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LeSharo Help and News Greg 1-7-03  
Hello All,

If any Winnebago LeSharo owners (or potential owners) require technical assistance, good used parts or any of our LeSharo options please contact us @: or visit our new website;

We are the company that converts the LeSharo, Phasar and Centauri to Chrysler power. We are now taking a survey at the website regarding any owner’s interest in a DIY “Component Package” to convert a LeSharo to Chrysler power. If you may be interested in doing the conversion yourself please take a minute to fill out the survey. If there is a great enough interest we will begin producing the “Kits”.

We also have LeSharos for sale, many new options and used parts available.

I’ll have pictures of our custom “Harley Hauler” posted soon. Part motorcoach, Part garage with storage, ramps, bed, microwave and porta-potty. Completely secure and insulated. The “Harley Hauler” is one slick unit. We can also build custom commercial vehicles out of the Winnebago Utility Van to meet your needs.

Let us know if we can help.


S works RV Inc.
8002 Timberline Dr #6
Bozeman, MT 59718
Ignitation & door keys '87 LeSharo Barbara Loudin 5-1-03  
Do you have any idea where I could get
duplicate keys made?

Please respond. Thank-you. Barb
Re: LeSharo Help and News Ken Toms 5-16-03  
I have a 86 LeSharo and I need to know where to get a cv joint and boot and brake pads for the front. I have the coach in Kalispell at a shop but he can't find the parts could you help? Thanks Ken
Re: LeSharo Help and News Robert Ludvik 7-13-03  
My 1986 LeSharo w/2.2gas and Auto trans.
radiates heat from the dashboard.
Any chance of added insulation to firewall? Also what's the deal w/the poor little distributor access panel in the firewall.
Any way to add radiator (tranny cooler?) to help with this apparently
built-in problem?
Rob L. in Toronto. Ont.
Re: LeSharo Help and News Barbara Loudin 4-25-03  
Replacement keys for ignation and all
storage doors and entry doors. Lost one set, Help please
Re: LeSharo Help and News DUANE DODD 3-27-03  
I am looking for 2 stove grates for a cramer 2 burner propane stove model 1576.input per burner-no. of burners 2at 5.200btuh at3.400btuh.manifold pressure 11inches w.c. i have 4 8ply michelin tires in good shape for lesharo is a 1989.
1990 winnabago LeSharo, engine converted 3.3 Chrysler engine and also Chrsler body Jim Uplinger 8-21-13  
It has a different dash board in it. Instead of gas gauge reading with a gauge needle empty or full, it reads when it's full it says 99% and next to that along the top it has ribbons that move back and forth as we're driving. One is volts I think but don't know what the other one is. If you could give me information on it, I sure would appreciate it. Jim
Re: LeSharo Help and News JUN 1-11-03  
Thank you for responding my request Greg, I appreciated it. May I ask how much will I put on an additional value converting to V6 engine.
Re: LeSharo Help and News tim moser 2-6-03  
Hi greg I talked to you yesterday about my 1984 lesharo motor conversion and am looking for the web site www. but I am having trouble connecting to it so if you can send me some info my address is.
Tim Moser
1329 millcreek rd.
rockyface ga. 30740
Re: LeSharo 2.2 Turbo Charged Scott 7-30-03  
Have you heard of anyone trying to increase the HP of the gas 4 Cy by adding a turbo Charger ?? Would that work or Just put to much load on lower end ?? Your conversion sounds good also.
Re: LeSharo Help and News Clarence J. Cormier 4-30-05  
Interested in seeing list of winnebago LaShare for sale.
Re: LeSharo Help and News Roland 1-28-12  
Cant find Nokian winter tires anymore. It is not the price, I want winter tires for my Lesharo... for the Canadian snow.
Can you find them for me or change the bolt pattern for 15 or 16 inches tires.

514 949 1199
Re: LeSharo Help and News Paul Ene 4-27-13  
My name is Paul and I just spoke with you over the phone about me doing a conversion on my 1989 lesharo. I have the whole car, a 1997 intrepid with the 3.3 motor that i am going to convert, and needing the kit for it.
can you please email me the total cost with shipping etc, i want to get on this asap. please send me the information on the parts i will be receiving including the dash,etc.
thanks a lot,
Paul Ene
Re: LeSharo Help and News Ron Harris 9-25-03  
Tell me about your conversion
Re: LeSharo Help and News Richard F Barnes Sr 4-29-05  
I have a 1987 lesharo with a gas engine and the coolant light comes on after 5 min of idleing but the temp gage stays cool. I was told there could be air in the sustem the radiator is cool as well as the top hose. I tried running it without a thermostat but no differance. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Re: LeSharo Help and News GW Smith 8-23-04  
I have a 1986 LaSharo with the 2.2 litre Renault engine. It starts and runs for a few seconds and shuts off. I changed the fuel filter and no different. How do you check the fuel pump? I have good spark and air.
Re: LeSharo Help and News Diane Frazier 4-4-04  
We have a 1987 lesharo auto and was told that it needs a transaxle pinion bearing. help and advise,please Di and Don
Re: LeSharo Help and News Engr Ibrahim 12-6-03  
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      Reply to MessageRe: LeSharo Help and News Votexcaxema 9-5-11  
Re: LeSharo Help and News sandra 2-17-03  
My husband and I love the sixe,body of the lesharo but have heard nothing but bad news about it. how much would a lesharo cost with a motor conversion? also. do you know of any -with conversion- on sale?
Diesel fuel mileage Kerry Phillips 7-23-04  
Hello! I just saw a seller claim his desiel lesharo gets 44mpg hwy, 34 city. This seems too good, seen other claims as low as 22 mpg hwy for a diesel. What is the actual mileage?
Re: LeSharo Help and News george ginter 2-18-03  
I am looking at a 1988 LeSharo with low milage. What problems has that year had that I should look for and what should the price range be fully loaded.

George Ginter
Re: LeSharo Help and News Leo 3-1-03  
Check for transmission problems
Re: LeSharo Help Edward Shibley 7-15-03  
I have a 1989 Lesharo Automatic Transmission three speed. It was doing fine, drove it in forward gear it is fine, however will not move into reverse. It had been siting for about three months in New England Weather, however started fine, I put it into forward gear, went about twenty five feet, it would not move from that point. I added fluid, it ran fine until I went to put it into reverse. It wants to move, but does not go in that gear. could it be the computer? I never had any indication of a slipping Tranny or snything that might give you a clue that the tranny was going. It has about 68,000 miles. HELP!
T hanks Ed Shibley
Re: LeSharo Help and News John 3-26-03  
I am looking at a 1984 LeSharo Diesel, 55,000 miles, average condition needing a new hot water tank and a $100 repair job on the engine. I can't find any pricing info on LeSharo's older than 1986. Can you give me an idea on a fair price from a private seller and/or a resource I could look into for this information. Thanks. John Kiewit
Re: LeSharo Help and News BRIAN BELIEW 4-1-03  

Re: LeSharo Help and News Greg 4-4-03  

The conversion is a very big job.

Yes you change the motor mounts and just about everything else. When it is done you will have a very reliable and economical coach.

We can do the conversion for you or we have "kits' for sale.

Info at: under Chrysler conversion or For Sale/ DIY Component Packages.

S works RV Inc.
8002 Timberline Dr. #6
Bozeman, MT 59718
Re: LeSharo Help and News Joe Thykkuttathil 4-25-03  
Hi Greg,

I have a 1986 LeSharo. I'm looking for the internal wiring for the coach. It has Dometic Frig, Water heater and Gas Stove. No Generator. Aux Battery, and Charger, with 110 connection. There was a wiring diagram pasted in the Bin above the stove. But it is now unreabable. I would like to find a wiring diagram, before I would run into wiring trouble. I checked with Mobility RV, and they told me that they don't have it. Any solutions? Thanks

Re: LeSharo Help and News joe wait 7-5-11  
How much is your do it your self 3.3 conversion kit. can I still get it
Re: LeSharo Help and News George j Hibbard 6-19-03  
I have a 1991 LeSharo with a renault engine and drive train is there a conversion kit for this Motor home
Re: LeSharo Help and News Harland Minscer 5-10-03  
I am interested in purchasing a good clean low miles Lesharo with the 4 seats forward and equipped with a generator. I am also interested in knowing the weak points of this vehicle.
Re: LeSharo Help and News Ken Eggert 5-12-03  
I don't know if you found the 'good clean low miles Lesharo with the 4 seats forward' LeSharo you were interested in, but I'm about to sell a clean, '89 with the fuel injected engine and 5-speed trans. The milage on mine is about 89,000. My old transmission failed a few hundred miles ago, and I replaced it with an used transmission that I bought from SworksRV in Bozeman, MT, the folks who do the LeSharo engine conversions to Chrysler minivan engines. They said that the transmission came from a van they were converting, and had 52,000 miles on it. I had it professionally installed, and it is working fine. The coach is very clean inside, and everything works. A few nicks and dents on the outside, but otherwise in good shape. I'm the third owner, and all have kept it up.

The NADA Avg retail is about $8700. I plan to list it for $8100, and I'm open to reasonable offers.

I'm located in New Mexico. Let me know if you have an interest.
Re: LeSharo Help and News Ronald S Russell 5-15-03  
I just bought one 1985 today found in junk yard has all parts and all owner manuals and repair manuals on a scale 1-10 about 4 seems like a nice project
Re: LeSharo Help and News Ronald S Russell 5-15-03  
Any Sujustions
Re: LeSharo Help and News Bryan Semones 7-25-03  
I Just bought an 86-Turbo Diesel. The turbo has been removed, rebuilt, and is sitting on the front floorboard. I dont have a repair manual and im not familiar with diesel engines much less a turbo system.... would anyone be willing to scan the apropriate pages of the manual and Email them to me?

On the Firewall heating issue. I plan to make a reflective insulating pad out of super sticky roofing foil and thin insulation.

I noticed that the pipe off the Exhaust manifold is alot bigger than the pipe comming out of the muffler.... I dont know much about Diesel but in gas engines backpressure is safe to relieve.... any info?

75hp is not enough power for such a heavy "americanized" vehicle.... Im sure the French laughed in secret when they saw what us "stupid american cowboys" did to their "enviro van"... the only solution i can see other than selling out to its Winnebago half and fitting a sloppy american 6cyl is to lighten the GVW.... Im gonna rip out all the wood, pressboard, carpet, and that big oak cupholder..yeeeehaw!... and refit the int with more light weight materials. Also that big heavy steel molding around the body has got to go.... i havnt looked under it yet to see what i have to work with but im thinking that a bit of molding putty and that roofing foil again may help shave off another 100 lbs or so and still blend into the molding thats welded under the door.... I wonder if the molding provides sheer for the bago.... any clues?...

At any rate... Shaving pounds off the rig will be much apreciated by that 75hp plant whose power band is at a whoping 4500rpm.....Im sure that LeSharo engines are totaly confused.... and forced into servitude for which they were never intended... so they react acordingly....*(french accent) "I have been burned before!"
If my efforts prove futile.... anyone know how i might join a volvo B23 motor to any FWD tranny?
Re: LeSharo Help and News Linda 10-4-03  
I can get a 1990 LeSharo with A/T and 39,900 miles on it for $7000. It supposedly has a $2000 new stereo system in it. This seems like a good deal. Is it? It supposedly needs about $200 worth of muffler work. Any problems getting muffler parts for the LeSharo? What kind of mileage does it get? Overall, is this a dependable vehicle mechanically?
Re: LeSharo Help and News Eric Olsen 5-31-04  

Did you like your LeSharo? Any suggestions to someone thinking of getting one?


Re: LeSharo Help and News Jim Annino 6-20-04  
I'm thinking of getting an 85 LeSharo. Is there anything I should know about before I do?

Re: LeSharo Help and News Scott wilson 9-23-04  
I am having one heck of a time finding the correct tire for a Lesharo. I have been told that a 205 75r14 load d is the one. Can you provide me with any suggestions...Thanks
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