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by Jim Humberd

If RV travel looks interesting to you, please don't make your first long RV trip in Europe, take trips close to home to make sure it's your "cup of tea." Once we met people who had planned a year-long RV trip, but were on the way home after only a couple of weeks, already sick and tired of camping.

For us, clothes on a hanger, goodies in the refrigerator, our own toilet and shower, and safe and secure transportation, are the seal of approval for RV travel. Could you and your travel partner spend 6 weeks or 6 months in a space half the size of your dining room? For Jim, no problem. For Emmy?

Campsites are readily available in Europe. We can recall only two or three nights when we had a problem locating a place to stay, and that was because of overcrowding. Even then we found a spot within a few miles. At first we carried a large campsite catalog, but found we rarely used it. Road-side signs, brochures from local Tourist Offices, and helpful citizens, supplied all of the information we needed.

Municipal campsites that may include swimming pools, restaurants and other amenities, are available at low cost in many towns. Privately owned campsites may be a little more expensive, but sometimes they include other amenities.

Many times the campsites are in an excellent location. Can you imagine camping at Chamonix, France at the foot of Mt. Blanc; in Fiesole, Italy, high over the Arno River Valley with the domes and towers of Florence spread out below; on an island in the Rhône River with the floodlit le Pont d'Avignon and the Popes' Palace on the far riverbank; with le Mont St. Michel (northern France) out our window one night, the Rock of Gibraltar (southern Spain), or the Parthenon (in Athens) on another; next to the wall of the Crusades city of Aigues-Mortes, and the double wall of Carcassonne, France; at the rail of a ship sailing the Adriatic from Italy to Greece; on the bank of the River Seine in Paris, the Neckar at Heidelberg, the Vltava in Prague, the Rhein and Mosel at Koblenz, and the Danube in Budapest; high above the Mediterranean Sea on the French or the Italian Riviera; across the lagoon from Venice; along the Adriatic near Dubrovnik; and hundreds more.

The excitement of visiting these spectacular destinations seems almost a dream.

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