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Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 smitty 9-10-05  
Can anyone help me find the differences between Mercedes models 309, 407, 508 and 207? I have a 407D that I am considering building a camper onto (it's a double cab flat bed truck now), and before I go thru all that pain, I would like to find out if there is a model better suited. I see a lot of 309 bus conversions. I believe they have the OM314 diesel motor, which is highly desireable. I have seen James Cook conversions on 207 chassis, and on 407 chassis, but I have no idea what the difference is. Any ideas where I can look for specs and other info? Thanks, Smitty
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 Randy 1-28-06  
I noticed a service manual on E-bay recently.Also i have a friend that has owned a 309 MB for at least 16 yrs. Ibeleive he had a manual also (w specs). He is currently using it as a camper near Lake Isabella in CA. He may wish to sell, but could also answer some guestions for you. Email to above if you want his phone. He won't get a computer. Randy
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 Roger 3-29-06  
I've had two James Cooks, one a 207D and the current one a 309D, both great vehicles. The 207D has the smaller 2.4L diesel engine and the 309D has the 2.9L 5 cyl diesel engine. The 2.9L engines generally came with power steering, the 2.4s did not. If the vehicle came with AC then power steering had to be deleted as an option. There were also 4 speed manuals, 5 speed manuals and auto gearboxes. I think that the 4 speeds and the 2.4l engine went together. From the start of the 90s I think ABS was fitted.

The interior layouts vary from what I would describe as early, mid and late models. The early models used the rear door for access, had the cooker forward of the shower cubicle and the fridge at the very rear. The mid models used the rear door, but all the kitchen, fidge was at the passenger side rear. The late models had the rear door blanked off and the kitchen across the rear next to the shower.

All came with hot water shower, hot air heating, fitted gas tank, waste water tank, 2 burner cooker, Dometic (Electrolux) fridges. All insulated, double glazed, interior very high quality, my 20 yr old interior looks almost new, no plastic trim has lifted in the wet areas, a few scratches thats all.
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 Jerry Williams 1-25-06  
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Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 fick 10-4-05  
I think the numbers correspond to payload and horsepower. ie a Mercedes 407 has a payload of 4.0 tonnes and 70 horsepower engine. A 309 has a 3.0 ton payload and a 90 horsepower engine, and so on. Depends on what you need. A 407 is a great vehicle but pretty slow. Hope this helps.
Xx Charleshoums 3-29-18  
Mercedes 309 Southie 11-27-06  
Hello all,
I've got a O 309D bus. i've got the funky main electrical key, and one key for the drivers door as well as a seperate one for the back gate. the passenger door is locked, and none of these keys seem to work on that door. i was told that each door requiered its own key, therefore i need a fourth key for the passenger door. can anyone confirm/deny this. does anyone know of common places to get a brandnew key cut for this door (regular old locksmith?). also my bus has a weird warning buzzer emitting noise from the front drivers side dash. has anyone had experience with this? what causes it, how to overide? what it's trying to warn me about? at some point i'm just going to open it up and snip the wires!
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 amanuel 10-1-05  
Ciao volevo aquistare un mercedes 309d camper
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 Peste 8-21-07  
207 D, great camper, transformed by me.

i use 100% Used veg oil (SWO)
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 Joe 5-29-13  
I have a 1984 207d James Cook. Definitely needs a lot more power. What is the simplest motor to get dropped in and achieve 140+ hp? What transmission? I'm in the Salt Lake City area - thanks!
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 Richard Reip 9-21-08  
I have a 1971 Mercedes Benz L408D Camper with a om314 engine and 5 spd manual trans, sleeps 4 with propane stove and heater,refrigerator, small bathroom and all new cushions. new tires, rebuilt transmission, starter and alternator, new radiator, runs and drives excellent, Call Richard 917-306-4272
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 Mark Dierking 1-2-09  
I have a 1975 309D with the OM 314 4 cyl. naturally aspirated diesel driving the Allison 540 AT 4 spd. automatic transmission. It is a solid combination.

3rd owner; It's one of ten used as a transport for tourists in Denali National Park for +10 years and then for at least another 10 as a tour bus on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound. It has some rust issues (because it sat for 9 months out of the year in interior Alaska) that I am dealing with especially around the rear window, but the bus is very sound overall. Odometer shows about 125,000 mi. and the engine was replaced about 10,000 miles ago according to the mechanic that did it. The engine is regarded as indestructible by many. I am planning to drive it to Mexico and have it painted.

There were many thousand of this type built and many are still in service worldwide. I have a picture of downtown Baghdad that was in the New York Times Sunday International section March 4, 2007 with at least 8 of a newer version pictured.
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 Abe 3-14-08  
Hi, since I have downloaded and scanned many manuals, you can send 10E to my bank and I will send you the manual, especially Mercedes.
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 megacromos 9-26-07  
O 309 passenger door donsnt have a key just a square (key) like bus :)
Mercedes Engine - OM 314 Ed Sittler 10-6-07  
I have a complete OM314 4 Cyl. Mercedes diesel engine which was in great running condition when removed from a 309 20 ft. M-B bus. The bus was totalled out from being tipped over on it's side. I wanted the Allison automatic transmission out of it and it has served me well in my 1953 GMC Coach behind a turbocharged 8.2L V-8 Detroit Diesel Engine. I wish to sell it. I am asking $1200 and may consider a partial trade in of one of my varied interests. You will have to talk to me about that. I am in central Nebraska. Send me an email if you have any interest.
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 Smitty 10-5-05  
Thank you, Fick, it helps a lot.

So then a James Cook on a 207 vs. a James Cook on a 309 would be a matter of engine and suspension?

You are 100% correct that the 407 is a great vehicle, and very slow.

It is safe to say, then, that in the diesels, I am not likely to find a 407 with a 314 motor. Because if it had the bigger motor it would be a 409?

Thx, Smitty
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 Larry 10-12-06  
Nope...not exactly.. the 309 is a much larger vehicle... with dual rear wheels.. and much larger GVW.

It has a Truck engine.. not the 4 cyl 240D engine of the much smaller 207D
nor whatever has the 5cyl 300D engine.

Think of the 207 as a Maxi Van..
Think of the 309 as a Really Big Milk Truck.

The 207D... has a staggering 65 DIN/ 75 SAE horsepower... nuff said.
Re: Mercedes 309 camper vs 407 jim barron 9-30-08  
I am looking at a 1970 aluminum body, single rear axle(not dually)it has the om314 engine, allison auto transmission, if you are familiar with this combo, I would appreciate any input
I had a 1990 utilimaster 351 ford chassis single rear wheels it was rated at 9500 gvw I think the 1970 one is about 2 feet shorter. Also if you know anything about biodiesel, refining, storage etc I can use any knowledge I can get.
Re: Mercedes Engine - OM 314 Alex 5-26-08  
In case you or anyone else is interested, I have just listed an OM314 on ebay. I also listed a spare rebiurbished starter motor.

Re: Mercedes Engine - OM 314 marco 12-24-10  
Hello,I'm looking for a motor om314,and I want to know something about the price and the quality
Re: Mercedes Engine - OM 314 jeffrey slonaker 5-26-10  
Sorry they are listed at $1500.00 usd for both of them around 568.00 pounds
Re: Mercedes Engine - OM 314 allen hoffman 7-4-09  
I have a o309d that needs an engine.
do you still have the engine and will you ship it? not that it matters but what year was the van? thanks, allen
Re: Mercedes Engine - OM 314 john simpson 12-7-09  

I've got an OM 314 that is currently running in a stepvan I have. I'm selling the van if you're interested. It's listed in the chattanooga craigslist if you want to see some pictures and a description. It's a 1970 stepvan with an OM 314 and a 4 speed allison tranny. If you're still looking for an engine let me know.
Re: Mercedes Engine - OM 314 PAYAM 10-8-09  
Re: Mercedes Engine - OM 314 Alan 3-4-11  
Payam, did you get the tech data and literature for OM314. If so, would you be good enough to send me a copy.
WANTED Mercedes Engine - OM 314 GLEN KEW 1-27-10  
CALL 01851 810 097 ***UK CODE +44*** I THINK
Re: WANTED Mercedes Engine - OM 314 jeffrey slonaker 5-26-10  
I have 2 good running OM314's I wanted to put in a boat. In Marietta Ohio USA (740)350-5571
Re: Mercedes Engine - OM 314 sajad rostam 9-13-10  
I need some information about OM314 like injection timing, injection duration, fuel consumption, power, etc.
Tanks for your helps.
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