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8V71 Detroit Engine Terri Falk 9-16-04  
Does anyone know anything about the dependability and available to service the 8V71 Engine? Are they expensive to work on? We are thinking about buying a 1978 MCI which was converted in 96. We have had a few negative feedback about this engine, but it was from truckers. Is it hard to find people to work on them? Please help!
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Gary Norton 3-31-06  
Can you change a 8V71N into a 8V71T, and for how much?
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine RICHON 11-20-04  
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Don 2-1-08  
I have a 1983 mci 9 with a 8v71 natural. I would like to change it to a 8v71 turbo. is this doable?
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine rainwardt 7-2-08  
Any info about how to check part list 8V71 engine without serial number.Thanks and best regards.
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Bill 8-1-08  
I have an 8V71,1968, the engine runs great, no black smoke, but blows oil all over my tow car. No oil in tail pipes, and have checked everywhere, no leak that I can find. It goes through 2 gal. every 200 miles, any Ideas?
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine richon 11-8-04  
8v71 injectors c65 n60 n75 m95,who can
tell me what is it means?thanks!
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine TOM 9-6-12  
How to set rack on 8v71 I have a 78 MCI bus thanks
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Kevin 9-21-04  
The older detroits are infamous, but not actually bad, they have no more chronic problems than any other diesel, but being pre electronic injection, they are not a great performer,compared to newer units. 8V71 Inframe $1410.48 for the kit, an international dt 466 would be 1010.63
so parts cost is higher,but I would not hesitate to buy a bus with a detroit. a check by a qualified deisel mechanic would be wise.
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Jim McNaul 9-25-04  
8V-71's are still manufactured by Detroit Diesel today. They are probably one of the most widely used diesels in the world in their horsepower class. They are a design that was introduced in the 1940's, so are naturally not up to modern noise, emission, and fuel economy standards. The most common HP rating for the 8V-71 was 318 HP (at sea level. They suffer from altitude just like a naturally aspirated gasoline engine. They ARE considered naturally aspirated even though they have a gear driven rootes type positive displacement supercharger on them. The displacement of the 'blower' is exactly the same as the displacement of the engine, so consequently no boost pressure is developed. There is no provision for 'overdriving' the blower. There is a turbocharged version of the 8V-71 which is called the 8V-71T. These do not suffer deration due to altitude and are much quieter. 8V-71 means 8-cylinders with 71 cubic inches each, or a total of (8 X 71) 568 cubic inches. This is not realy very big when you consider that almost all big trucks are powered by 855 or 893 cubic inch engines. But an 8V-71T in a motor coach is a hot son of a gun! Greyhound busses routinely got 500,000 miles between overhauls on these engines pulling 35,000 lbs gross weight. Most truckers are dealing with 80,000 lbs weight so consequently get considerably less longevity and less performance from an 8V-71 than they do other larger engines.
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine kenneth winn 10-10-04  
I need to overhaul my 8v71n to 8v71T can someone give me any pointers and where to find parts.

Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine giulio 10-26-04  
I would like to know the dry wheight, in kg, of e 8V71T engine, without gearbox, at the maximum power rate (530hp). Can you help me?
Thanks and regards

Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine perry 9-21-08  
Need to know the weight of a 8v-71 detroit as i will need to haul it in a ford f-150 pick-up.
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Bill Fielder 11-1-04  
Does anyone know the sump capacity of the 8V71T?

Thanks, Bill.
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine ruben montero 9-24-11  
I have a engine v8 - 71, and i have a problem with this. i changed the rings, worked for 3 days and today began to throw white smoke. in 87 miles spends 8 liters of oil. ¿who i can do?

i am from mexico. sorry if my writing is bad
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Hal 1-25-11  
Can anyone tell how to pull and replace the blower on a 8-v71? Are there any "on-line" manuals I can look at? Thanks for your help.
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine skeeter wolfe 10-3-11  
8v71 turns over but won't' start
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine John Denham 11-3-11  
What. Would take too ad a turbo to my 8v71 Detroit diesel any ifno would be apreceated
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine antonio 12-19-08  
Do someone can tell me whats this engine weight ???

Thanks a lot
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine jarred 9-1-12  
I have a 8v71 sitting in an old international cab over... i was wondering where to find information on the performance and what kind of power i can get out of it, like the max rpm, max hp, max torque, i am looking for a light engine and big power for a 4x4 pick up sled pulling truck...
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine debbie 7-16-10  
We have been having blueish diesel smelling smoke. We just had new injectors put in and they put in n75s. we still have the smoke so what could be wrong with it?? please advise as soon as possible thanks..oh, after it runs a while the smoke will quit. vp3v
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Art 3-23-09  
I have an 8v71 in a bus 1974(Prevost) no telling how many miles since overhaul, still runs great a gallon of oil every 1300miles like clockwork sounds good when cold,my only complaint is power.
is there any way to know if the eng has been upgraded to 318 hp; is there a manual to walk me through an upgrade or shoukd I just learn to live with it?
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine George M 1-13-09  
Hello, I am trying to install a block heater for my 85' 8V71N thats in a fire truck. I dont see any ports to thread into. Anyone familiar with which side this should be on?
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Gilberto Hurtado 5-7-10  

I need the prcio for this engine.
Favor to indicate the price in equator.


Gilberto Hurtado
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Ernie 6-5-09  
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine John 10-13-09  
I have a 1981 freightliner dump truck running an 8v71 however I dont know if the piston are 2 piece or 1 piece.

Its also blowing oil all over the place and whitish blue smoke.
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Scott 12-2-09  
I have a 45k mi 8v71 in an MC9. I am salvaging it out. If anyone needs anything from this bus you can contact me at 417-272-1972 or
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Capt Dave 8-12-09  
I have a friend who owns an old navy boat with a single 8v71 with twin turbos.I need some advice.The turbos are spinning up fine but nothing is happening.Please call me or e-mail 251-421-3698 Capt Dave.
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine john clark 11-6-07  
Have 8v71 in a 1973 mdl 10 eagle bus i have a bad oil leak over starter looks like it is cumming down the head were it bolts to block jus under manafold then runs back and drips down the sending unite by the oil filer cap but cant tell exactly were it is comming from. smokes just a little on start up but dont last long runs great my last time out i went 2400 miles and used over 2 gal of oil using bp 40 wght. could it be compresser or anything othere then the block ty john l clark
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Ariel Herrera 8-25-05  
I need 20 8v71 used detroit engine. I'll re-build the engine.
Thank You.
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine dan 10-18-10  
Hey man dry weight ov an 871t is 1.1ton
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine mark 11-8-04  
Those are the amount of fuel the injector ic capable of injecting into the cylinder. Bigger # =more fuel=more horse power
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Pascal 12-1-04  
Hello, I was reading with interest your informations. Perhaps somebody could tell me how much the diesel consumation would be for this tipe of engine on a boat. It is a 8V71 Diesel without turbocharger from 1969. I need this information for the transport of the boat. I would apreciate your response. Thanks, Pascal
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine allison 7-15-15  
How much does it cost to replace an injector on a 8v71n detroit diesel?
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine HENRY MCCARVER 1-1-06  
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine jkcase1570 11-13-05  
I have a running 8v71 with a blower currently in a truck. email with questions.
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine fuel system jimmy 1-30-06  
Any info on to adjust the fuel rack?.
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine myla manalo 3-15-13  
What is the fuel consumption of this 8V71 Detroit Engine with 362 Hp and 2100 RPM?
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine DELee 10-17-10  
Copius amounts of smoke can be atributed to a broken valve spring
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine jim oconnell 8-21-11  
Replaced injectors n60 to n65s and the motor is putting out blue smoke after it sets overnite eventualy it cleans out but puts out a black some if you hit going down the road at highway speed,also when you start it up it will surge for a while a lot more that usual only when cold 30 to 40 deg before and onely for 15 to 30 sec any ideas TKS JIN
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine aeyoungstrom 2-1-11  
Pull the exhaust pipe off.. take intake pipe.. take oil lines off 4 bolts.. slide off... put new turbo on exhaust..make sure you feel it up with clean oil..
8V71 Detroit Engine Martin 10-9-11  
We are experience problems with an engine
Although has been overhauled and replaced piston rins,fuel valves; after 500 running hours the engine smoke white
Lube oil consumption is normal
only one side (exhaust manifold) shows oily carbon deposits

please advise your recommendations what to do

thank you
Re: 8V71 Detroit Engine Curt Williams 1-8-12  
Hi I have a Bus with an 8v71 that runs very good but has not power. Suggestions please
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