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Primus parts Steph 1-13-04  
We now stock Primus Parts
Model 2490
Model 2470
Model 2480

Re: primus parts tom fields 11-4-08  
I have a 2490 primus system in my 1995 holiday rambler navigator rv when i turn it on it will stay red fore 30 or less seconds then turn green.when i look at boiler its humming and a little smoke is comming out but nothing is heating up.if i tooch boillers there warm to the touch,thers a pump also but it seems to be used to make a lot of noise before and heat water and coach up fast.please give me some needed advice,i do not have any books or instructionsor where to get them.thank you
Re: primus parts james gisborne 6-3-08  
Where can I obtain a pump for a primus 2490 caravan heater in the UK
Re: primus parts james gisborne 6-3-08  
I require a pump for a primus 2490 heater fitted in a caravan
Re: primus parts David Ohlweiler 11-25-08  
I have a Primus 3 burner stove, model 2399, that does not have the regulatoe? Do you have the regulator or know who might have one?

Thanks for your help.

David Ohlweiler
Re: primus parts arnie brown 1-26-09  

I need the control module on the side of the 2490, how much, if you have one...i replaced the gas valve, and it does not work yet, the glow plug is new..


Re: primus parts bill arnold 10-10-09  
I have a primus duo-flow Eight catalytic heater i need a hose from control valve to catalytic heater.

Re: primus parts Adam 4-12-09  
Hi, I have a 2490, boiler for heating and water in my caravan, I cannot get it to light at the moment, but only have a butane supply, will it run on this or is the pressure too low. Also I have the full control panel, but cannot find an in line electric heater. do you supply these and how much, as this would sort the problem as we always stay where there is electric hook up, Thanks
Re: primus parts Clive Carrington-Smith 2-4-08  
Looking for a 12v circ motor/pump for my caravan boiler Primus 2490, could you please let me know if you have one in stock and the price.

Cheers Smudge
Re: primus parts Pete Edwards 12-24-08  

I have a Ptimus Duo Flow Ten Flameless
Catalytic Heater which I want to convert to rub off a large Propane Bottle.
Do you have a screw-in convertor which will do this?


Pete Edwards
Re: primus parts Greg Alexander 12-7-06  
I need a 7 P.S.I. brass propane regulator for my primus 2490 coach heater. my Primus catalog shows an adjustable brass reg. but I don't find a part number. Do you have this reg.?

Re: primus parts glyn ellis 7-22-04  
I have a primus 2490 that trips out when running on gas after about 1 and a half to 2 mins. when it is running there is a continual clicking from black control box on boiler could this be a doggey relay? if so how much is a new control box?

Re: primus parts cape0001 4-15-04  
Yes we have those parts please email me
Re: primus parts Nat 3-28-04  
Can you supply a 12v pump for the 2470?


Re: primus parts (2480t) Brian 11-10-04  
My Wanderlodge (1990 SP-36) has two
2480t boilers. One starts and works fine.
The other just clicks and trips and does not start up. Do I need a new glow
coil in it? Do you have any troubleshooting tips?
IS it possible there is air in the LPG line? How to bleed it off?
Re: primus parts duncan 8-3-05  
Hi, I have a Primus 2470 that will not light. I think its the ignitor coil/gas diffuser as the gas valve opens and gas is evident in the chamber but it will not light then times out. Any information regarding parts/agents will be gratefully received as there are no dealers for these boilers where I am situated. Thank you.
Re: primus parts Geoff 11-10-09  
Looking for lpg solenoid valve to fit my primus 2450 central heating/hotwater boiler for my polar caravan 570 made in 1975.
Re: primus parts Greg Alexander 12-7-06  
I have a primus 2490. I need a 7 LB. propane regulator. The parts book (primus) showes an adjustable brass regulator. Do you have this part if so how much would it be with shipping

Re: primus parts simon 4-3-06  
Could you please tell me the correct way to ignite a primus 2490 boiler using a primus (719081)control panel as i have just bought this caravan and the only instuctions i have got is in german
Re: primus parts Les Morris 4-26-18  
I need a spark plug, part no. 0721321 for a Primus 2490 central heating system. I live in Spain
Re: primus parts Steve 4-30-07  
Hi I am trying to locate a Solenoid Valve (Magnetventil) for my Primus 2490 model. Any ideas where I can get one, how much for and shipping costs to UK? Thanks. Steve.
Re: primus parts G.Verweij 4-30-10  
i require a pump for a primus heater 2490. Artikelnr.: 808202.

Is there a dealer in the Netherlands?

If not, what are the costs to send one by post?

Kind Regards,

Re: primus parts Cheryl 4-19-10  
HI we are looking for an instruction book for our Award nightstar caravan with a premius heating and boiler system. Can you help us?? Thanks Cheryl
Re: primus parts geurts 3-5-10  
Hallo mensen ik ben op zoek naar de handleiding van de kachel primus 2450 voor in solifer 1984
Re: primus parts SAKIS 5-4-10  
Re: primus parts tony brooks 6-20-11  
We have a 2490 boiler which will not stay lit.goes out after a few seconds.We think it's the circuit board ? are these available and if so could you give us a cost please.
Re: primus parts geoff 11-10-09  
Hi there.
trying to find an lpg solenoid valve for my central heating/water heater primus 2450 polar 590 caravan 1981.
many thanks Geoff
Re: primus parts bruce 11-8-17  
These 2 sites have about anything you need for the Vintage Primus RV Heaters

Check out my website also, for looking up phone numbers
Re: primus parts Steven 3-20-17  
Do you supply parts for the PRIMUS 2450,looking for the Internal thermostat,and a glow plug switch gear ie service kit,looking forward to reply
Re: primus parts Don Weikart 2-11-10  
I have a problem with my circ.pump on 2490 system. pump is approx. 1 yr in u se.Motor runs but dont circ.water.It is a model 0808202.The original pump came from Mardex,a larger amd more powerful pump.Also I stillhave the howling noise on ignition,the new soenoid valve did not help this problem.Will be in touch.Don;
Re: primus parts Alexander Gourlay 2-8-10  
Looking for Primus Pump for circulating hot water system Part No 8082
Re: primus parts Don 12-13-09  
My 2490 boiler howls when it lights.
Any suggestions?
Re: primus parts rose 12-9-09  
I need an instruction booklet for primus heating system in a 1993 abi aWARD SUPERSTAR ?
Re: primus parts Geoff 11-11-09  
Anyone know where i might get an lpg solenoid to fit primus 2450 central heating/hotwater boiler for my polar 590 caravan 1981. thanks Geoff.
Solenoid valve for 2490 primus boiler#719041,BB #3964251 Don Weikart 12-15-09  
I need this part
Re: primus parts jim 12-19-09  
My primus 2490 system works fine but the boiler housing is rusting and needs attention. Where can I get a replacement boiler unit.
Re: primus parts larry hall 2-3-10  
I need an igniter for a 2490 Primus. also
need the low water safety shut-off switch.
Re: primus parts Steve Holmes 2-2-10  
Gas solenoid valve required for 2490 boiler. Can you help please?
Re: primus parts angela 1-30-10  
I need a diagram that show to connect my heater duoflow eight catal-heater.
Re: primus parts Keith 1-28-10  
Hi, Do you keep parts for the Primus 2450 caravan boiler, particularly the water thermostat and the glow plug? The part numbers I have for them from the manual are 711031 and 860301. If you do have them or can get them can you give me a price to send one of each over the pond to the UK?


Re: primus parts scott 4-18-08  
12v circulation pump that will support 2 boilers.809-b is the model that was on the coach both boilers go into a y connection and feed back into the system
Re: primus parts vikki 1-20-09  
Can any body tell me if i can get a lpg solenoid valve for a primus 2470 caravan central heating system. thankyou. vikki.
Re: primus parts rob 10-9-09  
i am looking for parts for primus heating systems and also a course if there is one, we are relcal caravan repair centre west wales,uk regards
Re: primus parts rob 10-9-09  
i am looking for parts for primus heating systems and also a course if there is one, we are relcal caravan repair centre west wales,regards
Re: primus parts Dan 8-25-10  
I'm looking to find an ignitor for Primus 2450 trayler heater Propan/Butan 50KPs(0.5 bar)12V-24W
Re: primus parts Jan 3-3-08  
Hello i need part GPS-719021
from a 2490

wherecan i get it
Re: primus parts jim cussen 6-25-08  
I have a primus 2490. the plastic assembly on the gas feed tube is broken.
Believe it is the gas solinoid?
It has 3 wires going to it.
Do you know what is is called, and do
you have one in stock?

Thanks, Jim
Re: primus parts neil 3-4-11  
Hi mate did you get any information that you could help me with as i have no gas going to mine and no electric from inside the box to igniter and 1 green light and 2 red lights on control pannel thanks anyway neil
Re: primus parts geani 5-16-09  
I have a primus 2490. I need electronic control panel 719081.Do you have this part if so how much would it be with shipping
Re: primus parts Bill Rowden 3-6-08  
Clive, Have you had any luck finding parts for your Primus heating sysem. I am looking for a control unit brain for one of my boilers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: primus parts Bill Rowden 3-6-08  
I am looking for a control unit brain for a Primus 2490 boiler. The part number is 0719021. I am heading out the end of March and I would like both boilers up and running.

Bill Rowden
Re: primus parts Stephen 3-18-08  
We have that part in stock
go to

Thanks Stephen
Re: primus parts Stephen 4-4-08  
We have that part listed on our website
Re: primus parts Stephen 3-18-08  
We now have that part in stock
Re: primus parts Andy 4-4-08  
Bill Rowden, Have you found the part you are seeking?
Re: primus parts nick 8-26-08  
Hi i have the same problem as Simon 4-3-06 who posted my instructions are in German!!!!!!!!
i am after the operating instructions for the priums 2490 heater plus control panel 719081
also i am after a pump for a electric in-line water heater i have part number 259161 which heats the water well but does not have a pump any clues?
thanks for your time nick.
Re: primus parts mark 6-9-10  
Hi can you supply a 12v circulation pump for a primus 2470. thank mark
Re: primus parts Ilene 10-11-10  
I have a inherited a Primus Duo-Flow Eight Flameless Catalytic Heater.

Where can I find the replacement propane canisters?

What is the size and part number for these?

My heater has three ports in the back, one to hold, hook up and run the heater and the other 2 are to store extra canisters.

I need to know exactly with size these propane canisters are and where to get them.

Can anyone help?

Thank you, Ilene
Re: Solenoid valve for 2490 primus boiler#719041,BB #3964251 ronnie 3-4-10  
I have a primus boiler i need a control box 2490 call me at 501-982-5666 or email please
Re: primus parts Steve Russell 6-2-11  
My 1993 Eldiss was on its third pump when it failed again. At £100 plus to replace, I did some research and sourced a better spec pump which I have been using for two seasons without fault. I am happy to supply these pumps for £60, they fit straight on to the existing pipes using a few turns of PTFE tape. Happy to talk about this, 07850 381799. Steve.
Re: primus parts SCOTT BRACKNEY 1-28-11  
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