nashville will allow repairs. Any advice or suggestions welcomed. Perfect size and interior for my husband and me.
Re: Winnebago Vista Terry Plys 8-13-10  
I have a 2004 vista and want to put a rear roof ladder on it
Cany anyone guide me on how to install it. I understand you have to secure it to backing ?
Re: Winnebago Vista Mike ostler 11-3-17  
For those of you inquiring about tires; try I have a 1990 Toyota Rv and also had problems finding tires. Simple tire had what I needed for a very good price.
Re: Winnebago Vista William wyatt 1-27-18  
Looking to buy 2002-2004 winnebago/Itasca 21b vista/sunstar w/less than 50000 miles. Must know what options installed. Front arm rests desirable.
Re: Winnebago Vista Elizabeth Rhoads 3-10-14  
Thinking of buying 2004 Vista VW. Right size and
Layout for my husband and me. Any advice?????
Re: Winnebago Vista Damien 3-25-17  
I have lived and traveled in a sunstar 21B for 4 years now. Yes the VW dealerships don't like to work on them. but thats a good thing in my experience they suck anyway don't now there stuff on anything but there new cars. Also will rip you off completely if you can get them in there doors. VW has a incredible network of top notch non dealer mechanics and shops all over the us and I have never had an issue I could not find help with. OK on the tire thing used to be a hassle to find the continentals vanco 2 everyone used to run and they where pricy and did not last. but those days are over I now run Nokian c line better in everway last longer much better traction cheeper and you can get them at any Nokian dealer.

My sunstar handels better than any RV on the market today and I have driven them all in this class runs cooler less noisy turns better and in my opinion vary under priced for what you get. You could spend 95 grand and get a much worse machine.She is my 5th RV and I will drive here into the ground.The VW VR6 is a legendary engine that I have seen with over 300 thousand miles on that still run like new. OK the real issue is the tranny contrary to what the owners manual says the trans oil needs to be changed every 20 thousand or so miles.DUE to the size of the sunstar. A job the dealer will charge you a grand if you can find one to do it. But don't freak out you can buy everything you need to do it yourself for under 75 bucks.Less than the cost of the gasket at the dealer. Also can have it done at many private VW shops for less than 170. Over all this cost is well worth the 14 to 18 mpg I get consistently driving 65 to 70 and unlike other RVs I have owned there is vary little other Maint cost. All whereabel parts are available from several places online and much less than the slimy VW dealer. I change the oil with syn every 5000 or so miles and she seems to be vary happy with that. OIL is never vary dirty and I have never had to add any between Changes.IF you can find a sunstar with any miles on it for under 35grand jump on it they the best little RV ever built. and fit in a single parking space. GO FAST GO SMALL GO NOW TRU freedom in a machine.Also love my mental roof have 400watt solar system all with no holes thanks to 3M VHB. and because of the metal you can go over all the dicore sealant with Eternabond tap giving you a life time maintenance free and free from leaks roof. Also the Batt compartment can be adapted to hold 2 6 Volt Trojans for nearly endless power combined with solar. Hope this helps answer some of the questions in the above. Good luck see you on the road.
Re: Winnebago Vista Scott A 6-16-15  
Have a 2004 Vista 21b with 18.6k miles for sale, owner scraped front vent causing a leak and mold smell priced to sell
Re: Winnebago Vista jdelarm 6-8-09  
How much? Milage? Where located? Condition? Still for sale? Thanks.JD
Re: Winnebago Vista Dick 7-7-09  
Am interested in a Vista. Please send info.
Re: Winnebago Vista jean brodeur 7-4-09  
Still for sale? sned me detail!
Re: Winnebago Vista bob olson 7-31-09  
How much? What's the condition like? bob
Re: Winnebago Vista R. Dufour 3-5-11  
Do you still have it ? I will be interested. Could you give me your exact location. Thanks
Re: Winnebago Vista Debbie Z 10-21-11  
Looking for a 21' - 22' Winnebago Vista
close to the Kalispel Montana area
or within 3 day drive.
Re: Winnebago Vista Jim Williams 3-4-12  

Are you still looking for a Vista? I have a 2002 with 45,000 miles. Very good condition. New front brakes (rotors & discs). New tires. I've replaced the stock couch, dinette & cabinets with custom units with much more comfort & storage & much better design. I'm an architect & ex-carpenter. Also custom made aluminum roof racks that carry 2 17' kayaks. Replaced carpeting with vinyl. Granite countertops.
Please email or call with questions.
Jim Williams, 360-733-28581, Bellingham, WA
Re: Winnebago Vista Bryan 5-1-12  
Let me know if you are still interested in a vista. Bryan.Magdalena nm
Re: Winnebago Vista Ruby 5-22-12  
What year is your Vista and is it still for sale? Where are you located?
Thank you,
Re: Winnebago Vista Jerry 1-9-14  
I have a 2002 VW Vista for sale. Jerry (817) 703-5409
Re: Winnebago Vista guy 2-11-14  
I am selling a 27RL Wildcat 2009 with or without a GMC Sierra SLE Z-71 2011 with 35000Kms. (20,900 for the Wildcat and 25,900 for the GMC, both 45,500$. I am looking for a Winnebago Vista M21B in exchange or as a separate buy.


514 712 0332
Re: Winnebago Vista ed kelly 7-3-15  
Price right. Will buy email how much take drive home
Re: Winnebago Vista ed kelly 7-3-15  
Price right. Will buy email how much take drive home
Re: Re:2002 VW Winnebago Vista Jim Nye 1-22-17  
Is this motor home still for sale and if it is where are you located
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