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GMC vs MCI marq 10-30-03  
I am looking to purchase one of them.
The GMC is a 1970 PD4905(needs a clutch), and the other is 1975 MCI-8 (smokes a little). Looking to convert one of these coaches..
don't know much about either...
the GMC is going for $3000 and the MCI-8 is going for $5000
any advise
Re: GMC vs MCI marq 10-31-03  
Thanks alot.
Do you think it's best to purchase the MCI-8? Spoke with the guy who is selling it and he tells me that the engine smokes and may need to be rebuilt soon
whatcha think?
Re: GMC vs MCI ED 10-30-03  
While the choice usually comes down to preference with buses, you should know a little bit about both so that you are making an informed decision.

First, the "Buffalo" (as the PD4905 is called:

1970 was the first year the 4905 came out. Its predecessor was the 4903, which was also a 40 footer. There really is no difference in the two, except some minor changes in vents and grille. The GMC buses were most popular in the Northeast, and in large cities, where GM had a large presence. It has about a 49 foot turning radius, and is actually 39' 11". It has 403 cubic feet of underfloor storage (the most of any coaches). It has only two axles. The 4905 was produced throughout the 70's, and was a popular coach due to its ease of driving.

Second, the MCI-8:

1973 marked the first year the MCI-8 came out, replacing its predecessor the MCI-7. Production continued until late 1978. The coach is 40 feet, and has understorage of about 300 cubic feet. It is about 130 inches tall (without a raised roof). MCI-8 set production records and so there are a lot on the road; a very popular coach, and now (as you stated) in a price range able to drive more buyers. MCI-8 also provided an automatic transmission as an option, and is desirable.

Both coaches are popular, but it seems that the MCI-8 has a better resale value as it is more popular (I happen to own a 4903, and this was a consideration for me - altho' not one that won in the end since I liked the "Buffalo" look).

Both coaches are running the Detroit Diesel 8V-71 (8 - 71 cm cylinders). Some like to upgrade this to a more powerful motor. The 8V-71 has about 318 HP.

Well, this was not a reply that would convince you one way or another, but, hopefully it gives you some insight into both coaches.

Happy busing...
Re: GMC vs MCI marq 10-30-03  
Thanks alot for the background information on these both coaches.. I'm like you I do like the MCI-8 look, but however I do believe I will stick with the 4905 due to the distance of traveling to get the bus. The guy wants $3000 for it and it needs a clutch so i'm thinking about another $1000 to get it fix. He doesn't know the mileage....Is this a resonable price? The MCI-8 is nice but the guy thinks that the bus will need an engine soon b/c it smokes.
Re: GMC vs MCI kd5kfl 10-30-03  
Many people don't like the Buffalos because the transmission grinds going into first from neutral. These buses had a wet clutch, previous buses a dry clutch.

Second reason given: You have to climb a couple of steps to get to the passenger compartment. Seems worth it to me, to get those cavernous compartments below.

Major blessing for GMs: No rust.

Have someone who knows what he is doing check the GM engine and trans mount areas for cracking.

Check the bus dealers and classified links here to see what people are asking for what.
This time, WITH the URL... kd5kfl 10-30-03  
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