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by Emmy Humberd

We are not "professional" campers, we are tourists and sightseers and the RV is an especially convenient way for us to travel and see the most for the least amount of money, and in the least amount of time. We arrive at the campsite in late afternoon or in the early evening, fix an easy supper, perhaps pop some popcorn, read novels, study guide books and maps of the area, then continue on our way after a good night's sleep.

Some mornings we eat breakfast before we leave the camp, other times we have a piece of fruit as we leave, then stop for a late breakfast or an early lunch in some beautiful scenic spot. Jim tries to park the RV so the view from our dining table is grandiose. Lunch right under the Eifel Tower, within the arms of the Louvre, next to the Brandenburg Gate, in the shadow of Mont Blanc, next to the rail of a ship as we sailed the Adriatic from Italy to Greece, right below the Parthenon in Athens, near an ancient Roman theater in Gubbio, or next to the Roman Amphitheater in Pula - Ah, the convenience of the RV.

Fortunately we have been able to travel with the idea that "… it has been here for many years, and if we miss it this time, it will still be here the next time we are in the area."

For us the RV means:

  • Quiet - believe it or not, the campsites are quieter than the hotels where we have stayed. People gather and talk, children play ball, etc., but by dark all is quiet.
  • Refrigerator - We can keep food and drinks cold, and even make ice-cubes. Ice is hard to find in Europe, but so necessary for Iced Tea, and Coca-Cola American style.
  • Beds - we sleep better when we┬╣re in the same bed night after night, and we are more comfortable with our own familiar pillow and blankets.
  • Chemical toilet ‹ very handy, nothing like a clean private restroom after hours of walking, and it beats going down a strange, cold, dark hall in the middle of the night.

Reservations for nightly accommodations are never made, and when we leave a campsite in the morning, we often have no idea which country we will be in by evening.

But we do know it will be a delightful day.

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