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Past problems with vail lake scott 9-18-15  
My ex and i had a membership at sundance vail lake back in 1997. We came up for a tour and spent the weekend and had a good time. Well we bought a membership and started going almost every weekend and all was well for about a month. One weekend we were tent camping and it was late at night about 12:30 am when we heard lots of screaming and yelling coming from the other side of the park. We it woke everyone up all around us and we all were standing out side out tents and campers wondering what the heck was going on it was at that point we all saw a male chasing around another male and a woman with a bottle that was broken trying to cut them.Well sundance had a so called park ranger who was as we were told by sundance staff a very intelligent and highly respected former law enforcement office. Well the ranger showed up and the situation seemed to stop now please keep in mind this was on a friday night. Saturday morning i was talking to one of the sales staff there at the park and i mentioned what had happened the night before the sales staff told me that person making all the noise and chasing the two people with the bottle was the park rangers brother and this sort of thing has happened in the past before. So i looked at the sales person and asked why has the park not removed and banned the rangers brother since this is a normal thing when he is in the park.The sales person agreed with my statement but said the management at the time did not want to remove the brother of the park ranger because it only happens when he gets drunk and his brother the park ranger always gets him to calm down and stops the situation. Well i said if this happens again i will never be back here because we have two little kids who were scared to death and i am not up here for them to be exposed to crazy drunk people.Well guess what it happened again that very night and again everyone was woke to screaming and fighting but here is the kicker this time there was a real police officer staying about two tents down from us. Well he went over there and so did the little park ranger well the park ranger tried to tell the cop he had no authority there and he needed to go back to his camp site and the ranger said he would handle his brother who was way out of control and fighting mad and drunk. The cop got out his phone called for the sheriff and informed the ranger he could move out of his way or be arrested well the ranger did not move so the cop arrested the ranger and then had to hold the rangers brother at gun point until the sheriff showed in force. booth the ranger and his brother went to jail and we thought that was the end of that problem well it wasn't. The very next weekend we were down there and guess what happened again at around midnight the same problem as the following weekend with the same old rangers brother. Saturday morning i packed up my family and went to the sales office and i told them i do not want my kids around this type of situation and the sundance management need to step in and end this problem i was told that management did not see a problem and nothing was going to be done about it. Well we never went back we stopped paying our dues and when then started calling us to ask us to pay our dues i flat out told them no and why i did not want to be part of the group anymore. I was asked to call management to get the situation resolved so i did just that i called and was told i could pay a huge fee and my membership would be terminated. I told them i was not going to pay a fee and it was not our fault they could not control there rangers brother. Well about two months letter i get notice they were going to notify the credit company's of my non payments i then turned the situation over to our attorney who ended up taking sundance to court and we won the case and i got all my money back even the down payment we had put down plus court fees and attorney fees.
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